Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Our good friend in this blog, Salama, sends her New Year wishes, and reflections:

5...4...3...2...1...1...HAPPY NEW YEAAAAAAAAR!

So, we have like what, two or three days till 2008 slips away. Man, what a Year has been!, I call it the Bang! Year. It surely sealed itself in history books.

Why is it that, in most difficult and unusual circumstances, Time seems to go slowly?

Yep!, 2008, with all that happened it's gonna be a little bit longer. Not much, only a sec but, yeah! We still have time in our hands. According to NY Times, on New year's Eve, the International Authorities charged with keeping precise time will add a single second to our lives, "leap second" The first since 2005. (Considering that every second counts!).

Looking back, there's been some goodies too regardless of the Economy and the whole Planet being in Peril. We have a couple of few more days to go. Fingers crossed, please, NO MORE DRAMA. Just yesterday Pakistan remembered the death of Benazir Bhutto. It was Dec 28 of last year. Tsunami happened on Dec 26, to name a few. And for this year, It's not that I want to predict but, Gaza is already in flames and almost 300 people are not going to see 2009. And that Moron in Zimbabwe doesn't want to give people a chance to start a New Year Peacefully. There's Congo and Darfur and so on and so forth.

Looking back is not a fun thing to do but, 2008 has been quite interesting. In Bongo, those on high level with high levels of cupidity were taken down. 'For the first time in my adult life, am proud of my country' (and I quoted, am not plagiarizing).

The global economy is in bad shape. Some of the developed countries were trying to avoid the R word but, eventually they admitted that their economy was in recession. And, as you know if they sneeze we all catch the cold. There's been bail outs, unemployment, wars.

Of course as we know history has been made too. For the first time we have a black person who's going to be a leader of the free world. November was a month people!, and you know what else happened in November?...guess...This blog started!... yeeeeah!
Seriously, I feel home here, I feel in place, (mchangiaji upo mzee? mbona kimya kingi? as you can see najitahidi kutaja jina maramoja kutwa, lakini, mwezi wenyewe waja!, sheikh, I'll definately need your advise, ntapata kigugumizi cha vidole. Hopefully I'll be able to handle it, am a big girl.

Any New year resolutions folks? Mine is the same one like last year's. You know the usual one, loose weight, eat right and exercise. Which is going to be dropped on jan 5th. (lol! hopefully not) Since we have the extra second this year, I'll be well prepared for next year!


I just don't want to end up in my couch watching the New Year on T.V. But, I might as well. Through past experiences I will trade a spacious, peacefully, warm New Year for any price. Last year I celebrated with a CROWD! and I mean it, like, a couple of million people and it was so fun. But, the aftermath, unspoken. All I was able to say was, next time I decide to do the same thing, I'll go there with 'kopo' (yea, in case I'll have too much to drink)

Well, ladies and gentlemen, If you can excuse me, Am gonna grab myself a martini.





Rash said...

Happy new year everybody, I am so exited about 2009. Many plans on board.
My New Year resolution is how am going to be part of Tanzania development?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the greetings, and Happy new year to you all! Take it easy on those champagnes!

I tend to believe, the future is bright for our country, and the world for that matter despite the economic woes, diseases, wars and so on and so forth , we come to understand that, everything is possible! From Malaria Vaccine to KUWAWAJIBISHA MAFISADI!

Well for the first time, African American in the white house, who would have imagine that, and thats CHANGE, and it is my hope that it will inspire our country to a new and AFFIRMATIVE direction, A direction which a country assert itself as the new core of democracy, and progess in Africa.

A country which stands and foment its values on all its people of understanding and love for this country. A country which will slowly but surely volunteer in new frontier in Education and Development, in which we all need to ingrained them onto our hearts and thoughts. I believe we will wake up to understand our unique perspective in Africa and the world.

As a country, we need to set those new STANDARDS.


On a lighter note,
Hii ni zawadi yangu kumuaga Bush
>>>Karola by Remmy Ongala

Anonymous said...


Sorry GUYS!

Can you guys make sense and connects dots with the information revealed by insider on this video, is it a news ? or is it, what we knew all along....or he is just mixing facts with lies, or just try to make sense out of very complex issues, and foreign policy of USA.

VERY INTERESTING TO HEAR FROM THE INSIDER... why now ? and what next? and how we as a country particularly our economists ? Advisors ? and the whole government policy making machines ?..Do we have that knowledge of understanding these complex issues? or Do they(our government) have access to this knowledge or we are just pretend to believe what s is right and never sense or know the math of differentiating between the truth and lies ? or We are JUST FOLLOWERS ? A lot of reflections to endure our mind?? we are in very BAD SHAPE, if what John Perkins proven to be CREDIBLE?

I wonder why ? we are so much thankfully of receiving Mosquito NETS from US, while Japanese have been fighting Malaria in our Country as far as I can remember, and I dont know even their King/Queen for that matter? and Bill Gates pouring money for MAlaria VACCINE out of his Moral belief and courtessy, and now we are in the brink of finding a permanent VACCINE...Just make me wonder ??

One thing I admire about US, they are very good at PR from common person to their media. The people like us, chinese and others are in bad shape on this front, thats why chinese/JApanese/ASIANS decided to put their mind and TALKING into works and ACTIONS.

WE are being talked too much, to BE FOOLED, and I am really scared of the later!

Man You TUBE, is such a blessing, WATCH the VIDEO AND MAKE YOUR OWN MIND..

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - Part I

Ed said...

Good staff