Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Flexibility of Bongo Flava!

Dushelele and Hakunaga are equally catchy songs and are destroying competition in Dar as we are speaking. I don't know about The Runway crowd, but when these two songs are blasted in Masai Club Kinondoni or Billicanas, the crowd goes nuts. Yaani usipime kabisa. However, none of these two songs are originally Tanzanian sound. Suma Lee in Hakunaga is playing into the resurgence of Kwaito music in Bongo, and the whole Shafo dancing style. Ali Kiba with ManWalter are more chaneling our obsession with that Congolese Sound. I am not sure if there is originality in Bongo Flavas anymore, but these two songs in a right atmosphere are ridiculously entertaining.

Dushele-Ali Kiba

Hakunaga-Suma Lee

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Kate Bomz said...

please keep these coming...sans runway crowd preferences.