Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I am back on line; I got lost in the Cyberworld

I see this being quite an active blogsite, but I am a bit confused by the empirical posts that tend to be more specific to generic professions than about realistic politics, society (our society) and things (no matter what does that mean!). Januari's idea found at the beginning of this blogsite is indeed very fundamental and we should strive to be relevant here! Otherwise without generalization, some posts are indeed very relevant and rejuvenating. I appreciate all posts that respond to our thirst for political, socio-economic current affairs (real-politik) and on driving behaviors, our irrelevancies in real-life and comparative perceptions on EAC Federalism issue. This is what I expect to read and enjoy at this blogsite. Lets keep it up folks....and congrats to all authors for being open and objective to what you have written so far. Cheers...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for highlighting the issue, my suggestion is pretty much echoing what you have written, but it will be more broaden.

We should use our knowledge of what we have learnt through college/universities or taught ouselves through reading or experience to improve/advance our own status quo whether that being in our own personal life or country, and this same theme apply to this blog. Therefore providing new solutions through our own discussions and opinions. Thats then, we will be able advance our agenda foward.

So, far this blog is able to deliver that, I am thankfulls to January and others for sharing it with us, but as tanzanian we feel that we are part of that community.

yes, I dont see any problems of someone advancing their perspective world, and knowledge and let everyone see their interest, but at the same time, as wanablog we are compelled to express our opinion.

My personal feelings as a contributor, I think we should discuss issues relating to our own, that means our country and general experiences that would touch a lot of us, this in itself would help us as citizens in gathering new ideas and knowledge, that would help us in advancing on that front, whatever that small it may be, keep this in mind that, complex problem always has simple solution.

Last but not least, I would request you to watch this small clip by Professor Ali Mazrui on africans, and give us your thoughts.

Click here >>>Africans - BBC by Professor Ali Mazrui

By Mchangiaji

Rash said...

I think Tanzani is facing many challenges than any moment of its life time.
I believe we need more discussion on political, economical and social issues. I think we can talk about water problem in Tanzania to HIV and AIDS. This are serious issues which need serious discussion.

I believe this blog will bridge ideas from different corner of the world. I believe we all Love Tanzania, i believe the challenges facing Tanzania doesn't sleep. It is our obligation to talk about our problem without worrying about status quo