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This sucks. Am talking about what has become the common word in our continent, which some people want to vomit everytime they hear it. Yea!, it's that 'L' word again. LEADERSHIP.
I just wanted to say something little quick before we're totally over it. Some of our trademarks (hate to say this!) like poverty, diseases, hunger, wars, dependency e.t.c, well, are about to get or already got a brother, Leadership. Bad leadership is becoming another face of Africa. And yes, as if we don't have enough problems, already!. It's a shame to know that, that's the core and the cause of all our problems and it's simply because our leaders have become our BFF's, we're in no-end-contract with them, it's a marriage which can not un-last with all the kasheshes they brought us. But, I wonder if we're the ones to blame too, or have been brain washed to the point of thinking that it's normal, it's okay, after all there's nothing we can do. By the end of the day it's just politics and business as usual.

Same shit different day right? not big of a deal anymore, tushawazoea cha ajabu ni nini?
But, what comes next? entitleness, and all kinds of crap which comes with the package. There was a piece in the Daily News the other day that Prez. Kikwete was to make a trip to Bunge to exhorts legislators to visit their constituents, and remind them to fulfil their promises before the next election. Really? they have to be reminded? I thought...that's their job discription? isn't it something they need to do everyday, get in contact and knowing the problems of their people, be involved, visible and hands on, head in, or head in first and hands later, doesn't matter really what goes in first as long as the work is done!, Seriously people, is this what we call 'uongozi', what the fudge?
We're supposed to go uphill but, whoever is there to lead the way, they're missing in action and am scared we'll be heading downhill. We have a fundamentally disagreement with them when it comes to their "beliefs" (Chao ni chao na chetu ni chao pia) but, at least we should trust them albeit we don't agree with them. I thought we need a firm hand on the wheel. With this croaking economy tutafika kweli?

This lack of visionary leaders over a long period of time is costing us major time and money. It weakens their ruling parties's moral authorities and undermines their intergrity. They fail to deal with our trademardk problems and instead they become obsessed with gaining patronage, power and resources for individual gain rather than for the common good. Political power is seen as a way to wealth, rather than public duty.It's always in twofolds with our viongozi, they either handpick someone to succeed them or they're ousted by another leader. The new Kenyan prime minister (a.k.a used to be the next prez of Kenya) suggested that Kenyan style settlement (also Zimbabwe) offer a solution to political impasses in Africa. (Was he f...king serious?)
By the way that moron in Zimbabwe just had his 85th birthday, on to which his supporters had to raise $ 250,000 for the the bash while there's an ICU which needed $ 30,000 to resume its operation after he ruined the country. And he said he's not going to change his land reform or indigenization program. (Game Theory my friend, what do you have to say about this if we forget politics for one second and think about Zimbabwe in a humane way?)

When it comes to uongozi, our African leaders just can't relinquish power, period. I just hope it's not another form of slavery crawling to us. They're doing totally opposite of what they're supposed to do and relatively inefficient. In the previous post, "The spirit of Kigali" Che Solasi wrote, "...I was puzzled with questions and doubts as to the implications of that meeting...the observations, recommendations and propositions were made with no counterweight in substance..." he continued, (my favorite) " can we have intergration without uniformity of just the basic methods of governance?"
May be we need to be nihilisms and completely rebuild our society, cause, their leadership is being marred by their failure to clean out the augean stable of their administration.

The other day the US attorney General panned for his comment about the country being coward when it comes to race. Am saying it the way it is, we're the continent of cowards. And I think our leaders made us to be and look that way. On his speech to their viongozi, the other day, Prez Obama said, "the weight of this crisis (economy) will not determine the destiny of this nation" and I thought to myself, what do we have to say about ourselves, what is our destiny? despite of our sick economy, is it going to get any better? even if it doesn't happen in our time, can we start to build something for our next generation and change the status quo...really...!


Anonymous said...


We are Africans, Aggriseveness head on, is good and healthy for our future, but the government get to listen to the cries, and I tell you what CCM, have a great opportunity to change that culture, get rid of these inefficiency, and incapicitated personals(wabunge and others).

Start with fine tuning individuals from the top, who will not only save honestly with open mind, but need to WORK REALLY HARD, searching for solutions and not settling for a just a job, if you understand what I am saying.

Currently JK, has been changing the top heads ie Prime Minister and other ministries position, but it is unfortunate that most of ministers, settle for a just a job, like a robot on manufacturing line, they are not been inovative and comming up with solutions! and thats DULL!

I totally agree with you on this Salama, but we have to cut out the emotions, and lay out solutions, or we will suffer from Heart Attack(God forbid), LOL! we need to release our inner energy with viable solutions.

Talking about Kigali Spirit, I sometime thinking just may be our blue prints for our country lies not far off shore but in KIGALI, look how ambitiously they have moved since the current pres took office, they run the agenda, within the country and EAC, for their own good! DESPITE their shaddy past. I applaude them, for their leadership innovation skills, and we need to admit to that.

By Mchangiaji.

Anonymous said...


We are Africans, Aggriseveness, head on politics, is good and healthy for our future, but the government get to listen to the cries, thats where lies the problem, and I tell you what CCM, have a great opportunity to change that culture, by starting in geting rid of these inefficiency, and incapicitated personals(wabunge and others).

Start with fine tuning individuals from the top, who will not only save honestly with open mind, but need to WORK REALLY HARD, searching for solutions and not settling for a just a job, if you understand what I am saying.

Currently JK, has been changing the top heads ie Prime Minister and other ministries position, but it is unfortunate that most of ministers, settle for a just a job, like a robot on manufacturing line, they are not been inovative and comming up with solutions! and thats DULL! and thats boring for president himself, and effectively affecting the nation progress at large, he need not to remind them of their responsibilities, thats in itself shows how, unrealistic and embarassely we are in todays modern political arena, not only we are dumb, we dont understand our own constitution, or probably even not defined any where of what their responsibilities are ? May be is not their faults. LOL

This is my advice to you JK >>
You cannot be A SUPERMAN, you can only be a santa claus, surrounded with efficient elfs!

I totally agree with you on this Salama, but at the same time, we have to cut out the emotions, and lay out solutions, or we will suffer from Heart Attack,(God forbid) LOL! we have a right to express our frustrations, and equally importantantly we have to come up with solutions.

Talking about Kigali Spirit, I personally admire and envy of the overboard progress that country have made, on how far they have come in terms of NAtion building, from civil wars to currently an innovative leader on LEADERSHIP lesson for Africa, to take course.

there are only two effective leaders in Africa, who I am aware of and I admire them the most. President Kagame of Rwanda, and President Mugabe, Their honesty and dedication, it is unrivaled.

By Mchangiaji.

NB: sorry guys, if this is the same comment received, the first get lost, when published, I guess!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of leadership...usikuhuu nimehesabu meli 19 zimesimama kule baharini kwa sababu bandari ya Dar imejaa na haziwezi kupakua mizigo..meli zingine ziko kule since December 2008 na serikali inawalipa wenye meli 20 million per day kwa kucheleshwa(if i am not mistaken)

Our Leader Honourable JK alishapita kule bandari akapiga mkwara about a month ago na hakuna kilichobadilika...minister bwana Shukuru kapita tena kawapiga mkwara bodi ya THA hakuna kichobadilika, nasikia juzi JK kawastukiza THA kwa ziara nyingine nategemea hakuna the meantime watanzania wanazidi kutumia bandari ya Mombasa kwa sababu kontena hazikai zaidi ya 24 hrs,wakati walioagiza miti ya krisimasi kupitia Dar tangu nivember 2008 bado meli yao haijapata nafasi ya kudock

Yes nchi yetu ilipata uhusru more tha 40 yrs ago and our leaders care less

Go figure

Che Solasi said...
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Che Solasi said...

How so true what you say about leadership in the motherland." Bad leadership is becoming another face of Africa." We got our leaders in the state of "Bailout" as if we give them grace or extra time they are about to get us out of the hole. Instead, they keep digging us deeper and deeper as if they're our grave keepers! Neverthelesss, we also do have a responsibility to our country, to our children and their children. We've and still are letting these guy off the hook due, I mean it's as if they can just walk in the Bank rob it and walk out in the daylight next to a Police HQ with a BB gun.

Sometimes I question myself if we have compassion for one another, or if we've mercy for the next generations. Situation like Zimbabwe makes me feel like we need a bunch second Uhuru or some sort of Mapinduzi and have all these grey-haired juveniles canned in front of the public. But I also know, they came from among us, and some used to be just like ourselves... hungry for justice, thirsty for achievement for the society as a whole, passionate for unity, hard work and uzalendo. When they got to the top, they lost their sense of direction, became corrupted by power, became frustrated with failures and from then on... started to dig in for the long haul, looking out for their own skins.

It's unfortunate because, I know within these systems of gov't they are some that work their butts off, they seek what we seek but they're overshadowed by the collosal failures and mediocre capacities at the higher echelon. They are few and far between, dispersed like raindrops in the open seas. After a while they are broken away from their principles and are compromised by the system that has fail them and fail the society in general. One thing I know, something gotta give soon or later, either the people who are suffering or the people unleashing the suffering... there's season for everything.

We do have a social responsibility to keep our leaders accountable. Most of our leaders seem to view the society as enept and lack comprehension of governing and/or the inadequaties of their leadership. You can see this in their response to their failures, you can hear it in their complete disregard of what "duty" means to them. to them leadership is above following in every aspect of the word... to the point of being above the law. They've have no vision except for thier live but nothing beyond the horizon. But the sad things is we still let them off the hook. "People still vote for Mugabe."

Anonymous said...

Thats the beauty of Democracy, thats makes me personally admire the US, you have all sorts of people spewing their expression and thoughts without being condemned to silence, which in my thought is fundamentally right and must be encouraged, and on AMERICAN minds, was HEALTHY for the nation, and still is. Thats why is such a great NATION till today. FIRST AMENDMENT!

Let me tell you a story, I am no BIG fan of Rush Limbaugh, and I do think he is a joke, but hey i do listen to his radio and speeches, thats give me more understanding and maturity on issues.

Let me be straight, I really believe there are fine minds on this blog, who can constructively giving different perspective of views and thought on issues, constructively, but I didn't believe for a second that, other views will suprassed, whatever the thought and argument, with exception of INSULTING. Did I insult anyone ?

Here is the question are we Tanzanians never changed or we are just full of emotions, intollerable of different perspective/view and seeing it as an insult ?? I kinda think we still have those grains of APPEASEMENT for pleasing, and thats IMMORAL and do Injustice to your mind.

I am no different to GT, so do JM, Che Solasi, mpandika, misokasick, Thuwein, Salama, Mwanyoka, Michuzi and other contributors, and I think it is great to keep on debating rather avoiding healthy argument.

Lets keep the arguments, and be a PART OF HEALTHY DEBATE, thats the beauty and purpose of having this tools.(BLOGGING-was that not the purpose). Some will say get your own blog, this is my answer to them, what are you afraid off? or was it consesus, Yeah!January Keep this guy out of loop, he is abstractive?

By Mchangiaji

Anonymous said...


Talking about ineficiency on our Dar Port,

Huku niliko, niliagiza gari toka Japan, the minute before I submit my credit card details to the Japanese Merchant via website, nimeingia kwenye Revenue website ya huku niliko, plug in the details ya hiyo gari niliyoinunua, kutizama ni kiasi gani cha fedha nitalipa kama ushuru at comfort of my own home, no Bureaucrat or Telephone involved.

Baada ya kujua hilo, na nimeona kwamba ninaweza kuafford, nikanunua ile gari, amini usiamini ilipofika tu, nilikwenda bandarini ile inashuka melini tu, nikapewa gari yangu, ushuru nitalipia uraiani, given two weeks to do it.

Gharama za ushuru zote zinapatikana online no argument, nimeprint nimeenda Revenue office nimelipa, bang! given my official plate number, nimeingia corner ya garage, nikaprint plate number which tooka apr. 15mins. put them on my new car, and that was it, it only took 2days, from the time the ship dock on the port, to the min, I get to pay my USHURU, to the time I get to put on my new REG number plate. and Thats is an EFFICIENCY..

What makes us not doing the same...

Hii last month, nilikwenda Horo Horo kutoa mizigo yangu, what a bureacrats, 6 officers, went around my mzigo, comming back to the office, another tangling with the agent arguing about ushuru, thats too dear, that wasn't the right one, Fulani alipitisha hapa kwa kiasi hichi, same shits dragging along, by the time I finished with Revenue Authority, I get to deal with TBS bureaucrat, man, before I finished with all of them, it was midnight.

Comming along the Horo Horo, to Tanga Mjini, Police posts everywhere demanding Rushwa, like afisa ushuru no shame whatsoever!

By the way whoever interested in buying Japanese car, this two websites are really good to start with, all Motor Sellers are accredited and reliable, NO JOKEs, it says exactly what's in the TIN.
The top one, you will have lots motor sellers at one portal, it is like going to the mall, make your choosing of the same car.

This is one is a little bit dear, but very excellent on vehicle description, to the tiny tiny scratches, It is worthy help is great, you can chat along, and negotiate price will need to register!

By Mchangiaji

Iddy said...

Salama, Good point i like it. I saw one peace when a reporter asked president Kikwete why Africa is still in dark? JK asked back if leadership is the problem then why it's in all 57 countries? That statement cought my attention. Why Africa is still in limbo? Leadership can't be the problem for all African countries, there is something beyond leadership when it come to Africa economic development.

I decided to take a different journey, a research on why Africa is still in limbo? We had good leaders such as Mwalim, Kwame and many other, but statistics still shows that our economic development wasn't that impresive. That make me think about other posibilities. Don't get me wrong, i know our leaders wametuingiza choo cha kike. But i still believe there is other huge force lather than leadership. The question is what are those forces behind the failure of African Economic Development?

This week I will post one of the forces. IMF, who they're? Where they came from? what was their role? Why our leaders believe them? and many other.

I decide to pick IMF kwanza sababu next week watakuwa na mkutano wao hapo Kempiski. So, it won't be bad idea if i will throw laundry about them.

Anonymous said...

@ All,

Thanks guys, what a smart discussion!, as far as I understand leadership subject in our society is so wide and deep that, I think it needs its own tome. I came across with an article this past weekend about Africa and all I could "learn" was how some of our leaders are completely changing our moral values with their irresponsibility in the society. I didn't go really deep but, One thing I know is that, they're unconsciously facing this tall wall which is between them and the ordinary citizens. Now, If they can just fight and jump over to be able to reach out and be there for their people, and be the divine influence and give us the tenacious guidance, it will save us a lot of time and money. The way I see leadership problems in our continent is the same way I see race problems in Europe and the wesstern world.

Che Solasi,
"something gotta give", yes indeed. The more "WE" keep failing the more the next generation's gonna keep failing and suffer. Iddy M. mentioned something interesting in here a while ago that, it'll be smart of us if WE stop the blame and take responsibilities. To go out there, be a good citizen and do something for the good cause instead of waiting for someone else to do it. Where and how do you start and how long will it take to change things? well, the sack of rice starts with a single grain.

That was a very interesting question-answer from Prez. Kikwete. And I can't wait to read your post about IMF. What a mess if there's gigantic forces behind our leaders who are behind the failure of African Economic dev.

Am speechless about THA.

Thuwein said...

Good stuff Salama and other wachangiaji. Where do you think leaders are coming from? The Nyereres of the world are a rare breed that has to be developed and nurtured the right way. I can make an argument that British prepared Mwalimu to take over, Mwalimu prepared Mkapa to take over. That is where the chain ended. We as a people we need to nurture the next leaders of our country-identify them, and humble them. Take that greediness outta them. And make them believe that they can take us to the mountain top.

Anonymous said...


I sometime thinking of all sorts of ideas about our government problems, probably providing suggestions and solutions out of whack but credible for our wabunge and BUNGE in general.

1. Why dont Muheshimiwa JK, run our Bunge like an enterprise, or a business Company, Idea in mind is that, he can hire a retired CEO of a successfull company from anywhere around the globe, and create an INDEPENDENT BUNGE WATCH DOG!.

In which, this apparatus, will try to keep the record of every mbunge activities, proposed miswada, what they have done to their constituents, and its constituency as a whole, etc. Therefore this apparatus, will provide an agreable frame work in terms of measures and set of goals and milestones sets on wabunge, these measures will help in determining their scores accordingly, wether it is an average, good or excellent and therefore successfull representations or due falure on their part.

Provide their diaries to the watch dog, and rate them accordingly, their success and falure should be on display for everyone to see. and I dont see a problem with that, and this permanet exercise should be done in periodically, like quartely or six months time, for the duration of the term, till the last day of their termination, before election.

They are public representative, and should be treated in such, we all need accountability, and as a constituent and a tax payer, at the end of the term, I need to know what my mbunge have done to my constituency and its constituents in general.

I can go as far as implimenting and installing GPS equipment to their 4*4, connected to a special database, which will provide a details info, as how long they spend time with their constituents, office and bungeni in general.

I think doing this way, he will be able to spot talents in terms of leadership and sincerity on what they are doing, and alternatively give them ministry position posts accordingly, kutokana na mapendekezo ya hii watch dog.

INDEPENDENT BUNGE WATCH DOG! sound good to me, what you all thinking.
It is radical suggestion but, thats what we need during desperate time like this, YOU LET DOWN YOUR GOVERNMENT, YOU LET ME DOWN, and the WHOLE COUNTRY.

and to be honest I am in the process of writing an open letter to JK about this, I have done that before and it works on TBS(Tanzania Bureaus Standards). It is a long story but, if you need to view the letter, you can read it here >>> this blog.. He is willing to open up for brainstorm session, and I treated this as such, whichever way.

and if you need to ask president, or send him a letter, etc, you can do so via this link

By Mchangiaji

Thuwein said...

We talk about leaders--but what we don't talk about is what are the mechanics in place to get them elected? Look-I might be this superior leader. Fine leader. I have these brilliant ideas that Kikwete can only dream off. Busara like Mwalimu, brilliance of Barack, resiliency of Mandela, vision like Kwambe, and policy wonkish like William Jefferson Clinton. I am IT kind of leader. I got it all. How am I going to get elected in our system full of majungu and mizengwe?

That is a money question folks!

Che Solasi said...

I beg to differ on the point about Bunge. What you are suggesting will be nothing short of abusing of power by JK for the simple reason that Bunge is designed to be an integral part of the 3 branches of government. And the reason for that is to provide a system whereby each of the 3 branches balance the other so that no single institution (Bunge, Rais, Mahakama Kuu) can be so powerful as to make decision without any indiscretion or ramification. This is what is call "Check n Balance".

Another point, Rais did not appoint elected MPs so it's not his job to investigate how effective they are or not. This is our job as citizens and constituents. Now if wabunge are doing something illegal according to the law then yes he will and should investigate them. If MPs are lazy and ineffective that's our failure for electing them and it's our responsibility to reprimand them in terms of not voting for them. It should not be JK duty to find who misrepresent his/her constituent nor should we pay the little $$$ we have just to have some company follow these MPs around to see how they do their job. It's our job as constituents to be well informed and capable to make decisions on election day.

I agree that there's a problem with some MPs, but the source is majority of constituents are misinformed and somewhat unaware of how MPs ought to be like. When MPs come around during campaign times and give out khanga and vitenge, na kuwalipia ada vijana wa mzee wa kijiji au wakizungushia "vijicenti" hapa na pale.... some people take that bait and before you know it, they're back in Dodoma. If we elevate our understanding of representation among the constituents and keep them informed through media and education, people will make better choices when it come to election day.

One the other hand, the branch of gov't that JK need to address is his branch. A lot of work needs to be done inside many ministries, cut bureaucratic red tapes, root out corruption, increase the level efficency and dedication. One thing I would like to see is selection of Ministers not from wabunge and if it's from Bunge then those MP selected should relinquish the seat that way there's no conflict of interest or abuse of power for their own benefit. This should allow a minister to fulfill his duty as a minister and a MP function as an MP. This would also allow for Bunge to have no ties to any ministry or Rais and every ministry be fully under Rais and their success and failure be attributed to the Presidency.

misokasick said...

Salama my Dear,
We all have the responsibility and the capabilities of creating and molding the leader who fits with our goals and visions, and yet we fail. The majority of Tanzanians are so caught up in their daily struggles just to make ends meet and do not spend time worrying about good leadership. These people’s choices are so limited. There is a saying “the world belongs to those who can satisfy their hunger”. I do believe so much in this saying; if you are not well nourished it is not easy to even make your voice heard. Who will listen to you? This is where I wish some of the theories that the late Mwalimu had in mind could have been explored further and instead of just being trashed. The man insisted on responsibility to your people, and yet we are so caught up with satisfying our own bellies and forget ting the rest of our neighbors.

His vision of Villagization had facilitated considerable progress in the provision of basic social services to rural Tanzanians, such as primary education, a system of basic preventive and curative health care and much increased provision of clean water supply in rural areas.
For many leaders, they do not even know what it means to go hungry and to not have a choice to see a doctor. The irony of all this, many of the leaders originate from these villages. A great number of our people today have little access to health care facilities, to sanitary arrangements or to clean water and spend their lives fighting to gain access to these basic needs. For me not having these opportunities is what I consider deprivations of freedom. Without being freed from these deprivations I do not see how these people could even think about good leadership. People lack opportunities to achieve what they minimally would like to achieve. Facilities such as health care, education, influence the individual’s freedom to live better. These facilities are important not only for the individuals life, but for more effective participation in social and political activities. For example, being illiterate can be a major barrier for one’s participation to political participation. Political participation which is so crucial in electing a leader may be hindered by the inability to read newspapers or to communicate in writing.
To sum up, majority of our people have limited opportunities to participate in a political sphere and that’s why it is the responsibility for us who have these opportunities to realize our roles and take action. That said, I guess the question for all of us is; what should come first, do we work on freeing our people from the deprivations and misery such as poor health facilities, providing adequate education, or assurance of political freedom and civil rights for which poor people have little use anyway?
If we do not give them opportunities to free themselves from misery and deprivations our people would not be able to critically think on what really make a good leader. First people are to understand it is their fundamental basic right to have all these basic needs and they need to be healthy in order to even demand for a good leader, otherwise they will continue to elect people such as Chenge and many others. I am going to end with a quote from Nyerere when he was asked about his failures

“ There was 91% literacy and nearly every child was in school, we trained thousands of engineers and doctors and teachers. In 1988 Tanzania’s per capita income was $280. Now in 1998, it is 140. So I asked the WB people what went wrong, because for the last 10 years Tanzania has been signing on the dotted line and doing everything IMF and WB wanted. Enrollment in school plummeted to 63% and conditions in health and other social services have deteriorated. I asked them again: “what went wrong?” These people just sat there looking at me (Nyerere, 1995).

Today one of the millennium development goals talks about Universal Primary Education, while this is something we were doing back in the days. The leaders that followed just adapted whatever was suggested to them and without even taking time to think the consequences of these theories to our own society.

What makes one a leader?
It is of utmost importance that a leader is trustworthy to lead others. A leader needs to be trusted and be known to live their life with honestly and integrity. A good leader “walks the talk” and in doing so earns the right to have responsibility for others. True authority is born from respect for the good character and trustworthiness of the person who leads.

I do support the idea of an independent watchdog, I guess the intention would be to scrutinize them for any future election. It can work, but you would need extensive cooperation from the media. You will need to mobilize media bodies to support this effort. Dissemination of information is a very important aspect of this process. How would you disseminate such information to the MP's constituency, without resentments? This will also depend on the level of education in that constituency. I will give you an example, when Chenge, resigned, he went straight to Bariadi because he knew wananchi have no means of digging deep for information. He bought meet for the almost the whole village. Mind you meet is a delicacy for many people. In addition he made sure there is enough liquor. No matter what the media does, you will need to figure out how would to change wananchi's perspective on the MPs and beyond the short term provisions. How would you prevent the MP from using his sources to bribe the key players in his constituency? May be you would need to indentify a well governed NGO/CBO that is both ethical and unbiased to educate the community on the role and responsibilities of their MP’s.

Do not give up my brother,
If you are clean and ethical why would you worry about majungu and Mizengwe. In fact, I strongly believe that our time in this blog is very useful and right here we can collectively come up with a proposal on t the mechanism of electing a good leader. I am also fed up and so exhausted with Majungu and Mizengwe you find in almost all the parties, maybe there is a need to support an independent candidate. I do not see why the government is so against it. Lazima wanajua someone from this blog would one day emerge a good leader.

Thanks all

Anonymous said...

Che Solasi, I do confer with you on this, but at the same time, thats why I see sometime fit to advocate such IDEA, as I said before it is out of WHACK, but there is always a room for a WHIP, just like JK Nyerere did in 60's and 70's to put our house in order. Do you remember KIFIMBO CHEZA!!

I do have children of my own, and they are very fine and beautiful kids, but if they do wrong, I sometime do go beyond the means not to harm them but, a little bit of finger pointing, just to make them seeing that what they are doing is wrong, but the law does not constitute me to be right.

If Wabunge need to be reminded by JK, on their own responsibilities (Does Constitution would allow such a thing ?), whichever way, thats why we need just a room of brainstorming on this issue.

Che Solasi, I sometime Do hope they have that maturities in understanding and follow through of what you are saying, but MEANS tested is always open up for discussion.

For instance, this last week, JK went to Port to solve Containers problems>>link, and he in turn threaten to suck corrupted individuals who are working with private company TISCAN, Here is the question, was JK constituted to do such a thing ? If the answer is YES, then it is my bad call, if NO, then HOUSTON, we have a problem.


By Mchangiaji

Anonymous said...


Who control the History, Control the FUTURE, Karl Rove.

I am not such a big fan of Marehemu JK Nyerere, but I would not argue about his sincerety about this country, he really felt for us, but at the same time, if you analyse and go through history, you will see that, we didnot have a GOOD start at the Beginning, and thats why we see all the problems, we are having now, and I am positive if Marehemu is still here, he would want to do things differently, THATS FOR SURE!

Talking about resentments, I think there is always people who would not like or agree of any changes, whatever the circumstances, or good comming out of it, but I BELIEVE Majority would support such a move, provided this is an independent body, which will overseeing just the duties of wabunge are being carried out, in manner that are appropriate and designed to be so, with exception of measuring for performance.

Talking about CHENGE, I guess that is another charge should be brought against him, bribing the whole village?, or some would say BUSINESS AS USUAL, we are so much eluded with wrongs with our Representatives, in such a way we cannot differentiate whats wrong and whats right on our conscious, and to be honest thats not us to blame, it is THE SYSTEM.

By Mchangiaji

Che Solasi said...

In my opinion, leaders have to be proven, have to be visible by their presence within the establishment whether it's a community or country. They have to have charisma that distinguish them from the followers and character that embodies their followers aspirations. They have to have qualities that others will want to emulate.... hard working, compassionate, respectful, willing to accept criticism and etc.

Our systems of electing public official has moved into a phase of who you know that knows someone to help you get there. I wouldn't have problem with it if majority of them were capable and competent to hold such office, but the sad fact is there are few compare to those who are not. This basically keeps on breeding incompetency at every level of public office. And there are only two ways of dealing with this issue in my opinion.
(1)Leadership at the highest level address it through reforms and dedication. In other word, change from within. This would be a best scenario and at least be a seed to bring fruit for future generations. Also it is the most stable and safe way of reforming things because once a wise leader has the understanding of inner workings of a community, it'll be much easier to fix it. Yet this might also be the unlikely way to happen today or tomorrow or anytime in the near future while we are going at this pace of mizengwe na majungu.
(2)The popular mass address it through (hopefully) peaceful means whereby they'll challenge the high echelon of gov't to reform their ways.

Che Solasi said...

I do agree with you about MPs need to be held accountable, I guess our differences are on how this should be done. While it's clear to me that the Presidency is the highest office in the land, kumpatia mamlaka ya kulichunguza Bunge ni sawa na kulifanya Bunge kuwa kama wizara zilizo chini yake. And who is to say that, he won't try to eliminate his enemies in Bunge if he have any? And who is to say, he won't eliminate those MPs who disagree with him. We need to think about the consequence and precendence for future Presidents.

I've a great deal of respect for our President, but I would not tempt him by letting him run every aspect of gov't. We elected him to lead the nation but we also elected MPs to help him do that. We should not characterize their relationship as a "father and child" relationship; I see it more like "Husband and wife" relationship. Do you thinks it's right for a Husband to hire a private investigator ro see if his wife is cooking and cleaning the house? We elected them and the president, we are responsible to keep them accountable to the promises and oath they took. If they broke the law then the President or his minister can enforce the law and punishment.
On the question about the port(TISCAN), they are a private company permitted by a gov't "ministry" to do such work. The ministry is under a minister appointed by the President. That company answers to the minister who answer to the President. This is totally different from elected official, they are answerable to their constituent who elected them when it comes to their incompetencies.

I would prefer to have a Citizen Watchdog made up of non-affiliated people within the community to keep the general public informed through the mass media mobilization. And the Watchdog would not just stop on the Bunge but every Public office in the country. We should take this as our part as citizen for establishing brighter future for our sons and daughters. I don't know how this would work but I think Mchangiaji you're on the right track.

Anonymous said...


waswahili walisema...Ukitaajabu ya Mussa utashangaa ya Firauni.By the way THA/TPA BOSS mR mGAWE had directors meeting ambako aliamua kuwashushua ile mbaya kisa eti kuna watu wameenda kumsemelea kwa Rais!

Personally i think i am getting fed up na hizi bureaucracies za bongo instead i have employed a consultant/runner ambaye ananifanyia all the run ins esp kule ARDHI!

btw salamah i am still waiting for my reply in the "Geopolitical Intelligence Report" post


Rightr on.. mimi mentally i am tired na hivi nina miezi 3 tangu nije likizo hapa bongo

Anonymous said...

Guys talking about TRA,!!

Nimeingiza Vitz toka Japan, huku paying Euro 700 = 1.2M Revenue, kuingiza same Vitz huko Bongo ni 2.5M-3M = Euro 1600.(God knows what others are paying)

Here is the difference btn US(Euro 1600) VS THEM(Euro700)

They have advanced system, of collecting Revenue, for imported Cars via special Database, which enlist Magari yote ya ULIMWENGU, via a public Portal(website).

Your Revenue and Tax collected on Vehicles, is efficiently used to build new roads EVERY single day, you will meet with construction site and movings, until the RESIDENTS are now protesting.. TOO many Roads!! Roads are built to the end of your house entrance, thats how obsessive they are! Roads every where.

Roads are maintained and cleaned to perfection, no single Dingy or hole unattended. You mention it, they will come near you in days, not weeks.

and so on and so forth, and thats a socialist, sorry ubepari system, I can believe in! UBEBARI sounds barbaric enh!

I dont want to deviate from the topic, I just want, to highlight an issue here with BIG GOVERNMENT, INCOMPENTENCY EVERYWHERE WITH OUR MONEY!! Some one need to scream peacefully, as Che Solasi would put it. I am with you! but my patience is really tested to the core, man! I am sorry I have mentioned your name!

By Mchangiaji

Anonymous said...

Game Theory,

I couldn't help it but laugh, on what Mr. Mgawe did, soo immature,
So, he called a conference ili kuwasuta??!!!, instead of try to look back and find out where they went wrong and come up with a solution to solve the problem and do what they've been told to do by the prez? UNBELIEVABLE!
If it was me? ningeenda kumsemea tena na tena.
You know, I don't think it's okay anymore, the way people are used to all this. JUST NOT OKAY!
This administration is pretty hands on but, how many things can the prez. do at once?

Usichoke harake hivo, hii tunaita 'wellcome home'
About Geo. Political post, I'll drop you a line.


Giirl!, that was deep. You really went to the core, I can't say more.

It's sad, whatever is going on home. A headache.

And, what a sad news from Zimbabwe. The Harare tribune reported in a very contraversial way. I've been pretty vocal about it and couldn't let it pass once more.
Conspiracy theory?, may be not but, sorry, I will be on this one. It's a mere concidence by itself.
Accident my Tanzanian ass. It's too early to say anything but, mh!, no way, no how.
R. Moron will do anything to stay in power even if it requires a track driver to target his opponent's car on a crowded street. And so begins a new chapter in turmoil and unrest Zimbabwe. May God help us.

Anonymous said...


Mind you Mgawe huyo huyo kabla hajawa DG pale bandarini alikuwa mchapakazi ile mbaya na alikuwa anapendwa mpaka na MAKULI lakini naona of recent amekuwa kama mwehu1

Contract btn TPA na TISCAN ilistipulate clearly kuwa TISCAN wakibreach certain things then that agreement itakuwa terminated lakini so far hii kampuni ishabreach zaidi ya mambo 20 lakini by the look of things inaonekana hakuna mwenye ubavu wa kuwaambia hakuna mkataba

Lawama zingine ni kwa TRA na KITILYA wao...halafu JK anatafuta mchawi! i feel really bad kuwa etii jambo halifanyiki mpaka Mr President aende sehemu, na mbaya zaidi kila mtu kwenye current administration amekuwa na mdomo mrefu kama nini

We have national speaker bwana SAMUEL SITTA au MR6 ambaye all he wants ni kuwa kama JK! NA HAONI TAABU KUBWATUKA BILA KUFIKIRIA,kwa kudai kuwa bunge ni zaidi ya MAHAKAMA!

Then in the current DOWANS fiasco Waziri NGELEJA anasema vyake, DR IDIRISSA anasema vyake, Mwakyembe naye anaenda kwenye TV na kuanza kumislead taifa deliberately kwa kudai etui serikali haiwezi kununua kilichotumika (sijui alisahau kuwa ndege za ATC zote ni second hand),

then next day you have our ever narrow minded speaker anakuja kumuunga mkono!

These oldmen think PPRA act imefichwa archives,

Ohh how can i forget our ever bitter SPYMASTER bwana HASI KITINE?
Huyu leo anamouth off JK na ufisadi wakati ufisadi aliuanza yeye enzi za Mwalimu na lile benzi alilolitumbukiza baharini...i just wish he could just shut up and get on na hiyo nyumba aliyouwa analilia

The bottom line we need a leader ambaye atawaput in their rightful place these clowns..yaani MGAWE et al

I just wish someone would SHUT THE FU**K these clowns ,maana wote wanamfanya rais aonekane Hovyo ilihali walio hivyo ni wao.

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