Sunday, May 23, 2010

End of Ghetto

When Barack Obama was elected US President, many blacks, rightly or wrongly, saw the ushering of a new era - in which Ghetto and its life will be banished. Recently, I was listening to my old recordings of 2Pac Shakur's, and this one struck me. I thought: can Pac's ghetto be banished in these Obama years? Follow the song and its lyrics. Great and surreal production.

Major! Hell motherfuckin yeah
This one goes out to my nigga Mike Coolin, hell yeah
Mama raised a hellrazor... born thuggin
Heartless and mean, muggin at sixteen
On the scene watchin fiends buggin
Kickin up dust with the older G's
Soakin up the game that was told to me
I ain't never touched a gat that I couldn't shoot, I learned
not to trust the bitch from the prostitutes, was taught lessons
A young nigga askin questions while other suckers was guessin
I was ganked for sexin'
Elementary wasn't meant for me, can't regret it
I'm headed for the penitentiary, I'm cuttin class
and I'm buckin blastin, straight mashin'
Mobbin through the overpass laughin'
While these other motherfuckers try to figure out, no doubt
They jealous of a nigga's clout, tell me Lord
Can ya feel me? I keep my finger in the trigger
Cause some nigga tried to kill me
and mama raised a hellraizor, everyday gettin paid
Police on my pager, straight stressin
A fugitive my occupation is under question
Wanted for investigation, and even though
I'm marked for death, I'ma spark til I lose my breath
Motherfuckers, every time I see the paper
I see my picture, when a nigga's gettin richer
They come to get ya, it's like a motherfuckin trap
And they wonder why it's hard bein' black
Dear Lord can ya feel me, gettin major, unhh

Chorus: Stretch
Mama raised a hellrazor, stress gettin major
Lord be my savior, unnh
(Repeat 4X)

Mama raised a hellrazor

[2Pac] Dear Lord can ya feel me
Stress gettin major, unnh
Mama raised a hellrazor, stress gettin major
Tell me Lord can ya feel me, show a sign
Damn near running outta time, everybody's dyin
Mama raised a hellrazor, can't figure
Why you let the police beat down niggaz
I'm startin to think all the rich in the world is safe
While the poor babies restin in the early graves
God come save the youth
Ain't nothin else to do but have faith in you
Dear Lord I live the life of a Thug, hope you understand
Forgive me for my mistakes, I gotta play my hand
And my hand's on the sixteen-shot, semi-automatic
crooked cop killin Glock, tell me Lord
Can ya feel me? Show a way
I'm prayin but my enemies won't go away
And everywhere I turn I see niggaz burn
Every nigga that I know's on death row
My younger homie's seventeen and he paid a price
Little young motherfucker doin triple life
Though I tell him in his letters, it's gettin better
If my nigga knew the truth he'd hit the roof
Just heard ya baby's mama was smoked out, fuck the drama
Wanna break my Loc out, smokin blunts
Gettin drunk off that Tanqueray gin
Bout to break my nigga out the fuckin pen
Mama raised a hellrazor, uhh, yeah
C'mon, uhh, mama raised a hellrazor
Uhh, dear Lord can ya feel me, stress gettin major
(Lord be my savior, unnh)

Chorus: Stretch
Mama raised a hellrazor, stress gettin major
Lord be my savior, unhh
(repeat 2X)

Mama raised a hellrazor, stress gettin major

Dear Lord can ya hear me, it's just me
A young nigga tryin to make it on these rough streets
I'm on my knees beggin please come and SAVE ME
THE WHOLE WORLD done made a nigga crazy!
I got my .357 can't control it
Screamin die motherfucker and he's loaded
Everybody run for cover, I cause shit
Thug Life motherfucker, duck quick
Now am I wrong if I am don't worry me
Cause do or die gettin high til the bury me
Dear Lord if ya hear me, tell me why
Little girl like LaTasha, had to die
She never got to see the bullet, just heard the shot
Her little body couldn't take it, it shook and dropped
And when I saw it on the news I see busta girl killin 'Tasha
Now I'm screamin fuck the world, in the end
it's my friends, that flip-flop
Lip-locked on my dick when my shit drop
Thug Life motherfucker I lick shots
Every nigga on my block dropped two cops
Dear Lord can ya hear me, when I die
Let a nigga be strapped, fucked up, and high
with my hands on the trugger, Thug nigga
Stressin like a motherfuckin drug dealer
And even in the darkest nights, I'm a Thug for Life
I got the heart to fight now
Mama raised a hellraiser why cry
That's just life in the ghetto, Do or Die!


Anonymous said...

The era of Barack has opened up reasons for Americans to become even more paranoid. Anti-Immigrants sentiments are louder than ever, with this economy--I would say this country is inhabitable for undocumented and the poor are being lumped together in it. The Obama effect won't be felt until few decades when his policies start to bear fruits.


Any one know when Barry will visit us?

Anonymous said...

To be honest I am big fun of 2Pac, but would you think, this is the exact life, we are trying to emitate here in Tanzania but taking wrong mantra and totally misunderstood. What I am referring to the rap music in general, ie Bongo Flava.

The rhythim is the same, but cultural background and suffering of black people in one form or another in US, the after effects there of, can only be compared with the life back home on political and Scoial SPECTRUM, rather than a GHETTO style of the US, in other words we can only relate our anger and frustration towards attaining political and social goal.

We should start pimping on FISADi,by emphasizing our lyrics not just on Love and mahaba, thats good though, but more on subject matter, such as luck of good health care, education, Jobs, the division of classes(washamba na wamjini) and the lists goes on and on, this might sound boring here in the West, but there is huge market for it, in African countries particularly in Tanzania and others, I am sure bongo Flava would come on its realism of addressing these issues on their songs and lyrics. I would say, we would come to a point where we will be tired of listening all same sounds addressing love, love and more love, and we will start thinking of falling back to a more traditional approach of addressing these social issues and injustices, but right now the young and old alike are in Fantacy world of imitating the US Hip Hop culture. I dont blame them, but it is just that surge of freedom that led us that way, bare in mind we are very young nation, comming from Socialistics background as a nation, tight locked and now in transition of understanding and ascertain itself as nation full of energy and curiosity on centre stage on this small world, I wish that would have come fast enough, WE WANT everything, going back to the point, you will notice that these kind of music are not really in favour in Kenya, Uganda or any other neighbouring country except Tanzania. You see where I am comming from ? but at the same time we can tune that to these topics, where majority and mood of the people in general are concerned.

Enjoy Mjomba

Given a little chance, this is my best try, I swear!

Anyway here are my lyrics, will go like this, you need to play 2Pack hellraiser while reading this! I can guarantee you. you will get ecstasy!

F*£$k the fisadis, we should treat them well in lock up jail, for ruining the average man life.

and what the politicians are doing, nothing to stop that, cause they are right in the middle of cyclone, they feel the same as fisadi.

They fool us with Khanga and a kilo of rice, during elections seasons with full of false promises, playing lip service, and you know what? where they are heading, it is your guess big City like Dar, where they engage in dubious deals, and pimping more Gs! on their pocket, what a waste of space.

I hate to say this, 80% of elected officials living on Comfy life! away from their constituents, How can they feel my life, walking the tight rope of daily life. They can only afford to squeze us of wanting more money. and seeking more aids.

Getting themselves a coursy home or big plot of land, thinking fast foward on their belly rather than what supposed to occupy them in office.

Dont tell me lie, while you know you are getting high on your head with Money and more money, while thinking little of me

Dear Lord I hope you smack them, on their arrogant, selfish brain of theirs right with their own Skull! Forget about all us on the Limbo.

Anonymous said...

Jan Makamba, u have made my day!!!
U have reminded me of my old pal who vanished off the earth surface on the '96.

2Pac knew what his lyrics meant for yours to come,

Big up,


Anonymous said...

Jan Makamba, u have made my day!!!
U have reminded me of my old pal who vanished off the earth surface on the '96.

2Pac knew what his lyrics meant for years to come,

Big up,