Friday, March 20, 2009

What is [the source of] our problem...and your solution?

1. Madhara ya ukoloni
2. Ufisadi
3. Uvivu
4. Mipango na sera mbovu za uchumi na maendeleo
5. Hatuna uzalendo
6. Tumelaaniwa
7. Uongozi mbovu
8. Kutokuwa wajasiriamali
9. Kuridhika na umaskini
10. Kutaka kufanikiwa kwa njia za mkato
11. Kuendekeza uchawi
12. Kuendekeza dini sana
13. Kuendekeza demokrasia
14. Mfumo mbovu wa siasa, uchumi na biashara wa dunia
15. Elimu duni
16. Ukoloni mamboleo
17. Hali mbaya ya hewa(harsh terrain, unpredictable weather)
18. Kutoheshimu sheria, taratibu na ustaarabu wa kibinadamu
19. Kuzubaa kupita kiasi
20. Hatusaidiwi vya kutosha na wafadhili
21. Tunataka kusaidiwa kila kitu na wafadhili
22. Ukosefu wa maadili ya kijamii
23. Utapeli, fitna, majungu
24. Hatuna wawekezaji
25. Tunaibiwa na wawekezaji
26. Kuendekeza siasa
27. Mfumo mbovu wa utawala wa nchi
28. Tulirudishwa nyuma na siasa ya ujamaa
29. Tunarudishwa nyuma na siasa ya ubepari
30. "Hivi ndivyo ilivyoandikwa iwe"


Anonymous said...

Kwenye hiyo list kuna tatizo moja utakuta linasababisha lingine. Yaani unakuwa ni mnyoro wa matatizo na si wakati wote utakuta matatizo yapo kwenye “causal and effect” sequence.

Kwa maoni yangu kuhusu matatizo yanayokabili jamii yetu ya watanzania, yafuatayo ndiyo chanzo kikubwa cha matitizo yetu kutokana na list posted:

1. Mipango na Sera Mbovu za uchumi na Maendeleo
2. Uongozi mbovu
3. Elimu duni
4. Kutoheshimu sheria, taratibu na ustaarabu wa kibinadamu
5. Ukosefu wa maadili ya kijamii
6. Mfumo mbovu wa utawala wa nchi

Solution? Nadhani kama ni kutafuta dawa ya mwarobaini (au ukipenda “generic medicine”) ni ELIMU. Ukiwa na jamii iliyoelimika (elimu siyo kwenda shule tu) utapunguza ukosefu wa maadili ya jamii kwa sababu kutakuwa na “civility”. Ukiwa na civil society utaondoa uongozi mbovu kwa sababu jamii (from an individualistic demand for decency, and by generalizing that to the society as a whole) haitakubali kuongozwa na viongozi wasiokuwa na dira ambayo inalenga kutekeleza sababu zilizopelekea kuwachagua hao viongozi. Vile vile, ukiwa na jamii iliyoelimika na yenye maadili mazuri ya kijamii—watu wataheshimu sheria, tarabitu na ustaarabu wa kibinadamu na jamii kwa ujumla itakemea uongozi mbovu ikiwemo mipango na sera mbovu za uchumi na maendeleo. Baada ya hapo matitizo mengine yataondolewa na nguvu za immunity ya society kama mtu mwenye kinga madhubuti anavyoweza kutokomeza mafua bila vicks kingo.

Otherwise bila kuwa na mtiririko wa kama ilivyotajwa hapo juu, jamii ni vurugu mechi! It is not about instilling civility and decency in people, it’s about educating children from kindergarten to university to learn well and make sure the kind of education they get from schools and parents is co-currently rooted on good morals and ethics. Mimi na wewe hatungali kijiti kibichi, maana tukikunjwa sasa hivi tutavunjika. Tumaini liliyopo ni kwa mimi na wewe kufundisha watoto wetu hayo maadili ili kizazi chao kiweze kuwa na jamii niliyojaribu kuelezea hapo juu.

Perception is everything and it all starts with individuals. Individuality matters because its collectivity is what composes a society.

Ekchuzi my Kiswa-ngilishi, mabibi na mwabwana!


Anonymous said...

My response will be sacarstic on this one. LOL

You know the best solution for all the problems mentioned,


Hopefully, people(Tanzanians) will OPEN up for outside world, for MULTITUDE and range of issues to learn and share among ourselves and others who are not like us.


A form of insurance numbers, starting with all viongozi wa sirikali, na watumishi wa umma.

Kilichomo kwenye hiyo numbers,

* Detailed History ya earnings zao,
* Tax paid to date
* Pension Fund zao
* Any extra earnings, to be declared and shown on the system to date.

Hopefully that exercise, can be expanded to business communities, common person, and villagers, and it is my hope, will see a true transparency on our earned shillings, individually and collectively.

I know I am being simplistic, but it is always simple idea, bringing out a complex and sensible solution/system, and this is not a new system, it is widely used in the WEST, and nothing wrong with that.

I have my own ins. number till the I go to the grave, I go to hospital, they can use that number to pull out my medical records, being in a job, use the same number to record my payroll, taxes, and many other usefull means, which can be clustered together to form such a streamline of information that can be used independently within the government and private institutions to serve for the good of all of its citizen.

Will that be expensive experiment, NO Doubt, but VIJISENTI billioni, can do the damn job, and hopefully we can save vijisent billions along the way. Do we have those forecast/visioning mentality, I doubt it, but it is something we can be TAUGHT and learn through experience, probably the government needs to REMIND us more often, but right now, we pretty much care about our own selves, NOT our FUTURE, and NOT the future generation after that, even our children future to be precise, and hey, it is FUTURISTIC characteristics, it is a lesson which can be mastered, if we KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT AS IF WE CARE! Trust me on this.


It is my hope, this list of problems, grievances mentioned on your post January, can really be not ARTICULATED, but it is something we can all see that, WE CURRENTLY POSSES, and work our way OUT OF THEM, one by one, but if we STALL, and put simply BUSINESS AS USUAL, then it is pretty much enslaved our conscious, our mind, our focus, and gravely enough our nation!, and thats showing out PARALYSIS, as the state we currently ON NOW! WE ARE IN PARALYSIS STATE, and we know the danger for that, we have no LIFE to be proud off. WE NEED TO START LIVING OUR LIFE!

Have a nice weekend GUYS!

By Mchangiaji

Anonymous said...


We've had enough of being over-taxed, bullied, punished and patronized na hawa ma mediocres.

After watching CCM MPs and apologists parade across our TV screens like the dance band on the Titanic, I was tempted to say that still they don't get it.

But I suspect JK does get it, even though he hasn't got the first clue how to deal with it. That's why sometimes his Prime Minister Mizengo 'CRY BABY' Pinda looks like a kangaroo caught in the headlights of a helicopter gunship....

If they really do think that THE current DOWANS/TANESCO fiasco was just a 'wake-up call' or a 'yellow card' they're deluding themselves.

It's not just about the DOWANS, or ATC or EPA. This is about the implosion of the whole CCM(boyz 2men) project, which has been tested to destruction.

They've had it all their own way for far too long, which explains their bewilderment. Accustomed to a non- existent Opposition yaaani CHADEMA et al and a largely compliant media, CCM has enjoyed an undeserved easy ride.

Nadhani mnakumbuka vizuri kuwa when JAKAYA aka JK aka MZEE WA PAMBA aka MKWERE ascended to the post of the Presidency, it was almost universally acclaimed as right up there with the second coming of the 13th IMAM, regardless of the fact that the glowing assessments defied all logical evidence and experience.

Even though I said from day one he wasn't up to the job, I admit to being quietly astonished at the way in which things have unravelled so spectacularly...

Now he's been rumbled, he promises to listen and lead. Forget it. He never listens and he's not a leader...

He should be asking himself how the hell these insane scams like DOWANS/TANESCO came to be put up in the first place. Not a week goes by without another wizard wheeze to pick our pockets sisi walalahoi.

These aren't isolated mistakes, they are the work of a government which has been in power too long, not so much out of touch as locked away in a soundproof padded cell.

In recent by elections which CCM has failed, voters weren't sending him a polite message to raise his game and 'intervene'.

This was a signal that hard-pressed mlalahoi is sick to the back teeth of CCM, its arrogance and sense of entitlement.

Source of our problem? well all of the above and possibly havinga a finance minister with a FAKE DEGREE doesnt help either

Anonymous said...

To us, seems like Mo Money Mo Problems.

It's sad to admit that, it's pretty much all of the above.

(History repeating itself)
The legacy of the reproduction of colonialism needs to be taken care of, not only by our leaders but all of us, together as a Nation. One thing we need to remind each other is that, Our Nation's prosperity, intergrity, success or failure will arise from within our borders and not beyond them. If we could implant among ourselves the sense of entitlement and responsibility, we might be able to start making a difference. And may be we'll save plenty of time if we stop finger-pointing that thwarts an assessment of what is needed to put things in perspecive and not to play the blame game.

They say 'Elimu ni mwanga' right? it should be among tano bora/muhimu in the "most important" to-do-list of the country. It's also imperative, to keep ourselves intellectually engaged and find different ways to acquire knowledge and information and not to, just sit and wait for the gov. or others to help us. Kujenga uzalendo, may be we should act as if our country depends on our brains economically, socially... I also agree with Inno that, we should start teaching our children and plant in them good morals and ethics at their very tender age, in order to build a civilized future generation. It's bizarrely enough to see most of the times, how we cross the line and do some strange things just because we have no clue? hatuna adabu or lack of civilization?
Simple thing like helping out a stranger, it might sound weird to many but that's how we set a good example. Na si kuogopwa.

On the administration system, may be if we focus more on the outcomes and increase oversight will help a bit to reach some goals now as we're facing profound challenges. And to make sure the after-action reviews and assessment are done in a transparency and honesty way.

We all can agree that we're humans and imperfect so, even some of the policies and decisions made by our leaders sometimes turns to be imperfect too but, what's infuriating is the typical pattern of something being wrong somewhere all the time???!!, let's try be serious and move our country to a better trajectory. of course it's not that easy but the damage has already been done, we either fix this problems or they'll keep fixing us.

Anonymous said...

What need to be FIXED, if nothing wrong??

On Education.
Even the IRAQIS, they see on their future, what will set them free, by prioritizing on EDUCATION for the best and the WILLINGS, who would help out their country in the future, we may agree or disagree but we pretty much depend on outset rather than inset to diffuse our problems, particularly an important matter such as Education! we need a premise na MSINGI, wa kile tunachikilenga and tunachokihatajia, not just on EDUCATION, but also on everything in LIFE!

Mathalani, Mimi nasoma miaka saba ya msingi, naenda sekondari miaka sita, naenda chuoni, miaka minne hapo hapo Tanzania, Jumla 18. Kama hakuna ubovu hapa, mimi I REST MY ARGUMENT! by the time I finish uni, my colleague in Europe is a PRACTISING ENGINEER, DOCTOR, etc, what kind of EDUCATION is that, which hold up our FUTURE! I cannot emphasize enough, we have talked about this issue before right here(Loosing the future)!

On Leadership!
Politics is like a gamesmanship, you always fetch for the weakest link, but we are full of them, the incumbent are not used to it, but we need to put on the pressure, we cannot afford to loose sight, until they realize and steer the country to the right direction, and thats our concern, includes individuals in our governments, we critize and settle on agreable solutions, na hichi ndicho kinachotushinda, hatukabali kushindwa or may be ufahamu wetu ni mdogo.

The problems are all over the place, and the man with all the fixes, keep repeating the same mistakes, and that wont stop me crying for the milk, if i am not being fed.

By Mchangiaji

Anonymous said...


Kwani mfumo mbovu wa elimu unasababishwa na nini? Halafu nadhani mfumo mbovu wa elimu na elimu duni ni mada hiyo hiyo moja. Lakini yote hayo nadhani yanalenga moja kwa moja kwenye mipango na sera mbovu za maendeleo pamoja na uongozi mbovu kwenye mfumo wa utawala wa nchi kwa ujumla.

Kwenye uchambuzi, kuzungumzia elimu ikiwa kama mchango mkubwa na wa lazima kwenye maendeleo ya jamii ni tofauti na kuzungumzia namna mfumo wa elimu ulivyo nchini Tanzania. Kwangu mimi naona hizo ni mada mbili tofauti lakini zinazohusiana. Kwenye uchambuzi ni muhimu kuzitofautisha ili kuepuka kwenda zig zag kwenye kuchangia mada.


Anonymous said...


Nakubaliana na wewe, so do

2. Uongozi mbovu
6. Mfumo mbovu wa utawala wa nchi.

so in that sense, I can be specific on lighting just a problem, or generalizing the whole subject, ni kama inheritance in Java, for those who understand.

There is nothing Zig Zag on that, it is just insinuation of the subject.

By Mchangiaji

Anonymous said...

Where does your wit end?! Your in-depth knowledge and means of putting across facts is astounding!This is what we have with serikali ya Chama cha Mapinduzi or lets call them the biggest bunch of self-righteous, sanctimonious, mendacious perverts anyone could ever wish for.

Just got back from the countryside and makes you wonder ilikuwaje KAJIMA wakapewa tenda ya kujenga barabara ya Mtoni/Mbagala bila kuwekwa taa za bara barani?...Ohh forgot kuwa kule TANROADS nako kunaitwa chaka la MAFISADI in the same level with ARDHI

ahhh hebu mie

Anonymous said...

Salute to you too, a sophisticated one!
So, countryside right? niiice!, what a perfect place to spend the weekend, mh!, I wish. There's nothing relaxing like, the quietness and peaceful atmosphere of the countryside where all you hear's the singing of birds. Beautiful.

Unanichekesha sometimes, I know, it's really discouraging especially with the above list of our "dirty little secret"
The greed and recklessness of the few, hurts and affects us all.
But, If I may, kaza moyo kaka, keep the positive attitude, do what you need to do and what's right. Don't forget to chill too.

Iddy said...

Niungane na wachangiaji wengine. Mimi nadhani Tanzania ni kama mgonjwa wa UKIMWI amabaye CD4 zake ziko 220 (kiasi kidogo juu ya minimum), hivyo intervention mmoja haiwezi kerefusha maisha ya mgonjwa, bali multi interventions ndio solution ambayo itamuongezea siku za kuishi mgonjwa huyu.

Nadhani kujaza laundry ya nini kifanyike madhara yake ndio hakuna kinacho fanyika. Tumeyaona haya kuanzia MKUKUTA mpaka Albino Fiasco. Nadhani Tanzania tunaitaji what i call pay as you go strategy. Inabidi tutazame sector ambazo zina much effect kwenye economic development and at the same time zina effect kwenye maendeleo ya KIJAMII. Hizi sector ndio tuanze nazo kuzi inject dawa.

Mipango na sera mbovu za uchumi ni mmoja ya tatizo ambalo lina sababisha matatizo mengine mengi tuu. Hivyo kama tutaspend muda kutibia hili mwisho wa siku wote tutakuwa tumefaidika.

Elimu ni ufunguo, na siongelei elimu ya kujiunga na darasa la kwanza ambayo imekuwa kwa 106% bali elimu ya kujiunga na secondary and tertiary school (Hasa Kwa WAKINA DADA ambao % kubwa wanaishia darasa la 7 na kujiunga na familia). Kama tutaongeza enrollment kwenye elimu ya juu, na tuka revamp MFUMO DUMO WA ELIMU TULIO NAO, nadhani hilo litasaidia sana kuboost maendeleo ya kiuchumi na kijamii. Haya mawili yanatakiwa yawe JUU kabisa ya TO DO LIST ya Tanzanai government.

Anonymous said...

Iddy, Excellent insight, ushauri wako na fikra zako katika maswala ya uchumi, ni ya kufuatwa.

You have a positive leadership, on this subject, I hope, you can be an excellent advocate and advisor on Economic issue for our country, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, DONT LET YOURSELF LOOSE, and caught up on RELAXING MODE, make your voice heard and available, consult a network of the bests in and out, keep learning, and ultimately put yourself on the big circle.

Pay as you Go Strategy, sound an excellent start to revamp our economy, concentrate what matters most in terms of economic sustainability and growth, equally stabilizing maendeleo ya jamii, that the same can be said about Botswana, they put their efforts on natural resources, that is DIAMOND, and see what they get in Return, the economic strategy work wonder for them, despite the UKIMWI setbacks and current world economy , but in general they are doing really well

Botswana Open for Business

People are getting tired of so called African Bereaucracy, even Joka wa Madisco - Madagascar, kaamua kuchukua nchi kiubavu bavu.

Unajua Tanga, enzi ya wajerumani wameweza kuujenga kabla hawajapewa wafujaji wa kiingereza, kulikua na mikonge Estate, wakulima wanajengewa nyumba, Hospitals, schools, shops ndani ya Estate, mashamba tulikua tunalima ukulima wa kisasa wa Mkonge. Mkonge huo huo ulikua unatuletea fedha za kigeni, na mkonge huo huo umejenga a very well planned City of Tanga, with network of envying modern network of sewage system. Was that ambitious, no, it is just a sense of puting the dwarf where the money is, and getting a lot in return. The same can be done, with such a heavily fertile land ya Morogoro. I haven't even touch a strategic position of our country as being kuambatana na nchi nyingi za jirani ambazo zingeweza kutumia bandari yetu, Holland wameona umuhimu wao, wameamua kuipekua bahari na kujenga Bandari na Airport Hub of Europe. Why dont we do the same. Forget the mining, Shut them down for now, tumeshafuja.

Even Mullah wa Iran Rafsanjani, aliwahi kuja Tanzania, wakati yuko Angani akatizama ile mandhari ya nchi, bahari, mito, na vast greenland, alivotua tu, akasema, Tanzania ni Richest country than my country iran.

By Mchangiaji

Anonymous said...

Hivi mnajua kuwa reli iliyokuwa inakwenda Lindi ingolewe?

then hapo mtajua kama tatizo wala si hawa watawala wa leo bali lilianza zamani

Bila kusahau kuwa huu ni mwaka wa pili Salva Rweyemamu hataki kutuambia kwa nini hadi leo JK au ofisi ya JK haina website na kwa nini yeye as spokesman wa rais anatumia email ya YAHOO

I think all i need now ni kusikiliza taarab za ABBAS MZEE

Iddy said...

Thanks Mchangiaji for aknowledgment!
Nadhani sasa ni muda muafaka wa kuanzisha debate about certain policies that our leaders architected with assistance of International Organizations. Miaka michache iliyopita ilikuwa ngumu kukutanisha mawazo tofauti pamoja, lakini kwa msaada wa internet things are much easier.

Moja ya argument ambayo nadhani ni hai ni pamoja na kurevamp most of the policies which were architected along side with Washington Consensus. Nadhani hizi policy zimetufikisha hapa tulipo, nazinaendelea kutupeleka pabaya. Mfano ni Tanzania GDP inakuwa ni mategemeo yangu kuona tunafanya investment kwenye education sector propotional with the GDP growth (Economic development & social development both need bilateral actions). Mwaka 1991 Tanzania ilitumia equivalent ya 2.8% of our GDP katika Elimu, mwaka 2002-2005 tumetumia equivalent of 2.2% (HDR report). Sasa swala ambalo linashangaza ni kwamba kama Uchimi unakuwa basi ni mategemeo yangu na gharama za uwekezaji kwenye elimu inabidi ziongezeke, Hii sio rocket science. Tatizo kubwa ni kwamba tunakubali policy ambazo ziko based on ideology lather than science facts.

Nadhani ni muda muafaka kuamsha majadiliano ya maendeleo kwenye vijiwe vyetu. Changes will not happen unless we the people change our own habit. Tanzania doesn't need people from washington kutuambia kwamba tunaitaji kuwekeza kwenye kilimo au elimu. It's time kuanzisha mchakato wa majadiliano katika njia ya uwazi, na sio behind closed door kama ilivyo tija.

Anonymous said...

You make a good point that "change will not happen unless we the people change our own habit"
Not sure what you really meant but, how about a change of menu too? Instead of feeding ourselves with some crappy, imbecile materials, it'll be more fructuous if we get involved with some productive activities. For those who have time for twittering, myspace and yourspace, I would suggest learning mandarin.
Just make sure it's not "fake"

"Tatizo si la watawala wa leo bali lilianza zamani"
This will tell you how today's decision making will affect our generations to come. It goes back to uzalendo na mfumo wa uongozi. Tujitume while thinking about others and the country's social and economic development. However, it's kinda hard for many of us, ordinary citizens. (wanasema kila mtu anapigwa jua kivyake) I don't want to finger-point but, for those in a position to do so, a strategic retreat will be a good starting point. May be people will be willing to understand and accept delays as long as they know, there's a promising future but, everything can't be wrong all the time. It's bizarre(although, it's not anymore) that, the "SOLUTIONS FIGURES" are part of our biggest problems. I think it's about time for them to actually be solutions and not continuing problems.

Hopefully we have goals to reach, for that case, planning and implementing new policies should go along with Re-organising and innovation renewal in all sectors of the government. And most important, for us to build a thriving economy, we have to set, impose and enforce AGGRESSIVELY rules of LAW.

Anonymous said...

Salama you made an excellent argument on you last comment, what sort of productive activities, are you involved with, that you can share with us ?

Iddy said...

I do believe that Tanzania community need to find a way of solving our own problems lather than allow other people to find a solution for us. We can only archive a milestone if and only if we decide we want to archive it.

We do have very knowledgeable people, however majority of them doesn't utilized it. The result is the fiasco that Tanzania is into it now. As J.K Nyerere said " Knowledge which remains isolated from the people or which is used by few to exploit others, is therefor a betrayal" (1970 during UDSM inauguration). Majority of our policy marker are alumni of top universities in the world, and they archived it through peasants and workers money; however what they paid back is the portfolio of shame

I strong believe that there is a bright light ahead of this dark that we're into. If we will spend some time to ask each other how did we let our self into this mess, and what measurements are we going to take to dig our way out? Then believe me we will get to the promise land. But, if we're going to continue doing the same thing and expect different results then one day the next generations are going to judge us.

IF each of us will be accountable for his/her own actions, then one day all of us will sit down and tell our grandsons/grand-daughters that " I remembered when all this movement started". Majority of us were exited when Barack took the oval office, however few people remembered that it wasn't a one night movement, it took many years and many lives to build that way that Barack traveled. However, at the end of the day most American said WE DID IT.

I lay my case to you, my fellow Tanzanian. It is time to march toward changes. It is time to be accountable for our own actions. Don't said mbunge such and such is corrupted while there is no file passed toward your desk without you to ask for mbuni. It's sad to see while am here spending time blogging another child is dying because his/her family couldn't afford a metakelfin dose. If we invest our time and money wisely at the end of the day me, salama, GT, January and many other will be the beneficiary and majority of Tanzanian will enjoy the same opportunity that we had.

Anonymous said...

Hi January,
Just thought that it might be ideal if you were to put your email adress by the side of this blog so that if one of your wadauz (not on the list)finds anything exciting they would like to share with us they can easily send it for your editorial to fill these gaps.
Otherwise I found the following article interesting and probably some of your wadauz may like it.
March 24, 2009

China challenges power of the dollar as it flexes its economic muscles

Gary Duncan, Economics Editor and Jane Macartney

in Beijing
China yesterday threw down a challenge to America’s 50-year dominance of the global economy as it proposed replacing the dollar as the world’s main reserve currency with a new global system under the control of the International Monetary Fund.

In a muscle-flexing move that will be seen as an attempt to exploit the big shifts in economic power created by the recession sweeping the West, Beijing said that the dollar’s role could eventually be taken over by the IMF’s so-called Special Drawing Right (SDR), a quasi-currency that was created in 1969.

The audacious proposal emerged in a speech by Zhou Xiaochuan, Governor of the People’s Bank of China, published on the central bank’s website. Unusually, the remarks were released in English as well as Chinese, emphasising China’s dissatisfaction with the global primacy of the dollar.

However, the comments high-lighted China’s growing confidence in its place at the high table of the world’s most important economies, as much as any real expectation that such an unusual suggestion would gain traction. They came with little more than a week left until leaders of the world’s most powerful economies meet at the G20 London summit.

Related Links
IMF: economic slump to engulf the globe
Global effort needed to stem recession, says IMF
Mr Zhou argued that the SDR has the potential to act as a “super-sovereign” reserve currency, spanning national jurisdictions. In turn, he suggested that this could not only eliminate the risks associated with paper “fiat” currencies, such as the dollar and pound – which are backed only by the credit of the issuing country, rather than by gold – but would make it possible to manage global liquidity and imbalances more effectively.

Deep-seated global imbalances that sowed the seeds for the present economic crisis are blamed in large part by many economists on the dollar’s status as a reserve currency. Critics say that this allowed the US to live beyond its means, with the dollar’s reserve status enabling it to finance huge current account deficits by selling billions in Treasury bonds to countries running a current account surplus, such as China.

“The price is becoming increasingly high, not only for the users, but also for the issuers of the reserve currencies,” Mr Zhou said. “Although crisis may not be an intended result of the issuing authorities, it is an inevitable outcome of the institutional flaws.”

He diplomatically avoided referring to the dollar. But he said: “The role of the SDR has not been put into full play due to the limitations on it allocation and the scope of its uses. However, it serves as the light in the tunnel for the reform of the international monetary system.”

Mr Zhou suggested a shift by which the SDR could form the anchor of a new global exchange-rate system, replacing the former Bretton Woods system of fixed but adjustable exchange rates, which collapsed in 1971. Since then, most large Western economies have had floating currencies, while nations such as China have managed their exchange rate, creating incompatibilities blamed for stoking up the damaging imbalances.

“When a country’s currency is no longer used as the yardstick of global trade, and as the benchmark for other currencies, the exchange-rate policy of the country would be far more effective in adjusting economic imbalances,” Mr Zhou said.

misokasick said...

To you comrades, first thanks for such eloquence
GT said
“After watching CCM MPs and apologists parade across our TV screens like the dance band on the Titanic, I was tempted to say that still they don't get it”

How can they get it my brother? If you have read the pedagogy of the oppressed Paulo Freire argues that the oppressed needed to unite to find a way to improve their destinies. The majority of our people fall in the category of the oppressed. The approach should focus on strategies to empower the poor. These are people who need mobilization the most. GT we are responsible for this change. We need to unite and fight this irresponsibility and the sense of entitlement among our leaders. “Tukiamua kuleta mapinduzi ya maendelo tunaweza”. Many of us who are privileged to participate in this blog have the responsibility and the ability to initiate change. Change starts right here and right now. I do not think this blog was created by accident. GT that’s why people such as Shivji, Late Chachage, late Ken Edwards were most of the time seen as threats because of their outspoken truth. I sometimes do not understand why our leaders do not take constructive criticism and use for their own benefits.

Salama Said
“It's also imperative, to keep ourselves intellectually engaged and find different ways to acquire knowledge and information and not to, just sit and wait for the gov. or others to help us. Kujenga uzalendo, may be we should act as if our country depends on our brains economically, socially”.

I and you could keep stimulating our brains, but unless we share that knowledge wholeheartedly with those who do not have this advantage then we would not be able to trickle down that knowledge. I deeply feel you on this “Simple thing like helping out a stranger, it might sound weird to many but that's how we set a good example. Na si kuogopwa”

Regrettably the elites have completely forgotten their roots. Gather around some of your elite friends especially those in Dar and start talking on the need to be more involved with those who are less privileged, the conversation would not go so well. Many of the people of my age (ages 25-30) are living in a bubble. I always have a hard time when I visit Dar, because the conversation is always centered on who is who in Dar. Unakuta a great percentage of young people graduating from our university have no sense of accountability and responsibility. The first goal for so many university graduates is to secure a career and earn enough money to buy a car and that’s the end of their aspirations. They have no sense of accountability to their communities.
"I also agree with Inno that, we should start teaching our children and plant in them good morals and ethics at their very tender age, in order to build a civilized future generation. It's bizarrely enough to see most of the times, how we cross the line and do some strange things just because we have no clue? hatuna adabu or lack of civilization?

I agree with both of you guys and yet I challenge inno on this. I am so sure your children are not going to attend public schools, so the reality is you will have a product of some snobbish kids ever and it is not going to be your fault. How can they not be? All their friends are coming from wealthy families and have no sense of what it really means to be poor or to go hungry. I have experienced this with my cousin’s kids and their friends in Dar. In Dar it is every parent’s dream to send their kids to the most expensive private schools. Many of these schools do not have community participation activities. Their field trips involve going to waterparks, they have no clue of another life style. So tell me what kind of product would the country have once these kids are adults. Their parents are just enjoying listening to their kids speak English and think it so cool. Kwanza I still do not understand how could they afford it to send all their kids to private schools and yet have vacations to places such as South Africa and you are just a TRA official? Hivi don't you think these would grow up thinking the only way to be at that status is by embezzling Tax payers money and the cycle continues.

Jamani lots could be said. I sometimes get really confused. How can change come if the people working in the Government have other alternatives? If Government people have an alternative of taking their wives to deliver their babies in US or sending their kids to private schools, kweli unaona kutakuwa na mabadiliko katika mfumo wa afya au elimu kweli. If these people attended the public schools and hospitals, I guaranteed you we would have seen improvements. How could there be initiative to improve/reform our health care and education system while they have choices line up for them. If we talk about changes, changes have to start from all of us here and not otherwise. Leave our selfishness behind and pay attention to our neighbors, communities and society.

misokasick said...
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Anonymous said...

For one, when it comes to keeping my synapses firing, I try and avoid the so called "toxic materials", to leave a room for something better and save time. It's challenging and tempting regarding that anything 'juicy' is always the best but, adding something rational and class in our reading materials won't hurt. Also, I try and offer my help anyhow I can, to those who need some sort of help, although haven't been very successful reaching my goal in this area. (I'd love to share more of my time with those in need in one way or another)
Hopefully I've been clear enough to you.

You're such a positive minded person. Very impressive!, Keep it up brother, that's what's really needed in times like this.
There's light at the end of the tunnel if each one of us take matters in our own hands and be mature enough to be responsible on what we need to do and what's right. That way, we not gonna have time to wait for others to make decisions on our behalf and truckle to their 'special interests'

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expeting different results" (Albert Einstein)

Anonymous said...

Well said girl.
You'd think that, our leaders should take a 'constructive criticism' as their stepping stone towards more open and outstanding leadership for the benefit of the country. But, I guess that's not the way to go with them.

I once heard a foreigner say that, Africans have morals. Unfortunately, the way we treat each other and the way others see us is like east and west, totally different. It will make more sense if we treat 'ourselves' first, with love and respect and when I say ourselves I mean everybody. But, sadly enough, we tend to cultivate the powerful and trample those with less to offer. It's a shame.
The parents whose children's ki-inglishi is music to their ears, what sense does it make if it's empty? it'll be more beautiful if it has some substance in it and not just the ability to speak a different language. For all ages. It's their responsibility to make sure their children learn and increase their knowledge wisely.

The behaviour of our young people, and the elites, explains to you our levels of thinking capacity. It's even more sad that, these are the once considered to be the best and bright, the product of our education system. Jamani, is it that, all we can talk about is who is doing what in town and what kind of a car they're driving these days? is that the only important thing in our lives out there? Funny thing is, if you try and change the subject to a more productive and intelligent conversation, they'll think you're narcissist and crazy.

But you know what, I think SMART is soo hot and sexy!

Anonymous said...

item # 10 is a crutch that Africa needs to get rid of!! tutaombaomba mpaka lini? and wateva is given goes to the wrong people anyways. Lets wean this big baby off the bottle

Che Solasi said...

Wow...the list is exhausting J. Nevertheless, it's something to be discussed and debated because of our state of mind and that of our country. I commend all of you who had an opportunity to share your thoughts and it's encouraging to know you're curious and passionate enough to find a way to improve the welfare of a country and continent.

Except for #6 and #30 (I think they're bogus), to be honest all of those apply as continuing problem which would require an continous evolving solutions. I tend to think of this like "dike with too many holes to plug and the rain keeps on coming." For me the solution is to plug the big holes first then follow up on the small ones. By this I mean LEADERSHIP. If we're being lead with someone with a VISION of where they're going and they know how to get there that's a good start. But when the leadership is blinded by selfish ambition and total lack of commitment to the common goals and aspirations as a whole nation.... there will be no progress.

For me all else is secondary to the cornerstone of leadership. Yes we need education but that comes from a choice and/or commitment through wisdom. I know we sometimes tend to blame others for our misfortunes rightfully or wrong, we still have an opportunity to shape the future. I can't sit here and say it's Mwalimu's fault I'm going to be poor for the rest of my life; or I'm going to stay poor because someone doesn't know how to run the gov't or I'm less than a person in the U.K. because he/she has a better run country than I do.

We all have a role to play, we can't just point fingures and say "it's their fault or we can't do anything because we are not in postion to do anything." I don't believe that crap.... We all have a say to how things ought to be, and when we are not saying/doing anything we are not just failing ourselves but each other and many generations to come. While we may not find all solutions in our times, we may at least solve some problems for our children's children.

I'd a chance to be with my wife during labor and delivery of our first child last Tuesday on the 17th. Seeing her was like seeing dreams of possibilities so vast and beyond my thoughts. But one thing quickly became apparent was that, for those dreams to ever be realize there's a lot I had to do. I can't say somebody else is responsible while I have the capacity and will to act. I love my country, I respect its leader no matter their inadequacies. If I wanna change the status quo... I have to stand up and act.

Anonymous said...

Hivi mbona hamtaki kusema kwa nini Nyerere alingoa reli ya kwenda Lindi na Mtwara?

maana naona kuna watu wanataka kupindisha historia kutaka kumfanya mwalimu Saint fulani wakati historia ya nchi yetu iliandikwa na tunaijua vilivyo?

Narudia listi ya JM ni kama full blown HIV VIRUS ambao wanasubiri TB au gonjwa lolote lile lipate kumngoa muathirika...basi ndio hivyo matatizo yetu yalilelewa na Mwalimu na sasa hivi ndio tunaonja matunda yake

Eti ohh Abedi Karume hakusoma mara ohhh nchi inahitaji wasomi blah blah blah blah nyiingiiii wakati hao hao wasomi wamepewa nchi hawawezi kuamua kama mitambo ya DOWANS inahitajika au la

Halafu unaliza kama tumerogwa!

Anonymous said...


Comoro wanataka MUUNGANO na Tanzania

nadhani tangu mwaka uanze hizi news zimenilift my spirits sana.

Na kwa hilo mie niko tayari kwenda kuwasaidia kufanya kura za maoni kwa niaba ya JAMHURI ya MUUNGANO ya TANZANIA kujua kama muungano na wangazija ni kwa ajili ya maslahi ya taifa au la

Nadhani wote humu mwaelewa uhumimu wa kuwa na wangazija orijino sio wale walolowea Zenji na hta haijulikani who is mie wala sioni tabu kugawa lile shamba kule Mbezi, Mkuranga au kutoa sanduku la dhahabu na mengineyo ili ni qualify kusali safu ya mbele

ahhhh wanawake wa kingazija bwana!

hebu mie

Iddy said...
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Iddy said...

Misokasick, Salama, Che Solasi and GT your persuasion are so eloquent.

You touched a center core of our problem. The accountability and feedback. It is a culture in Tanzania that people can do anything and get away from it. If we will continue toward this path, then we will always fail to archive anything. Unless we saw the urgent and decides to change that kind culture. If a secretary of education decided to cut the fund toward sports in primary and secondary school, then he/she should be accountable to provide the substitutes of sports or scientific facts on what reasons make him/her decided that.

I am advocate of freedom of choice, i total support those who like public school likewise those who believe on private school. What i don't support is few elites enjoying to send their kids to private school kwa jasho la wakulima na wafanyakazi. I strong oppose that kind of system.

Che Solasi
HONGERA MZEE, i guess the beauty of life is to build a family with love and compassion.

I think the reason why we failed most of the time when we tried to eradicate diseases, poverty, etc is because we architect all these BIG PLANS which most of the time doesn't work. And we're not bothered to find why the last one didn't work, instead we architect the next BIG PLAN. MGD, MKUKUTA and many other.

Is anyone knows how many people in need received VYANDARUA ambavyo BUSH alitoa last time alipokuwa Tanzania? I bet some of those nets end up in a black market, and some crook benefit out of it. Unless we decide to be accountable of our action then we will be able to build a strong community.

I think the movement toward Tanzania without poverty need to start from bottom up and not otherwise. KULEANA knows a lot about orphanage kids, so if we will seek advice from them when we architect the policy about orphanage, then we will be able to build something which fit poor needs. Other than that we are going to build something which fits top needs and not bottom needs.

Maendeleo yanaitaji mchakato kutoka kila pembe ya Tanzania na si vingenevyo.

USHAURI WANGU MKUBWA KWA JK KUHAMISHIA OFFICE YA BAJETI KUTOKA KWA WAZIRI FEDHA KWNDA OFFICE YA RAISI. The reason behind is the budget has influence toward every body life. I believe president will be able to oversea the allocation of fund toward different sector with less political motivations, and more scientific facts. Apart from that budget is the head of any society, it's not kitu cha kufanyia mzaha.

Mwalim had some failures, so does other leaders. However, his contributions toward Tanzania outperformed his failure.

misokasick said...

Could you kindly meet up for coffee, so that we can have a one on one girl’s conversation? I think we have so much to share my dear. This is my email Thanks for being such an amazing and confident women.

Che Solasi
Congratulations for having a new family member. Seeing your wife delivering is a whole other ball game. I bet you have gained an extremely amount of respect for your dear wife. I have not been in labor yet, but I know I would demand my husband’s presence. I think it just gives you a whole different view of what a woman really has to go through. I always tell my brothers’ women know men more than men know women. You mother is the first person who welcomes you into this universe.
"If we're being lead with someone with a VISION of where they're going and they know how to get there that's a good start. But when the leadership is blinded by selfish ambition and total lack of commitment to the common goals and aspirations as a whole nation.... there will be no progress".
You are a one positive fella. We have so many visionaries and very few missionaries. Visionaries carry the idea, while missionaries carry the work. We are left with visionaries who just propose on what the possibilities are but are not enthusiastic or lack the will do make it happen/ Hawa ndiyo nawaita kina Chenge, Lowasa, and many of our leaders
Kaka yangu you have gained and accumulated enough knowledge to be able to say all this that you are saying. At least you have been freed from the unfreedom’s that the majority of the Tanzanians are facing. You have the education that allows you to understand what it means to have adequate health facilities. Kama you lack adequate health facilities your capability to act effectively in decision making is quite impossible. Education leads to adequate health facilities and empowerment.
“we still have an opportunity to shape the future”.
The future can only be shaped by us who have this opportunity. We are the catalyst of this change. Our goal should be how this change could trickle down to rural communities. Lets act on behalf of the marginalized and play our role.
Kaka Iddy,
I worked with Kuleana and I was so excited to work with such an organization, but kuleana fits to the current name of many corrupt leaders “Mafisadi”. Mutaboyerwa killed Kuleana. This is like many other organizations that just enjoy feeding their bi g matumbos with donor’s money. Once Rakesh decided to pack his bags and start a new venture, kuleana was doomed to die. Kuleana had some amazing programs, but selfish behaviors killed kuleana. This is the kind of attitude I find so despicable.

Iddy said...

I have to admit that i left Tanzania almost a decade ago. KULEANA used to be a strong power house back then, i feel sad to received that news. Never the less my intention was to elaborate that you can't craft policy from top bottom, but you need to craft it with the assistance from the people who are familiar with the matter. If you want to create a policy deal with how to fund orphanage then you will need to collect ideas from NGO's which deals with orphanage.

Anonymous said...

Miso, Salama,

Watoto wa son of a peasant kama mimi hatuna historia ya kwenda private schools. How about meeting in the middle? Mbeleni kuna mpango wa kuanzishwa quasi-public college/university preparatory school ambayo funding structure yake itakuwa ya private-public partnership na italenga ku-recruit the best and brightest students in East African region regardless of their economic status. Shule zinazo-claim kwamba zinafanya hivo kwa sasa ni wasanii tu, it's business as usual.

Lengo hasa la hii shule itakuwa ni kuzipa pengo la "missing link" between primary school and tertiary education. Such school will stick to its founding principles and purposes. How? Well, that's why it will take to build such a school to demonstrate how.

Hivi shule kama hiyo wana-blog mnaionaje?

Oh, coffee get-together ya Miso na Salama inapangwa kufanyikia Boston ama Dar? Wengine mbona hatukaribishwi? Ingekuwa ni gents wamefanya hivo hapo Miso au Salama msingekawia kuleta gender complaints :) Why has it to be a one-way complaint? (rhetorical question).


Anonymous said...

Absolutely!, and thank you too!, for being that great and wonderful, am pretty sure we have a lot to share. That was so nice of you. Thanks girl!

Che Solasi,
Congratulations man!

Anonymous said...


I spare you the praise, but I tend to differ on your last comment to GT, I will be Rahm Emanuel on this one, Quote
Mwalimu had some failures, so does other leaders. However, his contributions toward Tanzania outperformed his failure.

and I tend to agree with GT, on this one, all this mess we are getting from our so called leaders and US in general of beeing ineffective intellictually, unreasoning, unchallenging, blindness following, is direct result of Nyerere Policy toward everything.

I now challenge you to list the goods, that Nyerere have done and demonstrated over the time in our country, and this is the debate the whole nation ought to have, we CANNOT RUN AWAY FROM IT, that will be considered IMMORAL on my mind, we failed to do this, our future generation will do it for us to shape their own future.

@ Any (who brought article on Chinese challenging the Dollar as world currency)

Let me tell you something, I tend to believe J K Nyerere misunderstood the CHINESE on SOCIALISM, He copied their Kaunda Suit, but failed to immulate their hard working mentality towards development and Progess!

Here is my evident, When Chinese built the UHURU railway (TAZARA), what they really meant, this is a gesture of our friendship to you, as a STIMULUS package for business and industrial revolution, but they didn't say to him, DONT transport cosmetics and Luxurious cars to Zambia, they simply say OPEN UP FOR BUSINESS, and you know what Marehemu did, close all the borders instead, DONT DO BUSINESS, thats for ELITES.

Thats why it doesn't surprise me CHINESE are closing eyes on so called dictators Bashir and Mugabe, and DOING BUSINESS AS USUAL, for their CHINESE PROGRESS, but they didn't say to them ACCEPT UJAMAA, so we can trade with you, and this is where Marehemu misunderstood the CHINESE.

By Mchangiaji

Anonymous said...

Ever heard of Silent Hero, read tribute of Late Prof. Ken Edwards by Dr. Assad,

Sometime my country piss me off! big time! Excuse my french!, by the way is anyone can answer me this question where is my f*###k 80MTzshs, I pay annually to FAT cats TRA, through my own hard work!

I pay less than 10M through my full time job here in the west, for the exact net earnings, I get from my annual business return back home, and this is Ujamaa Marehemu and his Co, can dream off!

I am not trying to be self obsessed here, but that the FACTS, I make my contribution and I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO DEMAND, where is my every tax shilling is used for!, I am the one who is involved on the BALL game, and it hit me hard, and I demand to see the results, not rich kids of TRA acquaintances paying for the private schools for their kids, while we suffer, paying 1M for our kid for just nursery school.

I pay less than 10M annually here in the west, and I know my children are being taken care off, FREE SCHOOL, MY OWN WELFARE and my FAMILY WELFARE!

On my current job, I get paid $10,000 worthy of stocks, before I even touched a keyboard, I get life Insurance for my family, If I drop dead, and thats the UJAMAA, I am talking about!, not rooting on words but action, WELFARE for its citizen.


You seems to understand some economic derivatives, so here is the question, I know there is no lack of gov. tax earnings, I am classic example, of a poor man trying to make difference in Africa, through my tax contributions, but the government keep drag me down. So, tell me where is my 80MTshs spent on ???

Hebu nijitokee mie, comment accredited to GT,

By Mchangiaji

Anonymous said...

jamani swali langu bado liko pale pale...

1)Kwa nini Nyerere alingoa RELI YA KWENDA LINDI?

2)Hii ya COMORO kutaka iungane na TZ mnaionaje?

Miso& Salama

I would love to come and join you two so we could become one...howzat? lol

Anonymous said...

Salama not really I'm not convinced with ur so called activities, I think everyone would do the same, and then u go on inflicting ur self destructive injury, for u being smart! Being sexy!! It seems to me the acusation of sexism by GT, has already lost the ground.

By the way, talking about crappy materials saving time n space, ur loosing mine with ur emotions I wrote this comment, for only one reason of bringing a balance perspective on this forum, not being constantly reminded of our parent.

Anonymous said...

Hiyo shule, sounds like Oprah academy? That'll be great!, but only if hiyo private-public funding will go well according to the plan, also, if none, from the above list get in the way of the plan.
And most important, kuboresha our public schools. As Miso said, how can that happen while 'wahusika wenyewe' send their kids to private schools? Whatever we do, we need to remember that our children ni taifa letu, la kesho.

We need to remember even those who're struggling, or have some sort of problems and they can't do well in school, try and work with them more closely, (Not all pencils are sharp in a pack).
Do we need to completely change the education system? and how' bout kuboresha manpower? lay a game plan, create goals for teachers, whether it's academic wise (for them) or in their proffessionals and if they don't reach that goal, part ways with them. This might solve # 3 on the above list, and build sense of responsibility among us.

Inno & GT,

Kuhusu ladies get-together.
Who knows, may be if you Boyz "bahave well" you'll be considered next time. And it's not even hard. All you need to do is:
1.'Listen' to her and her needs
2. You can stick with your sports page but, she should read the main page of newspaper 'first' in the morning also, she should be the one in charge of that remote.
3. Follow directions articulately
4.Ask for directions,(especially when she's around, it's okay, it's better than kufa kisabuni)
5. "ADVISE" don't tell her "HOW" she should look.

Mh!, may be New York, they have some pretty cool coffee places around Times Square. Ntamsikiliza Miso kwanza.
Dar, joto bwaana!, hata kama kuna genarator mpaka liwake saa ngapi?
Too much to handle!, (lol!)
(am kidding, am kidding peeps!)

Iddy said...
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Iddy said...

Comrade Mchangiaji….
Your contribution toward this blog and the Tanzanian society as whole is so eloquent
Let me start with the question that Altaf Gauhar asked Mwalim in 1984, from this question I will be able to develop an argument which will make sense to majority of Mwalim ideology critics. AG: “…as you look back on the twenty years of your stewardship, what are the major mistake that you would have wanted to avoid”.
Nyerere: “Fist of all let me say that when we started we were simply doing things on a day-to-day basis. There are certain things I would not do if I were to start again, one of them is the abolition of local government and the other is disbanding of the cooperatives. We were impatient and ignorant. We shouldn’t have done that because it was completely contrary to our own basic stand”

I total share the frustrations of those who develop their argument toward Mwalim Economic development policy; I agree that to some extent it was a failure. However, in 1960 majority of economist didn’t have a clue on how to develop the colonies into western economic standard. Likewise for Mwalim, he didn’t know much of economics; Tanzania was a center of selling finished good from colonial and extraction of raw material which were transported to Western countries (we still the same today). Wall Street Journey “Dr. Nyerere may have been poor economist but he was skillful nation builder. He fused Tanzanian’s 120 tribes into a cohesive state, preventing tribal conflicts plaguing so much of Africa”
So, when Mwalim took the county in 1961 he was surprised, he didn’t have a clue about balance of payment; he spent a lot of money to fight for Sub-Sahara countries independent and spent huge amount of money toward military.

Other critics argue about Mwalim idea behind nationalization of private sector. The idea behind was to reduce the gap between the haves and have not, and also to develop more jobs and transformed our economy into more diversity. However, I believe Mwalim did not take into consideration that Tanzania government didn’t have enough human capital to run that sector.

Other critics argued about villigilization, I believe the idea behind vijiji vya ujamaa was to put people so they can farm and market their produce collectively and benefit from the facilities which the government would produce. Mwalim archived that, people received free education, literacy rate rose to 81% and Tanzania per capita grew to $280 by the time he left the office. This what Mwalim said “I can not build roads, schools, dispensaries or providing running water or electricity to every collection of five or ten huts. Even if I had the money, it would take me from now to akhera”.

I total disagree that the failure of Tanzania Economic Development was because on socialism ideology, there are countries which didn’t accept socialism and they received a lot of aid but they didn’t develop to become even the second world. Zaire was the receipt capitalism aid, but at the end of the day Tanzania was better off than Zaire.

Despite the economic development controversial, Nyerere greatest quality is his unshakable honesty. Nyerere was a true leader; he put interest of Tanzanian people well above his own. He made a mistake, but who doesn’t and the intentions were only of the best. Mwalim didn’t allow power to use him, he hated corruption. This is what he told A. Verse in 1980s “When you’re prepared to give up the most precious you have, your life, rather than compromise, how can you then sell yourself so cheaply to ordinary traders? It worst form prostitution there is”. That was how that humbled man hated corruption; he even compared that behavior to a cheap hoe (sorry about my Spanish). Mwalim did not understand those few who are willing to sell the opportunity in Tanzania for the sake of benefit themselves, this is what he said concern taking rushwa “No one can insult you more than to offer you a bribe. Even if I have nothing but rugs to wear, you can not buy me. You can force me into slavery, but you cannot buy me. There is not enough money in the whole world worth more to me than my self or for that matter, worth more than any single one of the citizens of my country. Do you think then I will willingly sell my self or my country for a few trinkets?”

There are many factors which contributed the failure of Mwalim economic policies, the rise of fuel price during the 1970s, declined of commodity price, CCM members who immersed in personnel battle and get rich scheme and many others.

Nyerere was such a great man, he died when Tanzania need him most. He will always be one of the men who I wish to meet. Peter Bauer called him Saint. Julius. Here was a man, whence come another.

Iddy said...

"tell me where is my 80MTshs spent on "???
I total understand that the tax payer in Tanzania received almost nothing for their investment.Few people benefit from the tax that TRA collect.

If you read one of my comment, i said that I wish President Kikwete will move the budget office from wizara ya fedha to office ya raisi. That will change the system of allocating fund which we have now.

As far as rushwa, nadhani vita dhidi ya rishwa ilisha fail tangu Mkapa alipoanzisha. Sababu hakuna accountability system, mpaka tutakapo amua kuwa accountable kwa maamuzi yetu, then tunaweza kusema sasa tunapigana na rushwa.

Anonymous said...

Iddy, You have my vote, but I suggest dont read too much of what Mwalimu said and didn't say, and I have said it before, I never argued about his sincerity, but I am pretty much argued about his economic, education policy, etc which in respect you agreed by saying, it was a total falure from bottom, up, particularly on economy, the effects are so apparent till today.

You have clearly demonstrated on your response, every single program and experimentation was falure, I dont have argument about that despite of your blind effort of trying to sale it to me, very smart enhe lol! , except couple of points.

He has nice words, here and there, but that wont solved Tanzania problems, the man was once called shakespeare of Africa, and again I am not arguing about his rhetoric skills, but his aspirations still remain elusive till today, and I never allowed my conscious to be hijacked by that, and thats the difference btn my own opinion and yours on Mwalimu, i am going through substances and not speeches and words, and that the culture which still exist today on our current government.

You gave those figures, about literacy, but I tell you what, if we had good foundation on Education, we would not have this debate now, it is like BUSH and McCain saying the FUNDAMENTALS of our economy are STRONG, but deep down, was a tic toc, time bomb waiting to explode, and Marehemu new it all, and this is a result of that, we end up with, corrupted officials, cloned degrees, clueless CCM cult, and the list goes on and on.

Kujua kusoma na kuandika, is just a measure of literacy, but kujua ufundi, uhandisi, uchumi, and others, I believe thats how you measure the education success for any country to turn around the economy, and any world economy would depend on that, Marehemu didn't allow that to happen, he stop shot of just know how to read and write, therefore portraying those figure, if you put them equally with our neighbouring country, they will be Gob Smacked!

He had a tight rope, and screwed us big time, and we become enslaved on our own ignorance and conscious, once we are shown the money as the current episodes(UFISADI) unfold, we become griddy, and immortal, and sell the whole nation for a penny, just like Mafia sold for KANIKI, enzi ya ukoloni, and this is exactly what is happening now, the history keep repeating itself.

Do you know that, Nyerere create a ELITE class in our society, WASHAMBA na WAMJINI, the decision makings were all done by wa Mjini in Dar, while at the same time, we were fully depending on Agriculture sector to grow our economy, which was thriving at that time, He failed to invest on those very people who run our economy, do you know that, when Villagization was on full swing in early seventy, the agricultural production literally went down in those very early years, the government force people to abandon their home, and sometime by military forces. Those policy contributed to the agricultural crisis btn 1974-1975.

The government cut the prices of agricultural products, He didnot invest on agriculture sectors, which in turn, washamba become demorolised, by not producing huge quantity as a result, Wamjini become so sensitive to the washamba issues, which in turn create a such a discrimatory policy toward them, until today, would you believe?? Those policy are inherintly progressive.

You say, Quote
There are many factors which contributed the failure of Mwalim economic policies, the rise of fuel price during the 1970s, declined of commodity price, CCM members who immersed in personnel battle and get rich scheme and many others.
in addition to those factors is the war with Uganda in 1979, Oil crisis of 1973 and 1979, those still wont be a reason to blame for economic falure because, Tanzania received staggering US$2.7 billion in aid from 1971-81.

By Mchangiaji

Anonymous said...


If people or you're engaged with the so called constructive acitivities, I talked about, then well and good!, good for them and good for the Nation, why are you complaining then? if you think it's a good idea and may be even participating in it? your point is incoherent in this.

Gosh!, I didn't accuse GT, I was just trying to make a point. And, no, the point didn't and will never loose its ground.
With my emotions, try and dig me a little deeper and you'll understand a little more, If you're interested (am sure you're not) and If you want to use your time CONSTRUCTIVELY.(lol!)
(By the way, you can always skip salama's comments)

And, you completely misunderstood me when I mentioned smart, as being hot and sexy(sad). I didn't say I WAS(smart and sexy) I GENERALIZED, that, for everybody out there whether it's a man or a woman, for them to be or working on being more smart, I think it's a great thing especially for young people, individually or nationally. There's a lot of different ways to reach to young people and send a message. I made that comment purposely ndugu yangu.
It's a cogent argument.

(And, there's nothing wrong being smart, hot and sexy!, nothing to loose, matter of fact, a lot to gain!)

misokasick said...

Salama and Mkweli

I am not trying to take sides on this issue, but for some reason I can certainly say that brains and beauty have always gone together. The simple truth is that exercising what’s inside will always enhance what’s going on outside. Your inside controls your outside. If you are not so blessed with the brains, no matter how handsome or dead gorgeous you re, a person is judged by their intellect. I have so many guys who are married to the most beautiful young ladies and vice versa and yet there is a burning desire to have an intellectual conversation with another woman/man. I believe being smart and intelligent is one surefire way to boost your hotness. If you happen to have both then you sure have won the jackpot.

We should encourage young women and men to show off their intellectual prowess. It is dangerous to let young people fall in the belief that being smart would reduce your coolness. Let us not fall in the trap that young African American are in. Many believe being smart is not cool and is acting white. Intellect is intoxicating and it is a great toxic material.

Iddy said...

Mchangiaji my friend,
I never had opportunity to met Mwalim, when he died i was in my mid teen. However, during my college years i decided to research about Mwalimu, who was J.K Nyerere?. I collect every peace of information that i can put hand on from top libraries in the world to poor and local newspaper. At the end of the day i found that Mwalim was very interesting man.

Mchangiaji, we can analyze Mwalim economic policy through different secondary data. Which i will be more than happy to do so. As i mentioned before, Mwalimu ideas were good ideas, but the execution was poor. That is very common, in giant corporation we see everyday that smart ideas fail because of poor execution.

Mchangiaji, today if i give you a country with 12 Million people, wich 89% of them doesn't know how to read and write.The poverty is at the roof, the infrastructure is crippled, the electricity is only in few towns and the economy of that country is based on export lead growth economic system, and you don't know much about world market, tell me how are you going to trasform that Economy into more stable economy?

That is what Mwalim adopted Tanzania.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Jamani tunaombeni article nyingine... January, salam, Iddy na wengine kazi imewashinda?

misokasick said...

There is a new article coming soon, so please be a bit patient. Ciao.

Che Solasi said...

I think it's unfair and absurd to think all the policies that Mwalimu instituted were utter failure. I think you've to take account of where the country was when he took over and where he left it. You also have to take into consideration other factors related to the progress of a citizen, community, society and a country as a whole.

One thing you're right about is if there was anything that failed, it was his responsibility and some did fail. But you can't compare the failure of Bush and McCain to grasp their failures to those of mwalimu simply because we didn't have much in education policy or economic policy compare to the U.S. If you're going to measure Mwalimu's policy you should use the merits of other countries comparable to ours at the time he was in power.

And if you think the war with Uganda didn't take a toll on the economy, look at the U.S now after the war in Iraq. War don't only cost lives, they cost money in a big way.
The expectation of overnight success in building certain policies in economics and education should not be the norm for any country. Mwalimu did not have all the answers, neither do we now but he did better than most of people in his time than we have in our times. We can not pin our failure now to what Mwalimu did then, that to me is "scapegoating". We still have an opportunity to contribute our part to this equation, I don't think anybody here is ready to give up on JAMHURI.
Mchangiaji you say....
I now challenge you to list the goods, that Nyerere have done and demonstrated over the time in our country, and this is the debate the whole nation ought to have, we CANNOT RUN AWAY FROM IT, that will be considered IMMORAL on my mind, we failed to do this, our future generation will do it for us to shape their own future.
1. Unity
2. Peaceful relations with our neighbours
3. Integrity
4. Fairness
5. Educational system better than the colonial system
6. Equality
those are a just a few good things that happen during his times. I'm not sure what was expected of a post-colonial leader but in my opinion he did a better job than his contemporary. Now if you wanna look at him in today's lense, you'll be doing injustice to all citizen of the United Republic of Tanzania. I may disagree with some of his policies, I may dislike him personally but I respect him for what he did is more than you and me my friend.

While as a leader all consequences are attributed to him, he's not a leader unless he has followers to support him. So let's consider our part.


hamjajibu , kwa nini Nyerer alingoa Reli iliyokuwa inaenda kusini?

naona mnauzunguka mbuyu tuuu na kidhungu kiiingiiii

Chambi Chachage said...

Chanzo cha matatizo yetu ni kuwa na vitu 2 tu kati ya vitu hivi 4 tunavyohitaji tuendelee kama vilivyoanishwa na Mwalimu Nyerere:

1. Watu
2. Ardhi
3. Siasa Safi
4. Uongozi Bora

Suluhisho mmojawapo ni kuhakikisha kuwa hatuvipotezi hivyo 2 tulivyo navyo maana tayari nguvukazi inapungua kwa sababu tunapoteza watu kupitia maradhi, ajali holela n.k. na pia tunapoteza ardhi kupitia uwekezaji na uporaji.

Lakini hili suluhisho haliwezi kupatikana bila kutatua tatizo la ukosefu wa siasa safi na uongozi bora maana hivi ukiwa navyo ndio utaweza kudhibiti upotevu wa watu na ardhi. Na kamwe huwezi kuwa na utawala bora bila kuwa na uongozi bora. Tuiangalie upya siasa yetu ya uongozi na utawala.

mwanakijiji said...

Matatizo gani?