Friday, April 16, 2010

Rochereau, Mbilia and Faya

Some sounds and images define an era. Growing up, and following music at an early age, the images, sounds and rise and fall of one of the most popular bands in Africa in 1980s, l'Orchestre Afrisa International, partly enchanted my boyhood. The two ladies made Afrisa a hit but also contributed to its collapse as Tabu Ley could not manage to keep the two of them happy at the same time (or level). Mbilia Bel was the original diva of Congolese music, and Faya Tess came to Afrisa as a backup singer and dancer but proved capable of taking the front mikes with grace. Suddenly, Mbilia looked indispensable. All three - Tabu Ley, Mbilia Bel, and Faya Tess - attempted solo careers without much success. Faya Tess released one album in 1999 (which the song Adieu comes from). Despite getting help on the album by Africa's greatest guitarist and songwriter/composer, Dino Vangu, her solo career never blossomed. Enjoy the sounds.


Anonymous said...

Used to get that Mbilia's kibao thru "Radio Tanzania Dar Es Salaam" but almost never in its entirety. Ukiwa mikoani mahala redio inaposikika kwa shida afu ni muziki unaoupenda ndo unapigwa - basi inakera!! -- labda itokee ni jioni ndo wakati mawimbi ya AM yametulia.

Jina Faya Tess nalitambua ila huu muziki wake sijawahi sikia

Asante sana JM


Anonymous said...

Umenipeleka mbali sana. Huu wimbo wanikumbusha enzi hizo tulikua tunachungulia mama na baba na wageni waalikwa kwenye party waki onyesha ujuzi wao kwenye dance floor. Jamani, those were the days! thanks January.