Thursday, December 4, 2008

the EAC debate rages on

As the debate on the issues about Tanzania and kenya or the EAC relationship that has been raging on your site.I have just come accross this article from the new vision of Uganda .I hope your readers find it helpful
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Ayoub mzee, UK
Tanzania rejects EAC proposed land reforms
Risdel Kasasira The East African Legislative Assembly started its two-week session in Kampala yesterday with Tanzania maintaining its dissenting position on the proposed land reforms and the East African Identity Card.

During the press briefing addressed by EALA Speaker Abdirahin Abdi at Parliament yesterday, Tanzania Deputy Minister for East African Cooperation Mohammed Aboud said his country is not ready to adopt the East African passport and private land ownership.

Mr Aboud said, “In Tanzania the land is public and feel okay with it. We also feel that our national identity card should remain. Why shouldn’t these other countries adopt our land laws.” Land in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi is largely privately owned but in Tanzania, ownership entirely belongs to the government.

The Common Market provides for free movement of labour and resources but Mr instead says other member states should nationalise land ownership. “In Kenya only 10 per cent of land is owned privately. In Uganda, you also have problems with the Kabaka, why not adopt our land ownership system?” he asked.
Mr Aboud also said Tanzania wants to maintain its passport as a national identity card for fear of criminals entering their country. “We have experience. We feel we should maintain our passport as a national Identity card because of security issues,” he added.

The East African Community member states are planning to introduce one passport for citizens in all five member states. But Tanzania has been slow and hesitant to support these reforms, a situation that is likely to drag the 2012 planned political federation. Mr Abdi said a technical team composed of members from partner states will meet in Rwanda in January 2008 to discuss the variance position of Tanzania on Common Market.

Rwanda and Burundi, which joined the EA community early this year, are behind schedule after joining the community late and are still collecting views of their citizens on the community.
The Rwanda Minister of East African Community Affairs, Ms Monique Mukaruliza, said the two countries are still collecting views from the people on the EAC and findings of the consultations will soon be presented to the community.

On the proposed uniform school fees for students in partner states, Ms Mukaruliza said after adoption of the Common Market, all students will pay the same school fees.


Anonymous said...

Can the author treat this as different thread topic rather than a topic, thats a request and not Compulsory, I appreciate it Thanks


Can you guys see the problem with our Government approach.

They have been pretty much dictated their agendas by our friends, We dont have agendas of our own. We wait, what they have to put on table and we then respond to their abuse, by shrugging our shoulders, as usual Moaning and whining, without counter attacking the motions proposed for our benefits, and then resolve with solutions, and thats is the art of agrerement I guess.

I would think for now, the best way is to stall this process all together for indefinite period of time until we know the art of negotiating, and let them forge ahead with what they agreed on without our signatories, and we will remain committed for future cooperation or cooperating on other many issues like trades and education. And yes our negotiating presentative and his co, seems very much dont have a clue about the immense and importance of these discussion, Did we put any propasals of our own, or we just want to join EAC, or have we been drugged all along na kutongozwa by our neighbouring countries on their issues and agendas, and we decided to give them the KISS? Can someone explain that to me please?

I think these thorn issues of LAND and identities card, should remain as very much as SECURITY issue for Tanzania for a number reasons which I will highlight on this comment.

The best way for government is not allowing being dictated their agenda by other foreign countries, particularly UGANGA and Kenya, which pretty much have huge land problems and IDENTITY problems(tribalism, civil wars, and others). They cannot liquidate their tribalism problems with expense of our own security by listening to their agendas, I trully believe they need land reform more than we need, but that does not mean we do not have problems on our own yard. it will be best for us to highlight their land problems and stop talking about our land, we owe to do some research and investigate their problems, it is our neighbour but it seems to me we dont know much about them, than they do about us. HIT them hard on their tough, talking about their problems in response, WE DONT HAVE HUGE problems, but they have A MUCH BIGGER PROBLEMS.

Why not forge ahead with other issues and stay away from these objectionable issues for a time being, they want cooperation they must listen on what we have to say, surely UK maintains its own Pounds in EURO Zone but commited to the EU Community, surelly Mexicans never been given US passports/or a common passport to travels to US or CANADA freely but still remain in NAFTA agreement. Talking about NAFTA why not have this mini agreement, like trades and Education cooperation and forget about full integration for time being.

We can only forge agreement, based on mutual benefits, therefore Uganda and Kenya should respect our decision, and NOT DICTATING agenda on our expense. We need tough politicians with breadth of knowledge and diplomacy, and I dont see that on our negotiating EAC minister. Mr. Aboud,

This is the message to HIM, Highlight their recent problems of tribalism and land problems, can the minister google stuff, or is he techno phobic, just a little help on his behalf, does he know that UGANDA land problems started in 1900, and THATS the problems still persist despite number of agreements since then, yet no resolution to be found, or their problems will be resolved once we(Tanzania) give in to their so called STALLING AGENDAS(land) - can you smell rotten fish you can read more on this link here UGANDA land problems - AllAfrican and you can found some info on Uganda tribal problems here Uganda: There Should Be No Shame in Tribalism - Prof Lugemwa They have smart ways, and nice ways of justifying their tribalism, their constituents presentation in BUNGE of uganda is totally dominated by tribalism, their agenda is totally discord to the central government, Tribes first, UGANDA second, we definetely dont what that on our back yard.

We all know about tribalism in Kenya, I dont need to highlight on this blog, but you can go ahead and read more about Kenya land problems, even Koffi Anan former UN secretary, this is what he had to say following a peace resolution signed between fighting factions after the recent turmoil election in Kenya.

"We must tackle the fundamental issues underlying the disturbances -- like equitable distribution of resources -- or else we will be back here again after three or four years," former U.N. chief Kofi Annan He is actually talking about land problems in Kenya, You can read full article here POLITICS: Kenya’s Problem Goes Beyond Ethnicity and Elections

The Question is do we want to spend the rest of our life time, resolving their problems, Let them learn how to leave together, and then we can discuss about identity and land issues.

The country has just been on war footings, we are talking about integrating onto our midst. What kind of union is that. In matter of fact we are giving them a favour by allowing ourselves listening to them, while still in civil wars on their yard. They should be thankfull for that. and if they are sincere enough about this whole thing, then they should start listening to what we have to say, and go ahead discuss other issues, and not discussing about passports and identities as hindrance issue and stoping in discussing others.

EXPANSIONISM is their REAL AGENDA???. Some may say they are looking at long time approach, make your own anaylysis and conclusion.

By Mchangiaji.

Thuwein said...

This whole EAC debate is waste of time and I think the Kamaus and Mokes Ogama of this blog need to calm down and look things past through our language and history.

Yo-look, as a Tanzanian who had kenyans roomies in the past and one of my closest comrades and confidants are machalii from Naii and Mombasa, I can assure you fundamentally we are all one. Now, in accordance to the pace of forming EAC-it is critical that we get it right rather that getting it done just because it sounds right. We ought make sure that folks in Tanzania and Kenya and Uganda are getting equal piece of soon to be growing pie.

This is a blockbuster film that we have seen it in the past and how it failed miserably at the box office, as we are now trying to make the sequel with completely different cast, it only make sense if the film has a different plot--otherwise we would face the same outcomes.

Folks-stop making small issues out of this enormous task. The talk of who is better English speaker and who has beautiful women is just another silly season that would not get us anywhere rather than increase resentments that are already building up.

We either get it right or not get it done at all.

Anonymous said...

Watch interesting Clips! The War devastation in Uganda. Do we need to welcome this to our back yard

Uganda Uprising

Anonymous said...

More disturbing news, on this clip Museveni is trying to justify the right of children to fight on a full combat wars.

"We train them from the age of four...." Yoweri Museveni

Watch Museveni and Child Soldiers

Anonymous said...

mh!! I think it is in our best interest now not to discuss these issues again, they won't help us, of course we are not ready for co-operation now, and never we will be in the near future, Kenya and Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi can go on with the movie, Tanzania have other things important to deal with now, but for sure not this co-operation