Saturday, August 7, 2010

Their Future?


Anonymous said...

120 Young African leaders on 3 days visit in US>> see the video here- Town hall with Obama

Anonymous said...

"older leaders get the older habits, and thats hard to break", - Obama when he was speaking with the African Young leaders.

I think taking that onto perspective, and I think, thats what we should break, but at the same time keeping the respect and wisdom of the older leaders, it should be an exchange of ideas btn older and young, but we should be in driving seat to control our own destiny.

salama said...

It's frightening to imagine the future of this kid solders but, at the same time it's encouraging to watch young African leaders on a trip to the US, with Obama in Town hall setting meeting. The kid soldiers who perhaps, were supposed to be in a different environment are being harnessed with those who strive to be "masters" over their societies. Their young brain's being filled with hate, negativity, conflicts and all things war, instead of learning about some positive things. All they can think about in their young, little minds is violence, while across the pond another group of African sons and daughters are being introduced to a bright and promising future. Another question should be, how do we merge these two different visual perceptions to make one strong group for the good of African people!

We can join those who are in the midst of a turning point in the history of power, those who moved the political power from the 'power elites' to simple, regular people. But we'll have to step up, take risks and be ready to face whatever the outcome will be.