Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Response to Gitau Warigi

"Tanzania greatly likes to be recognized for her ‘Internationalist’ policies, with her leaders spending more time strutting the world than they do in their own country, though the facts show they are quite parochial," …Gitau Warigi, Sunday Nation, Nov.30th 2008.

Few days ago, I came across a very hot debate and heated discussion on the issue of East Africa Integration. Sparked by an editor/writer for the Sunday Nation newspaper of Kenya’s Daily Nation group, I was impressed mostly with his seemingly frustrated and acerbic comments on the side with which Tanzania stand with regard to the issue of EAC.

It seems that there is lifelong and on-going antagonism between Kenyans and Tanzanians, hopefully for good; deplorably useless. If the East African union is truly in our endeavours, then the antagonism has to stop and end.

Mr. Gitau Warigi seem to be a fervent supporter of the EAC, probably the most ardent of all. But he should realise that his either full disdain and contempt of Tanzanians and its leaders or his veritable sense of urgency for the community is not useful. The idea of East Africa Community is grandiose, to say the least. When all other countries in the Western hemisphere are uniting, Africa as a continent should also unite. This is a dream that will soon be realized. Let alone the Eastern part of Africa.

Due to the charisma and intellect of Tanzanians, the world’s largest International body in the name of UN, hosts one of theirs as a deputy Secretary-General. Its leaders chairs various organisations around the world, notably The African Union, Pan-African Parliament, et cetera.
The strutting with which these leaders undertake supposedly with affected air in International meetings, or the time they spend abroad much more than at home is not with vain. Its leaders have realized that Tanzania as a country is not well known outside the continent of Africa. In fact, inside the continent itself a lot of people are oblivious with Tanzania.

There is a compelling need to advertise the country and the people of Africa in general. For example, Mount Kilimanjaro is still thought to be in Kenya. In a world of interdependence and globalisation, social, political and economic needs are intertwined and shared, hence the significance of International meetings and organisations. These facts on its people and positions of its leaders are not happenstance. They are merits inherent in the Swahili culture.
The idea of unity is cherished by most of the East African leaders and people, envisioned largely by the late Mwl. Julius Nyerere. There are still some difficulties entwined in the EAC that needs to be solved before the full integration of the region.

I have come across many Kenyans over the years. Most seem to have a snobbish attitude with their knowledge and use of ‘English’ language, either broken or grammar, properly accented or vulgar. In fact, this is the language of the British subjects. It’s one of the striking legacies of colonialism that Kenyans feel proud and dare to criticise its neighbours with their knowledge of English language.

As a Tanzanian myself, I speak for many with a good mastery of this extraneous language. It’s only my disregard of this language and the overall silence of Tanzanians that little is heard of them. I’m much more proud of my Swahili language than English. And if Mr. Gitau Warigi would seriously love to see the East Africa Community blossom into maturity, he should use his position and career to further the use of Swahili language, not English. We’re the Africans, the Bantus and neighbours who could communicate and understand each other clearly and comfortably through Swahili language. English should be a secondary vehicle of communication. Never will my mastery of English language act to flaunt my ego, nor even disserve the esteem I have on others.

Currently, the globalisation wave is playing large a role to create jobs in East Africa. Thanks to the policies of laissez faire insisted by the IMF and World Bank. Unfortunately, to fill up the job vacancies, English language is a necessary requirement, the fact that sees many Kenyans filling job opportunities. Either because of the English language or the environment, there are more Kenyans in Tanzania than there are Tanzanians in Kenya.

It’s completely unfair to have the indigenous people losing jobs to Kenyans when Tanzanians themselves are hustling daily in search of jobs. It’s because of this fact that Tanzanians needs time to adjust to the existing yet transient needs of English language and tapping of its resources before full integration of the region.

Recently, there has been a rampant wave of bank robberies as part of heinous crimes unpopular in Tanzania. Many a people have justifiably pointed fingers at foreigners. The objection of Identity cards and a favour for passports is a telling proof that Tanzania is trying to protect itself before the free movement of the regional people who bring with them illegal weapons and drugs.

It is true that the economy of Kenya is stronger than that of Tanzania. But Tanzania has far more conducive environment for 21st local and foreign investments than its neighbours; another attribute of Swahili culture that has valued peace and understanding of its many tribes. As a matter of fact, neighbours, the likes of Kenya have much more to gain from Tanzania and the community as a whole because of the resources in Tanzania. I’m not speaking to counter Warigi’s accusations, but rather the facts. Tanzanite, tourism from Kilimanjaro, human infrastructure…you name it.

The best way to advance the regional integration (EAC) is through a slow yet sure emphasis with the use of Swahili language as a wherewithal for bridging the gap of economic needs of the East Africans. Once this become a reality, the requirement of English knowledge before employment will be delegated. Then respect and mutual regard for one another will be enhanced. Of course English language is necessary in our modern world since it’s spoken globally and the simple means of acquiring a job. Other needs like identity cards should be second and followed with caution. This caution is buoyed by a need to have peace in Great Lakes regions first and foremost. European Union was not achieved in one day. It took time.

mokes O. gama…
Tanzanian in U.S.


Rash said...

Asente kwa majibu Mr Gama. May I differ with you to some extent? I think the whole idea of EAC is brilliant; however the main question is are we ready to form EAC?

I believe the challenges facing Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda are so diversity and complicated to the point that you can't erase them by forming joint venture.

Wakenya wengi wanaamini kwamba muungano wa EAC utaweza kusolve matatizo ya nchi hizi tatu automatical. They believe problem like tribalism in Kenya will be solved over period of time sababu Tanzania doesn't have that problem.

Don't get me wrong, but Kenya has more educated and corporate enthusiastic workforce compare to Tanzania. However, that isn't the reason for us (Tanzanian) to stop EAC movement.

On the other side of the coin, i am total against protectionism. I think protectionism imetufanya watanzania tupumzike sana bila kuwaza the future of our nation.

I support economical partnership between Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda. I do believe if we're going to trade one another without barriers then all of us can benefit to some point.

I think instead of pushing EAC union, let focus on economical partnership. I think mikoa yote ya mipakani will benefit more, i think bandari zetu zote tatu zitafanya kazi in full capacity.That will create more jobs in region like Tanga and Mtwara

Kwa kumalizia, nadhani sababu ya kupinga muungano isiwe ni sababu wao wanaongea kiswahili na hawa kingereza. Bali ni kutokana na matatizo yanayotofautiana sana ya nchi hizi tatu. Kenya bado hawaja simama kisiasa na wana matatizo ya kikabila, Uganda bado hawajapata jawabu la Museveni. Rwanda bado wana support wahasi walio msituni. So, we have a lot work to do.

I am optmistic that in the future EAC can be realistic. However, at this point neither us nor Kenyan can afford EAC. Tanzania is in bad shape Economical and Social, on the other side Kenyan is worse in political,social and some extent economical . So, let us focus on reducing our problem first, before thinking about intergrating to EAC union.

Anonymous said...

Rash, Ninakubaliana na wewe kuhusiana na swala zima la kujihusisha kibiashara na ndugu zetu to some extent, lakini la msingi ni kwamba, bado katika swala zima la kibiashara hususan kwenye viwanda na uzalishaji wa bidhaa tuko nyuma mara elfu ya wenzentu wa Kenya na Uganda. Sisi ni wazuri sana katika retails business, ni watumizi si wazalishaji. Tunashindwa kuturn our wealth onto capital gains.

Vile vile, sababu nyengine kubwa kabisa ambayo inatusumbua sisi watanzania kwa hivi sasa ni uongozi mbovu katika kila ngazi na sekta inayokuja kwenye fikra, hii kumaanisha kwamba viongozi wetu hawana uonevu na uelekezaji wa nchi yetu, hususan katika kipindi hiki cha karne ya 21. Tunahitaji mafunzo ya haraka sana kwa hili, ni serious serious problems, We dont have leaders but we have "ndio" figures, clueless, incapacitated in thoughts and morally imbalance. Hatukua well prepared prepared toka hapo mwanzo.

Mathalani kwa mfano mdogo, kama utachukulia mfano wa sekta ya Mali ya asili kama migodi na mengineyo, tumeweza kupoteza kodi zaidi ya bilioni 11, kama inavyojieleza katika moja ya mashtaka ya hawa mawaziri wetu basil Mramba na Mh Yona Sasa swali linakuja, if we have shown failures on the small issue of gems mining, how can we think and sophisticated ourselves on issues of economic integration on various fronts ? Integration on what economic sectors to be precise? kwenye agriculture we have none, kwenye manufacturing almost zero, if we have one, we cannot even figure out how to export them at the first place.

Therefore the only way foward now, is to mop up these inefficiency leaders and corruption in general, and at the same time REVAMP our education systems, through building educational institutes and colleges, that would enable us breed the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, scientists and so on.

Kwa hiyo kwa kumalizia tu, itakua vyema sisi kuintergrate kuhusiana na maswala ya elimu na tecknologia, kwa hiyo wale wasomi wa Kenya na Uganga tuwape kazi na malipo mazuri kuja kusomesha watoto wetu huku Tanzania, kwa vyuo na shule tutakazojenga.

Na kwa wale wanateknologia wa nchi jirani, waje waendeshe research zao, katika hivi vitengo vyetu vya elimu kwa manufaa ya Watanzania, and then when we can think of progressing in integration in other matters, one by one.

We definetely dont need FULL integration now.

By Mchangiaji

Anonymous said...

Ndugu yetu Mokes Goma,

Shukrani kwa maoni yako yaliyochapishwa na Michuzi kwenye blogu yenu ya jamii.

Ila hukushughulikia ipasavyo mada iliyowasilishwa na Gitau. Badala ya kujibu tuhuma alizozitaja, ulipotea kama watanzania wengine waliochangia kwenye huu mjadala na kuanza kushambulia Wakenya na lugha ya Kiingereza.

Mimi nina mke mtanzania na ni mDoe wa Bagamoyo. Na nimeishi sana Tanzania na naelewa kwamba tukiyatoa makali yake fikra za Gitau ni sahihi na uchambuzi wake kuhusu jamii ya Tanzania ni ukweli mtupu. Ila tuseme tu alitumia lugha ya dharau na kejeli. Hii ndio makosa aliyofanya lakini kumbuka kwenye sanaa ya uandishi kuna mtindo unaoitwa polemics. Wewe unaonekana ni msomi wa kiwango fulani na njamba lenye uelewa mpana. Sasa basi fahamu kwamba lugha ya Kiingereza haina hatia na ni lugha kama zile zingine tu. Kwa taarifa yako Wakenya pia wanaongea Kiswahili na ni lugha rasmi nchini inayozungumzwa na asilimia 80 ya wananchi wa kawaida. Tanzania ikifuatiwa na Kenya ndio nchi mbili zenye watu wanaotumia lugha ya kiswahili kama lugha yao ya maisha ya kila siku. Au hujawahi kufika Kenya? Tena naona kama unakosea kwa kuweka msisitizo kwenye Uswahili wenu. Hakuna Uswahili ndani ya EPA, Richmond, Mkapa na wenzake, mauaji ya halaiki dhidi ya maalbino, utumwa wa watoto migodini, ubaguzi dhidi ya mikoa za mbeya ilichangia musafara wa JK kupigwa mawe alipozuru huko hivi majuzi. Kwa kifupi hakuna Uswahili tena ila kwa fikra tuu za watanzania wasomi na wachache wanaoishi mijini na wanaoishi in the past glory of the Nyererean days. So the argument about the peaceful nature of the present Tanzanian society and people is null and void.


Naomba nirejee kwenye lugha yetu rasmi ya pili - Kiingereza.

English is no longer a legacy of colonialism. That is an old school of thought. Language experts agree that languages just like other aspects of culture are dynamic systems. I will give you two examples. Look at Kiswahili. It originated in the Lamu archipelago around 900AD. I am sure if you are as proud of the language as you claim then you are aware of its history. The language spread southwards with time through Malindi, Mombasa, and Zanzibar. From Zanzibar the language found a new mission as the means of communication for the slave trade. The slavers brought the language to the Tanganyikand hinterland and beyond as they destroyed communities, cultures and kingdoms of the weak Tanganyikan people, many who had already suffered at the hands of the invading Ngunis from the South and the constant raids of the Tatog, Maasais and Arushas to the North. The Germans came in and saw a chance in using Kiswahili to govern you. Afterwards, Kiswahili was bolstered by British colonialism and missionary activities. Because Britain ruled in Kenya and Uganda as well, they saw the potential of spreading the language across the region. But to do so they needed to harmonise the many dialects of Kiswahili spoken across the region from Lamu to Lindi and from Bukoba to Nairobi. A strategy for language standardisation was developed. And in 1935 a high powered conference comprising of representatives of the Sultan of Zanzibar, educational officers from the three EA territories and mainly missionaries was held. It was agreed that the Zanzibari dialect be used as the standard dialect of the region. Obviously, you can read the politics in such a move when you remember what kind of cultural influence the Zanzibari Sultanate wielded at that time. And from that meeting the institution that mediated the use and standadisation of Kiswahili was nurtured upto its present form as the Institute of Kiswahili Research at UDSM in Tanzania (TUKI). Surely, you know this history from your schooling? No need to worry if you dont because you can google your own famous UDMS professor Mugyabuso Mulokozi and "Spread of Kiswahili" and read for yourself. So the argument about the importance of Kiswahili in Tanzania and its lack of importance in Kenya is null and void.


Further Food for Thought

By the way, ever noticed that the Zanzibari dialect which is the version now called Tanzanian Kiswahili, with its many arabisms is not even the pure Bantu Swahili that you talk of. Therefore, what you call Uswahili is actually Ustaarabu which is a legacy you inherited from the Arab slavers of Zanzibar. For a Tanganyikan mshenzi as they used to call your forefathers, a slave could become civilised or attain ustaarabu by aping the arabs and their islamised coastal underlings such as the Zaramos and Does. Have you ever noticed that the coastal tanzanians still see themselves as superior or wastaarabu zaidi kuliko the people of Shinyanga, Mara, Kigoma and other "mikoani" or "vijijini"? It takes a hell lot of money and stuff for a sukuma youth to marry a Zigua or a Zaramo and I am sure you are Tanzanian enough to know what I say is true. The reason? The so-called Ustaarabu or what you choose to call Uswahili. So the true Uswahili is the spirit of the coastal intermingling of cultures, cemented by islamic notions of equality and enhanced by the fatalistic notion advanced by radical islam...i am poor because allah knows why and if allah says i should be so who am i to challenge his decision? This is the slave mentality that pervades the Tanzanian mind. You as a nation are still under the legacy of slavery which is even deeper than that of colonialism. Remember, Tanzania was never colonised as such. It was a territory of the League of Nations watched over by Britain. And Kenya and Uganda were never affected by the slave trade in the manner that your ancestors were. So whereas colonialism and Anglicization has played a bigger role to our present psychology as Kenyans, slavery and Arabicization is really the foundations of your national psychology. Of the two which is the worser illness? I would say the Tanzanian one for two reasons:

1. The meekness of the Tanzanian people even as their leaders and the corrupt political machine that is CCM enslave you is a good example. You cannot even dare protest a stolen election the way Kenyans can. Yet you call us uncivilised because we are willing to stand up and shed blood in pursuit of what we believe in, whether it is justice or equality.

2. The British SETTLED in Kenya. Kenya like Zimbwabwe are the few places the british converted into a settler colony. And what does your lesson in history teach you? All settler colonies in Africa were liberated through violence. Kenya and Zim won their independence through war and violence from the British. Algeria another settler colony won its independence through violence and war with the French. Angola another settler colony won its independence through war and violence. And in all these famous examples, historians agree the independent nation-states have inherited that legacy of violence as a political option when all other options fail. Our violent nature as Kenyans should therefore not surprise you. Our Kenyanness, our nation was built on the blood of proud men and women who could not take any bullshit lying down whether it was coming from a colonial superpower did not matter. And, we Kenyans, are taught that from an early age and carry our history and present character with a lot of pride. It is this pride that Tanzanians, whose meek approach to life is wellknown, find startling. I am sure you would be a very different set of people if the 1964 Mutiny had succeeded or if the capitalist Kambona had managed to become your president. So, men and women are never born violent or meek. It is their society and history that makes them so. We are who we are because of our Kenyanness and you are who you are because of your Tanzanianness. Our history of violent uprising against colonialism by the British and your history of violent enslavement by the Arabs makes us different but surely we can forge a new AFRICAN community for our descendant. The very act of a political federation in EA reminds us that our ancestors never recognised the present boundaries and fought each other and killed each other as equals and not as a superior race fighting an inferior one. We must decolonise the idea of Kenya. We must reject the idea of Tanzania and forge something higher to unite us beyond our histories and psychologies born out of colonialism and slavery. That is the spiritual goal of the EAC and later the EAF and later maybe our own USA. Your land is our land. Our land is yours. Your gold is our gold. Our diatomite is yours. And so on and so forth.

Mark my words: Your refusal to unite as Tanzanians with the rest of the region will be your downfall. We are now using strategies such as marrying your own women who love Kenyans and Ugandans for their hardwork and focus as family providers. You may dismiss such a point as upuuzi but deep down in your heart you know that this is happening and it already a cause of alarm. With the elite of Tanzania studying in Kenya and Uganda, tehy come back home with Kenyanized and Ugandanized, and often with a child or a spouse. It is a matter of time before this class of Tanzanian elites takes over the economic and political leadership and forcefully pull the rest of Tanzanians in the direction all the rest are heading. The political happenings in TZ today and the rise of the materialist culture is Dar are just a tip of what is to come.

Let us not fear being each others' keeper. Or would it hurt less to the Tanzanians if the criticism came from anyone else but not a Kenyan? (wink)

Enjoy the random thoughts there!


Rash said...

Anonymous @ Wednesday, December 03, 2008
Thanks kwa uchangiaji mzuri kabisa. I think you clerified point after point why you believe we're not ready even to start economical pertnership with Kenya and Uganda.

Naomba nitofautiane na wewe kuhusu muda muafaka wa kuanzisha huo uhusiano. For the past 40 years Tanzania government protects Tanzania companies by quota or embargo. However, what we received instead is poor customer services, low quality products and sky rocket price.

Studies shows protectionism doesn't help domestic companies, instead it hurts consumers by reducing choices, increasing price and poor quality.

Angalia kampuni kama TANESCO, tumeilinda kwa miaka zaidi ya 40. Lakini what did we get in return, high price, poor quality and ridiculous customer services. Lakini kama tungekuwa na free trade between Kenye, Uganda and Tanzania i promise you Tanesco wangejua umuhimu wa mteja.

Likewise, kwa makampuni ya simu na mengineyo.

I think this is a good time to think about economical partnership with EAC. Those companies with lack of competitive advantage will revamp their strategies and value chain over period of time. And those companies which doesn't care about change will die and new companies will emerge.

Inconlusion, i support fair and balance trade. I am strong against any kind of manipulations. I support trade barriars with the countries which are outside the EAC. Last, i think we need more studies about the whole issue. I think we need to educate our people about the partnership.

In addition @Anonymous we need all the above that you mentioned. But this is the time to start EAC economical block movement.

Rash said...

Mr Kamau. I think you dumped a lot of junk that are irrelevant to Mr. Gama point of view.

I strong believe our differences is not Kiswahili or english, but it's political, social and economical imbalance.

I think it is ridiculous to suggest that Tanzanian are weak because we didn't shed blood due to unfair election results or currupted leaders.

Throwing puch to one another doesn't help Kenyan or Tanzania. It escalade hatred between this two poor nations on earth. We need new ideas and not ridiculous hatred long essays.

Anonymous said...


You do not have be so rash as you rush to condemn me. I honestly thought that we live in a free world and there is a democracy in blogging that gives people the freedom of expression. Or was I wrong in rectifying some foundations of Gama's response to Warigi?

Mbona hilo unalotaja kama kosa langua ndio hakika kosa lake Rash Gama? Gama hakuzingatia point za Warigi ila alianza kushambulia Wakenya na Kizungu chao na kisifia Tanzania na Kiswahili chake. Point zangu ni hizi:

1. EAC na EAF should not be feared. Kenyans are not coming to Tanzania alone. We will go to Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda too. And citizens of these great nations will also be welcome to Kenya. It is a win win situation for everybody. The only question is that we cant move forward when one member appears to be confused as to what exactly they want for themselves. Because kama hamtaki kuungana basi be OPEN and CLEAR! Kama hamtaki KUUNGANA NOW. Be OPEN and CLEAR! Hakuna mtu anye force mwengine kuungana kwa lazima. It will be very nice if Tanzania says clearly and openly that: We Tanzanians dont want to unite with you or make a community or union with you now because we are not ready. This will save us time and intellectual resources for those of us (Ke, Ug, Rw and Bu) who want to move forward at a faster pace in order to catch up with the rest of the world.

2. Tanzanian people are very good at kupiga domo tu. I know them having attained my early degrees from UDSM at the height of the golden Nyerere era. Laziness and domonomics is the bane of Tanzania. So instead of "beating stories" here and there and abusing the rest of East Africans why dont you use that time and energy to tell your government forcefully kwamba you are not interested in the EAC and EAF? Fanyeni hata maandamano kama ya wale wazee wastaafu wa EAC au yale ya Thailand hadi TZ ijinyanyue from muungano wa afrika mashariki. Hapo basi tutaweza kuwasikiza kama watu wazima because inachosha patience za wengine kila mnapolia eti mnaonewa, mnanyanyaswa na waKenya pasipo na nyinyi kutoa suluhu ya kudumu kwa Muungano wetu. Narudia. Nobody is forcing Tanzania to be in the EAC. Just quit officially and let the rest of us move forward. Nawaomba kama mwafrika mwenzenu.

3. Kenya and Tanzania both have English and Kiswahili as their official and national languages in their constitutions. Nobody has denied you the right to own the two languages. YOu should not do so however at the expense of abusing others. We love our Kiswahili language and we love our English language. Moreover, we love our AFRICAN languages too. It is not intelligent as an African to say that we Tanzanians are civilised because we speak Kiswahili, an African language. What will you say when 80% of Kenyans answer that they also speak Kiswahili AND their AFRICAN languages? The point in short is that beside Kiswahili you will really enrich yourselves culturally and economically if you also re-learn your lost AFRICAN languages and ENGLISH. Kiswahili alone should will take you nowhere.

4. Gitau used derogatory statements which I as a Kenyan also felt slighted. He should use more civil and respectful language when addressing an issue of such regional importance. He should respect our Tanzanian neighbours because we love them and admire some aspects of the social and political cultures.

5. Many Kenyans have found it useful to pursue an alternative model of integration. They marry Tanzanians, Rwandese etc and have kids with them. Then agree with their spouses to register most of the key assets in the name of the kids after they attain 21 years. Some Kenyans have lost property in this approach. Yet majority have benefitted and I am one of them. My land and plots in and around Dar and Moro are thriving and I am an early beneficiary of this ancient people-oriented African strategy of integration. Tanzanians forget about the politicians, let us unite at family levels and invest together as family and relatives.

6. Why do Tanzanians fear Kenyans so much? Why dont they fear any other of the many countries they share boundaries with? Yet they still secretely admire Kenyans as is evident in many bar-room and mtaa talks I have had the pleasure of over-hearning.

7. Tanzania ís a great nation. It can even be a regional superpower. It has the resources and the strategic location. What you need to do is simple. Allow us to come in and help you mine your resources, build your human capital, develop your vast arable lands through farming and strengthen your economy. 50 years later, you can reclaim your country carefully by coming up with schemes to buy off the non-tanzanian investors. That way both the investors and the locals will benefit. Do not fear the first 50 years. Indeed you will suffer in someways but later you will be the winners in a future Tanzania. That future Tanzania will have smart local English speakers, towering skycrapers, an even more competent education system, vast lands under cultivation and a vibrant leadership informed with tolerance of multiple political views. You can do it. My kids are half Tanzanian and I know you what you folks are capable of. Do not think narrowly, think strategically. Ask not what Tanzania will give Kenyans in an EAC but rather what Kenyans will give Tanzania.

Shemeji, mimi nimewasilisha na samahani kama nimekukera kwa namna moja au nyingine. Ila this childish culture of complaining, complaining, complaining is one that Tanzania needs to end.


Anonymous said...

Mr Kamau,
Thank you for your long mumbo jumbo you called history.
Actually you exemplified a typical arrogance portrayed by many Kenyans when characterising us Tanzanians.
The post-election fightings in your country was rather a result of ethnic proud nonsense in contrast to election theft as you put it! Can you explain to us how the killing of small kikuyu baby by Luos mob can be justified as fighting injustice?
We have our values in Tanzania and you have your violent nature in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda (Ethnics) as you proudly told us, which we in Tanzania finds very repugnant. Thanks God the World witnessed your post-election indiscriniment killings ( which you are very proud of apparently)
In Uganda they have their non ending civil wars and the memory of what happened in Rwanda/ Burundi is still fresh with us. Hence this is one reason why we are very sceptic in joining your 'murderous societies' we are protecting our values as civilized Nation as opposed from all other Nations of this proposed Union.
Jambo jengine ARDHI, taratibu zenu za ardhi ni mbovu, ndio ukaona kwa Mkenya wa kawaida kama wewe utaishia kukodi na ndio munataka mwanya wa kuvamia Ardhi ya Tanzania (hii sio siri)
Angalia ulivodhihirisha 'Motive' yako katika kumuoa dada yetu? Bogus Marriage! Umesema:
"We are now using strategies such as marrying your own women who love Kenyans and Ugandans for their hardwork and focus as family providers. You may dismiss such a point as upuuzi but deep down in your heart you know that this is happening and it already a cause of alarm"
Tunajua kwamba Raia wa mataifa mengi tu kutoka Africa na hata nje wanatumia ujanja huu wa kuja kuoa Tanzania ili wakwepe sheria za uhamiaji na umiliki ardhi, hio loophole serikali itaifanyia kazi.
Mwisho kwa vile umetaja Zimbabwe na tabia za ukatili eti mumekuwa nazo kwa vile tu mumekomboa kwa kumwaga damu, that say alot ! jiungeni na hao wazimbabwe basi! You are perfect made for each other!
Jioni njema Kamau.


Anonymous said...

yaliyosemwa yote ni sawa!! EAC ni crucial for our development.. only we have not yet decided what to do with this intergration... take for example Eu.. walianza taratibu yale ambayo nchi mwanachama hataki kujiunga nayo aliruhusiwa mfano Uk na currency yao.. mimi naona tatizo ni sisi watanzania.. we are not commecial oriented... Tuamke jamani tuache kulalamika tu.

Anonymous said...

Kamau, I just read two lines of your kamakazi, and this is my response to you!
Oh Well, Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one!
Thats all I have to say!.

Anonymous said...

Kamau, you are one of those arrogant Kenyan, and you look very rude, anyway you can start cooperation with Somalia!! why TZ?


Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be sarcastic about the topic, forgive me for this but, it's just too delicious to pass it on.

Damn!, some people can write y'all!

@Rush, Kweli and Anon,
Guys, good points. But, I think Mr.Kamau is a little bit down and he probably needs a hug.

Anonymous said...


Ukiondolea maelezo marefu ya Kamau, mimi niko pamoja na wewe protectionism imetuua sisi kwa kila namna, hususan maswala ya viwanda, kilimo, mali ya asili na biashara, thanks to JK Nyerere for all that!.

In matter of fact we reverse what we inherit, and we decided to take politics as our economic infrastructure, that leads the way since then, and taking precedence of all important matters. Thats puts us where we are now, we love to talk and less of actions, we should learn from chinese and Japanese how important to stop talking and start listening, put our energy from our mouth onto our heads, and start rolling our economy.

We have nothing to show to the world, we are open up for exploitations and abuse on every business sectors that you may think of, from tourism, business, mining, industries and so on

I will give a fine example, we have been exporting Tanzanite for number of years, yet we are NOT the largest exporter, Kenya is widely known to be the largest exporter of the gemstones between the two, despite the fact we are the ones who own the stuff. WHAT is going on ???

We have mount Kilimanjaro, yet the world knows that Mount Kilimanjaro is in Kenya, until recently.

We have the best cloves in the world from Zanzibar, but look who is exporting for us, No need to mention name here.

Pamba, Korosho, BUNI, mbao and so and so forth, we dont have quality finished products that meet up the world standard, if we have, we dont have the best marketing people to sell it for us. I think we need to start putting our efforts and concentrations on our priorities, if we do that right then, we would be one of ECONOMIC power house in EAST AFRICA, no doubt!

and again that comes back to EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION, cherish our intellect, listen to the best of advice, and start planning for long term, we need a government, a very small government with the finest mind and visions that will steer our nation back to the right direction 5/10years who knows.

The prosperity is on our sight, yet so far to grasp.

By Mchangiaji.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kamau.

FYI, I'm a very proud Tanzanian girl and I love my Tanzanian's brothers very much and WON'T, I repeat WON'T be ashamed at any time If needed to tie a knot with one of them. You know why? because I think they're the BEST. They're brilliant, they're gorgeous, they're tall, dark and handsomes...geez, I can go on and on and on. They're all a woman would want in a man, trust me. They're hard working, humble and extremely down to earth. Now, If you think any Tanzanian girl would just go for you or one of your brethren, brother you're sooo last year! and I don't feel sorry for u.

And If you think that you can fool us just like that, for bogus marriages, you better watch out cause trust me again, shame will be on us even if you fool us once.
Jembe had made a good point too, yea, why don't you start cooperating with people who're as rude as you?

Scary, you need to see a therapist.

Anonymous said...

What emotional reactions!

Jamani if only such energy could be tapped for national development, then Gitau would be writing a different artcle full of praise.

The point isnt whether we want to unite with TZ or not. The point is Tanzania should officially listen to the cry of its poor patriots and officially LEAVE the EAC-building process.

You cannot have your cake and eat it. Instead of making a lot of noise about not wanting to join th EAC, why dont you just pull out of the process OFFICIALLY.

The rest of the EAC members can move on without you once you make such a bold step and we can do so with respect for the decision you made.

UK chose to participate in European politics and development from outside the EU. This was an official choice and the rest of Europe respected their decision and moved on.

Can Tanzania officially leave us alone?

You got the answers yourselves. Let us know.

Salama good arguments are built on premises and facts not perjury and emotions.

For you information Tanzania has 20miliion women out of its 39million national population. You are just one voice from that mass and probably speaking for an elite class based in Dar. Many women in Arusha, Namanga, Moshi, Holili and Isebania will disagree with your assessment of Tanzanian men.

Tupendane shemejis.


Anonymous said...

Salama just made my day lol kweli he needs a hug, i think he is sexualy in-active.

Kamau is blabbering, the point is our country is not ready for this union, untill then ya'll can go ahead and intergret with the so "ready" other countries.

Rash protectionism is bad cause it kills off competition but this shouldnt justify us to go ahead with the EAC, other measures can be put in effect such as privatisation of companies like Tanesco and remove any political interference. Give way for foreign companies to come in with 30% - 50% shares of the company to be given to our government. But for this idea of opening our bourders for our arrogant brothers and sisters who see soo little of us? I think not!!

By the person who is sleeping with Kamau's sister. ;)

Anonymous said...

Mimi naona tisiwashambulie jirani zetu. Kama vipi tufanye bidii ili viongozi wetu wajiondoe rasmi kutoka kwa mchakato huo wa muungano au shirikisho la EAC.

Shida ni kwamba viongozi wetu hawajachagua tuwe ndani ya EAC au SADC.

Tukishaamua kwa kauli moja kwamba tumeondoka kutoka kwa EAC, hawa jamaa hawatakua na lakutuulizauliza tena. Ninatumaini kwamba wataendelea na muungano wao bcoz wote Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda na Kenya wameshakubali kuendeza mchakato huo halahala ili waweze kuwa na muungano 2013.

JK tuondoe rasmi EAC. Hili ndilo suluhu la kudumu.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Kamau.


There was no need for me to add a "good argument", my fellow Tanzanians have been educating you pretty good, your problem's wewe ni mgumu kuelewa, mwepesi kusahau na hodari wa kuandika, for some strange reasons.

First of all, a good argument doesn't need to be a history book you've been writting on comments spaces. Something short and savvy can do a good job dear.

Second, I think you crossed the line when you talked about Tanzanian women and men. Okay, I understand that everybody has the right to their opinions but, I won't hesitate to say something when I think that we(Tanzanians) are being trashed. You went too far.

And what is it btn you and Tanzania men? you seem to be pretty threatened by them. walikutenda kitendo nini?
I Told you, they're that good.

@ The person who...with Kamau's sister. I'm dying to comment on the condition you said he might have but, I like this blog too much and I don't wanna get banned. So I'll keep it to myself and just congratulate you on your smart thinking.

Rash said...

Mr Kamau, i guess your missing a point. The truth is we don't trust neither Kenyan nor Ugandan.

Think about Museveni, do you real think he honor demecracy? So, why bother forming a union with a warmonger?

Mr Kamau, do you acknowledge that tribalism is still existing in Kenya? Kenyan doesn't even care to change. There is no movement that i can recall that target to reduce this problem.

I mentioned those few social and political problem.
On the other side of the coin, i believe Tanzania have more to archive before even think about union. Our Healthcare system is in shamble, our Education system is in coma and our economical stability is in bad shape.

Tuwe wawazi hata kwa dakika moja, jee unadhani haya matatizo tuliyonayo yata tatuliwa kwa kuungana? I think Tanzania has more experience when it come to muungano more than any other country in EA community.

Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania depends on donors to balance their budgets. So, here we have three countries which can't even feed their people thinking about Big Government and Big Spending.

Mwalim alisema " Shuna suti kutokana na ukubwa wa kitambaa, kabla hujawaza kununua baiskeli waza kujenga choo"

Usemi huo hapo juu speak by it self. Nchi zote tatu zifocus kwenye kuwanasua wananchi wake katika umasikini kabla hazijawaza kuunda nchi mmoja.

The discussion is closed, we don't want EAC at this moment. We can consider it at 2025.

Thuwein said...

This whole EAC debate is waste of time and I think the Kamaus and Mokes Ogama of this blog need to calm down and look things past through our language and history.

Yo-look, as a Tanzanian who had kenyans roomies in the past and one of my closest comrades and confidants are machalii from Naii and Mombasa, I can assure you fundamentally we are all one. Now, in accordance to the pace of forming EAC-it is critical that we get it right rather that getting it done just because it sounds right. We ought make sure that folks in Tanzania and Kenya and Uganda are getting equal piece of soon to be growing pie.

This is a blockbuster film that we have seen it in the past and how it failed miserably at the box office, as we are now trying to make the sequel with completely different cast, it only make sense if the film has a different plot--otherwise we would face the same outcomes.

Folks-stop making small issues out of this enormous task. The talk of who is better English speaker and who has beautiful women is just another silly season that would not get us anywhere rather than increase resentments that are already building up.

We either get it right or not get it done at all.

Anonymous said...

Thuwain thumbs up. No comment for you have spoken with wit and wisdom.

Rash and Salama. Point taken. Tanzania does not need EAC. Now do the next mature thing as citizens of that country. Collect all these views and compile them into a list then send it to President JK. He has a website by the way. Tell him that Tanzanians dont want EAC and he should therefore withdraw your membership immediately.


1. Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda move on at a pace they want.

2. Tanzania starts getting some self-esteem, and regional respect from its peers.

3. At the right time, after their own 2011 referendum, Southern Sudan joins us and who knows maybe Somalia and Ethiopia etc.

4. When you are ready give us a call maybe in 2100AD.

5. No more articles from Gitau Warigis and voila!

6. I rest my case.

Back to work guys! Domomdomo will take us nowhere. Tuchape kazi! And January keep up the brilliant administrative work.

Shejemi yenu,
Bw. Kamau

Anonymous said...

it is better umekimbia, because domodomo is our traditional, we can talk until tommorrow!! (and you know tomorrow never come!!) and NEVER EVER NEVER EVER think you can marry all TANZNIAN women (about 20million) ma opportunists nyie!!! marying our dada not for love but for the opportunities their country can offer you!! Big up Salama for telling you that THEY LOVE US TOO!!!!

Jimmy Kihwele said...

This ambition some would say reckless, offering to extend the EAC integration is something that wary some.

I think we have an opportunity to look Africa more strategically. We cannot have a sustainable economic progress security agreement within the EAC when you have three quarter of the countries in Africa are not stable.

First we need to examine other issues that are more important and I applaud our president for not rushing to out on the idea of EAC. We need to examine the issue of DRC, People are misplaced, and some end up losing the lives that should be our concern. What is happening in Zimbabwe today it is shameful, how can we allow the country’s leadership impose their ideologies that pushes the country to what I called a failed STATE, of course we can argue if that is correct definition but based on what is happening now in that country I can convince my self other wise.

This is our Africans and the time is very short, if we happened to believe on taking big challenges. We need to sees this moment and transform our countries by building Africa that can defend it self, compete in Global economy; join other countries in shaping and tackling the challenges of the 21st century.

I believe if we fail to recognize the importance of the issues mentioned above, the concept of EAC integration might get a different definition.