Saturday, December 6, 2008

This will get better

I want to thank you all who have kept this blog alive - Salama (don't I know you? lol), Mchangiaji, Msolopa and others. I am grateful for your contributions, and please continue to come back.

It is as always a challenge to post stuff that will satisfy each one's thirst or tickle the interest of everyone, so we will try to be as generalist as possible and eventually will arrive at a "community".

I want us to strive for originality...of thought and content. The danger with blogs and forums is that one may find reading duplicates of all other blogs, as we tend to cross-post and inclined to think that some stuff are universally interesting.

I encourage others to post, as we have come to know what this blog seeks to achieve.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for acknowledging us. If you know me? Not sure but, may be we crossed path once.

Anonymous said...

On things worth to follow.


Anonymous said...

It's true, Tanzanian blogs lack originality. All of them seem to have the same "topic of the day". Are we not creative or do we lack the time? I am not a fan of Kenyans as a people but I must confess that I find them interesting as individuals, I was introduced to one of their weekend newspapers by a great man and have since been addicted to some of their columnists. Our writers styles of writting lack that x factor that leaves you wanting more,Adam Lusekelo is trying. Their blogs are also of a great variety.

Anonymous said...

On the light note and talking about varieties.

Eventually they got him.(O.J Simpson) Is it fair to say that?. And if anybody's interested in his story anymore. Is seems like the western media and everybody else have totally moved on from him. Comparing to,"The famous chase"