Friday, April 2, 2010

The Revolution was televised!

Rare video footage of the Zanzibar Revolution.

Obviously, the narrator misses some key historical facts. Anyway, just a general question (which may or may not be related to Zanzibar revolution): What is an acceptable price of justice? When can justice be seen as done: with the restoration of the just order or with the retribution against the purveyors of the unjust order?


Anonymous said...

For me, justice and peace are two sides of the same coin. The two faces together create the value of the coin. An unjust system destroys peace also, and it can only be corrected when peace also becomes possible. Retribution leads to even less peace, and thus cannot restore justice. Justice has been done when peace is restored on the basis of mutual acceptance: "live and let live." Sometimes it is simply not possible to "do justice."

Azaria Mbughuni said...

Has anyone checked to confirm the authenticity of this Video?

The clip shows the ugly side of revolutions; it is a side that the general public does not always get to see: not in books, not on screen.