Friday, December 12, 2008

Defending the Somali pirates

Some of you have heard of the recent incident in which the Somali pirates fled down close to our waters and when engaged by the Italians. I read somewhere of the interesting argument that the pirates are in fact doing a great service to Somalia. Why? One, that t
here are very few people dying from the piracy. Two, that the areas inside Somalia that are administered by the pirate lords are less violent, in fact thriving, than areas where piracy does not exist. Third, that the pirates are the antidote to the Islamists (which are a much more destructive forces) - the pirates are interested in commerce, the Islamists are interested in jihad.  In essence, the pirates are the secular, liberal capitalists of Somalia, and therefore all those big European forces together with the United States who are marshalling their navies should really look at dealing with them in a more "commercial terms" than putting an anti-terrorist posture. If the pirates eventually gain an upper hand because of the "commerce" (against the Islamists who are struggling with funding), it probably would be one step in getting Somalia to look like each one of us: preferring peace so that we can feed our stomachs and keep up with the Joneses'.

On a more serious note, our waters are constantly breached by the big fishing vessels from Korea, Japan, Portugal, and Spain because we cannot really survey the entire EEZ (200 nautical miles from the shores).  We get more money from fish out of Lake  Victoria than from the Indian Ocean. While we build the capacity of our navy, can we get the pirates to come down and harass these guys?Last year, some vessels even taunted us, coming as close as the Rufiji delta to get those juicy prawns. And the Japanese? Forget their tender manners, when the tuna session begins, they are here. 


Anonymous said...

Yeah! They are just like us!

It is funy!, they never been called Terrorists on mainstream media, or anywhere you may think of, and I kinda such for a definition, what is the meaning of terrorists,

I really dont know the answer to that question ?? Can someone help me out ? here come the question, Whats first thing come onto your mind, when you hear this word terrorists, I know ! Are we intelligent enough, or we made up psychologically to think on what is termed to be at that time, therefore pretty much programmed on what we need to think of!

And thats weird thing about English language, English language is for liars, you can say or make up any sentence in english as a lie, and still acceptable as the truth, Do you get me, So Confused!

Watch Clinton Testify

Watch Bush fool me once

By Mchangiaji

Anonymous said...


One more thing, I mean they are the only breed in somalia, on which great western nations can work with, I mean in future to them, they can play similar role such as Northern Alliance of Afghanistan against the taliban.

May be thats the reason they are not labelled terrorists, they can potentially become formidable opppostion against the islamic insurgency in Somalia, and thats where it feets their profile, MODERN DAY PIRATES! it sound cool been labelled that way!

January, forget about wawekezaji wa pirates wa kisomalia kuja kutulindia sisi, Kwa nini tusifanye sisi wenyewe hii shughuli.

Here is our request to the government,

1. Give us 3 AK 47, Never mind that, we will get them from Rwandas rebels, kama hawa majambazi wanazitoa wapi??

2. Need 50HP Yamaha machine, - $1000, I guess?

3. W need a boat, just small dingy if possible, - 400, bargain price

Total Cost $1450

Yes for less than $1500, you can create your own navy in Tanzania, Japanese fishing boats, be ware!

My point is, what's the hell wrong with us???


Talking about records on what we get from our fishing industry, this will even shock you ! Sorry, guys Inatia uchungu sana sana !!!

kutoka kwenye records the Western UNIONs, mwaka jana 2007, watanzania walioko marekani peke yao, wameweza kutuma nyumbani tanzania pesa dollar za kimarekani $450Millions, na kutoka kwenye government records, kiasi cha fedha tulichoingiza kutoka kwenye madini kwa miaka kumi iliyopita, let me stress this out, from 1997 - 2007, we only received $13Millions US dollars

Hata hivyo kutoka kwenye record za kampuni ya madini, ambao wanasema hilo si kweli wanasema wamelipa $250Millions, kwa hiyo still they cannot match up with diaspora dollars sent home via Western UNION-US alone, and forget whats being sent from Europe and other countries.

Msikiliza zaidi Zitto Kabwe hapa akupe zaidi juu ya mikataba ya madini

By Mchangiaji

I mean thats give me a conclusion, that, I guess WE ARE WORTHY IT!! DIASPORA ARE THE TRUE GEMS! Inanisikitisha sana!

By Mchangiaji

Anonymous said...

Somalia as a nation including the pirates and Islamists stand to gain more if they have some sort of a working government because then they will qualify for proper international aid worth billions! The money they are getting from hijacking freighters and fishing vessels only goes to benefit very few of the population. Ain't very much different with the warlords charging tax for the the areas they control! Reminds me of how the Talibans came to power!
In my own opinion, the pirates are doing a diservice to the Somaliland.
Now when it comes tpo patrolling our coastal waters ... this is indeed a tough one! I mean, we are struggling to patrol the land area will it be easy to patrol the sea! But honestly we need to do something. Surely, there is a way we can track the fishing vessels in our coastal areas either by advanced radar systems of satellite.
Kweli hili linashindikana?

Anonymous said...



A car company that was not in existence 13years ago, a factory that was not even built 13months ago, now they have their own Museum??, INCREDIBLE, Given the current fallout of GM, and other big dogs in US, this car get a chance to be number 1 in the world by the time my sons going to college.. MEET THE FUTURE GIANT

What it says about us?
We are being marginalized to be permanent consumers, by DEFAULT!

By Mchangiaji

Rash said...

Somalian are trouble in the first place. Nchi ambayo haijawai kuwa na government moja kwa 5 years ni nchi gani hiyo?

Pirates and hardcore extrimist muslim are the source of problem in Somalia.

To some extent i support 100% UN and AU force in Somalia. Let get in there, wipe off all this crazy people and put a strong government into power