Friday, July 24, 2009

Time to bin Samuel Sitta

In the wake of new allegations against him, its obvious Tanzanian politics this weekend will defined by one gruesome paradox. Samuel John Tegeza Sitta aka Mr 6 is finished. Yet he still commands, or at any rate makes, regular appearances on the stage. There is endless, lively speculation about how much longer he will remain speaker of the parliament.

One doesn’t need to hit on (JF) or back benchers Canteen in Dodoma to understand that ever since his appointment ‘mzee Six’ has been at the apex of the culture of deceit and downright fraud which has destroyed the once luminous reputation of the our parliament.

The historic role of a Speaker is to make sure that Parliament calls ministers to account, and acts - as it has done throughout history - as the sovereign and authentic voice of Tanzanians. In otherwords Speaker is elected to defend the privileges of ‘Bunge letu tukufu’. Those privileges are free speech, free access to ministers and to information, free accessibility to government officials and complete oversight of the government.

It has been a mystery for over three years just why Speaker Sitta not only failed to defend any of these things but actively aided those who attacked them and sought to limit and control them. In the wake of latest allegations which mirrors his Louis XIV public funded life style as per media reports , among other things includes his $10,000 a month rent that in 5 years will cost tax payers close to 1 billion shillings! Now the mystery is solved.

He just didn't understand what the words "defend the privileges of the parliament" mean! I wonder how he even defends those $2,000 a week pharmacy bills which tax payers picked the tab, let alone and those alleged mysterious PYT’s (pretty young things), maybe he thinks it means defending 'perks', 'corruption' and 'the ability to squeeze the last drop of cash out of the public till'! At this stage I can say Mr Sitta has created and defended the world's first bottomless trough exclusively designed and endlessly refilled by the pigs themselves!

The Richmonds, Kiwiras, Radars, IPTL’s and this latest Sitta’s lavish accommodation just confirms that our new rulers are parasites, who enrich themselves constantly at the taxpayers' expense. Ask anyone trying to make ends meet and he/she will tell you that these new breed that rule us routinely abuse power, lie and suppress and manipulate the truth. They never admit error or failure, they always shuffle responsibility onto someone else. In daily life, unlike the old Establishment, they are graceless and self-obsessed.

In sum, they have no standards whatever except their own advancement. Yet they are indignant when anyone exposes their behaviour and turn savagely on those who call them to account. More significant still, Bunge has completely lost its historic role as the primary source of information about the activities of the executive arm of the state.

At least in the old establishment days, ministers with a statement to make used always to bring their news first to the Bunge. This convention has now been abandoned. It is now normal for important statements to be leaked first by those ‘mutants’ at Magogoni and to the JF armchair critics brigade, then only announced as an afterthought to Parliament.

Lets face it, the loss of reality is now total. Although neither Speaker Sitta nor his entourage can bring themselves to acknowledge as much, the ‘spika wa Bunge letu tukufu’ no longer counts in JK’s government, except for the admittedly noteworthy and striking reality that he can continue to call himself Speaker of the House .

Lesson we learn from ‘Mzee Six’ fiasco is simple, when you appoint ignorant, poorly educated people to positions as the Speaker of the house, your rules and regulations decline, your etiquette disappears along with manners, respect and responsibility.


Maiki said...

G.T! This is brilliant, this is commendable....."let's call a spade a spade and not a big spoon."

Lack of credible, genuine and committed leadership has been the bane of our progress and economic development over the years. God has given Tanzania everything it takes to advance except one thing. Good and truly patriotic leaders, not these people who only pay lip service to the issues of leadership and feed fat on resources at their disposal. Our leaders especially the current crop of politicians manning various political offices, are hypocrites who mean no well for this country.

In a situation where leaders emerge to occupy offices, including that of the number one citizen through a process alien to any known democratic doctrines in the world is quite worrisome. Obviously, this will negatively affect the polity and such leaders continue to shamelessly parade themselves as the choice and the best that have ever happened to Tanzania. It only goes to show the height of hypocrisy and the lack of conscience of these demagogues.

Hypocrisy therefore, is undoubtedly one of the most detestable qualities. It is in man's nature to accept happiness and freedom. When man becomes polluted with lying, which is a common trait amongst our present political office holders, violation of promises and breaching of agreements, hypocrisy finds itself a wide arena and is ready to penetrate such polluted natures.

Hypocrisy is a dangerous epidemic which threatens man's honour and dignity, leads to irresponsibility and lowly traits, and replaces his self-confidence with suspicion, pessimism and anxiety. False compliments, unconditional acceptance of other ideologies, and refraining from defending righteousness when it is essential, are all characteristics of hypocrites.

Sincerity and honesty are manifestations of a pure conscience and are the most honourable traits of life. These qualities are lacking in our today's politicians and this explains the hurry to get to public office by employing all means to rise. Yet, they roll out policies and programmes aimed at tackling the inadequacies they have caused. This is diversionary and hypocritical, as they will end up not addressing the real issues.

There is a Russian proverb that says "he who has a strong spine cannot be promoted to higher position". The spines of men who adore fame eventually become weak and flexible so as to follow the tides of reputation by deceiving people, concealing the facts from the public and speaking exactly as the lower classes long to hear.

I am personally sick and tired of continually seeing our politicians behaving as though amassing wealth is all that there is to being a successful politician. The inhered hypocrisy of the Tanzanian politician irrespective of their political affiliation, ideological leaning and aspiration is so immense. Their venomous hatred towards their political opponents they often dimwittedly see as their archrival is grotesquely incomprehensible. The Tanzanian politician is a disgrace and a shame unto themselves, the country, their compatriots and the continental mother Africa. The propensity to always err on the wrong side is magnetically non-repellent to the African politician in general and the Tanzanian politician in particular.


Anonymous said...

I sence some 'spinning' smell. A lot of romantisizing! I think this blog should focus on issues not characters. Otherwise, some of us will quite.

January, some of us sought refuge in this blog cause we were tired with blaaah blaah and 'belly politics' currently overwhelming other blogs. This should remain a serious blog. At least that is my take.

Iddy said...

G.T will Tanzania be better without speaker Sitta? If so then How? What difference does it make if it is Sitta or Slaa as a speaker?

Compare 30 years and today what is different when it come to economic and social development? The number of poverty still bet against us from 1961, so the problem can't be Sitta alone. It's so complex, i think the attack is just personal. Make no mistake i disaprove the whole Bunge activities.

Anonymous said...

We all need reality show sometime, and this is the REALITY SHOW, we definately recommend.

Maiki said...

G.T! Stand by your post. There's no way that we can separate the issue of corruption with the corrupt characters. I see nothing personal in your post - you singled out Sitta as a case study and you did an outstanding job. Let Sitta and his supporters come clean through this forum if they so desires.

Corruption has acquired the status of a national emergency in Tanzania. But this is not another pontification on corruption. Rather, it is a polemical disavowal of a few popular stereotypes and fallacies on corruption in Tanzania. It is laced, for good measure, with a few contrarian perspectives on the phenomenon. One of the most insightful attempts to explain the cultural basis of political corruption in Tanzania contends that patronage ties between regular Wananchi and the political elite place informal obligations and demands on the latter, obligations which are often fulfilled through corrupt enrichment. Corruption in this explanation has many participants besides the politician or bureaucrat who actually engages in the act. It is an explanation that understands corruption through the prism of mass complicity and cultural toleration.

In Tanzania, corruption is indeed a group act. Because of the absence of state welfare institutions in our country, political constituents expect politicians representing them to cater to their quotidian and small-scale infrastructural needs. It is generally understood and quietly tolerated that a politician has to rely on his informal access to public funds to satisfy these informal requests for patronage and largesse. Many Tanzanians euphemistically call this "patronage politics." They may tolerate and normalize it as Tanzanian grassroots politics.

The result is that many Tanzanians, even while expressing outrage against corruption privately, are publicly indifferent to its manifestation, especially if they are situated in social networks that benefit from the patronage politics through which corruption thrives. As a result they may feel too culturally complicit to take a stand. This kind of complicity makes official policy against corruption difficult because it mitigates the public pressure necessary for official action against corruption.

So pervasive is this narrative of mass complicity in corruption that many Tanzanians themselves have appropriated it as a rhetorical device in their own discourses on corruption. There is a particularly Tanzanian spin on this paradigm that must be discredited. It is very common to hear Tanzanians argue that no Tanzanian is free of the stigma or aura of corruption. It is argued that every Tanzanian knows, is related to, or has benefited from someone who is corrupt. The argument is that it is impossible to exculpate oneself from the collective guilt of corruption when one functions in a corrupt system with gradations and varieties of corrupt practices.

But this attitude conflates a wide variety of corrupt practices, assigns them the same impact, and attributes to them the same moral outcomes. In analyzing the impact of corruption on Tanzania--which should be the focus of anti-corruption anxieties--the distinction between a politician who fritters away $5 million of his country's funds and a poorly paid policeman who collects a bribe of 200 Tshs. from an erring motorist is a significant one. For it is not the low-level, quotidian acts of corruption--as bad as they are--that are responsible for the egregious impacts of corruption in Tanzania. It may be hard to organically disentangle those two forms of corruption but it would be analytically disingenuous to equate their impact on the people of Tanzania.

Oooh! Does anyone remember a time when our very own Mwalimu Julius Nyerere launched a book - ‘Uongozi Wetu na Hatima Ya Tanzania’? Or was that just another form of romance and personal attacks?...For as a man thinketh in his heart, so he is!"

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you a story,

Former Prime minister of Ireland, Bertie Ahern, lived in an area in Dublin, where a house rent for a three bedroom house, cost less than a US$2000 a month. He lived there for most part of his political career, and he still is.

He resigned last year,(2008) because he couldn't explained less than US$50,000 he received in 1993, while he was a minister of Finance at that time.

That was a last nail of his Coffin of his political career, NEVER AGAIN.

This is my question what would you call this of our Hon. SPEAKER! if proven to be true!

Change! What Change ??
By Mchangiaji.

salama said...

A reality show???!!, this is??
Oh!, puh leez!...


Congratulations man!, for standing out and being a "MAN", for taking your position as a honest citizen. We obviously need people with "balls"

This what's been hindering our nation's development for quite a long time. People are scared to stand up and point out what's been wrong in our society, the corruption, theft, hypocrisy and all those shady activities.
If we can't stand up for ourselves, who'll do it for us? for how long we going to shush and sit behind? tusizunguke mbuyu, this's what we've been talking all along in this blog, change/transformation from within and start doing something. If we didn't pay attention before, guess it's time to pay attention.

These kind of leaders are our problem, not our grandparents or our childrens and somehow we've created them ourselves by keeping quite and allow all kinds of dirt pass by. We need to speak up. We've been quite for a long time and let them and their leadership mature into an adult monstrosity.


"Mzee Six" is a discredited Speaker, because of his own record of dubious claims....I mean how can someone claim $2,000 for couple of anti-malaria tablets?

JK should have acted back then, as it's crucial that Parliamentary debates are chaired by someone who is seen to be of the highest integrity. As happened this time round, the President vacillated. The result is that, during a time when its reputation is under threat, our Bunge found itself debating standards and UFISADI under the guidance of a man who himself is not above reproach in the same regard.

His reluctance then and now to do the right thing for the good of democracy is further evidence of his arrogance. It would be nice to think he would go gracefully even before the next General elections.

As he won't, I hope JK will act decisively in pushing him out. But I don't think it's in him - the man doesn't have a ruthless decisive bone in his body.

Field Marshall ES said...

Wakuu heshima sana na huu mjadala ni very educative, kuna mengi sana hapa yamesemwa ambayo ni valid na hayakwepeki, ni muhimu sana hii debate ikapanuliwa katika sekta nyingi za serikali yetu ukianzia na ofisi ya rais hadi chini,

- Pamoja na kwamba Spika indiviually hana makosa kisheria kwa kuishi kwenye hii nyumba, ni kweli he is obligated kuangalia matumizi ya ofisi yake, kwa sababu hata Obama alipoingia amebadili mengi sana ya matumizi ya ofisi yake ili kupunguza matumizi ambayo yako okayed na sheria.

- Bunge letu lianze kujiangalia upya, kama kweli linaishi within our national financial means maana reading between the lines hii thread inaonekana kuna some financial abuse huko kwa visingizio vya sheria na hili ni kwa wabunge wote kuanzia CCM na hata Upinzani,

- Kamati ya bunge ya mahesabu ianzishe utaratibu wa kuweka wazi matumizi ya ofisi mbali mbali za serikali na hasa mishahara ya maofisa wa serikali, I mean mimi sikujua kwamba tuna wananchi wanaolipwa mpaka Shillingi Millioni 18, garademiti that is 18,000 USD are you kidding me or what hivi unajua what it takes kwa US government kukulipa hela kama hizo tena monthly?

I mean nilitaka kuu'dissmis huu mjadala, kwa sababu ya kukosekana kwa facts, lakini damn this is a valid national debate Tanzania tunakuwaje na maofisa wa serikali wanaoweza kulipwa US Dollars 18,000 kwa mwezi hela za kodi za wananchi? That is insane, sasa hawa wabunge wanafanya nini huko bungeni zaidi ya kwenda kukusanya pay day tu, yes hili la nyumba ya Spika ingawa halina anything to do na yeye binafsi as a leader kisheria, lakini ni justified tena 100% kulijadili as a starting point against matumizi mbaya ya hela za kodi za wananchi.


Kamanda FMEs!

Maiki said...

January, I can not wait to see your contribution on this issue. What is your take on the issue of corruption in our government and the civil service? Do you agree with the truth that corruption is one of the chief hindrances (CANCER) in our quest for " Transforming the nation"?

The moment of truth for Tanzania and Tanzanian leadership has dawned, triggering an awakening in all Tanzanian communities that see themselves gradually being eclipsed by the giant leaps of "developed countries". People throughout Tanzania are beginning to realize that dramatic words and phrases might provide a platform for temporary crowd pleasing, ego satisfaction and what have you, but they cannot solve their fundamental problems nor satisfy their aspirations for a better life. What is needed is a philosophy which should be both a rational exploitation of Tanzania’s past and an intellectual stimulus to its renaissance translated in an undertaking which goes against the environment in which the people live.. or say an upheaval which sets out to destroy existing structures and overturns prevailing values. Perhaps the only solution to Tanzania's problems lies in courageously confronting Tanzania’s maladies and predicaments that manifest themselves in the following which is by no means an exhaustive list:

- Low economic performance due to poor macro-economic management;
- Unbridled lust for power and the growth of unscrupulous careerists;
- Inter-group cleavages that hampers real growth and development;
- Fragile institutions hobbled by nepotism that results in reduced efficiency and poor functioning organizations;
- Growing poverty and deprivation and abysmal ignorance;
- Poor administrative systems giving way to a mismanagement crisis of increasing dimensions, due to lack of transparency and accountability;
- Weakened trust in government as an institution;
- Poor service delivery, and increasing endemic diseases;
- Lack of creativity and innovation and aggressive pursuit of excellence.

It is therefore critical for us to tenaciously face up to these inadequacies, engage in objective and sober self-critique and slough off self deception before we start thinking about prescriptions to disentangle us from this messy situation we are bogged in, so as not to address symptoms rather than underlying causes. The issue is evidently one of survival in this callous world, hence, this call for an honest undertaking or an upheaval to revitalize out vision, to reshape our values and hit the track in pursuit of achievement and excellence.

Leadership will continue to be the challenge for the future. Any reform effort is doomed if this aspect is not addressed sufficiently. It acts at the heart of the matter, for much of the change or shift in paradigm will depend on how well leadership perceives its role in re engineering change. Leadership is one of those qualities that are easier to recognize than define.

Stephen Covey notes, in his book “Principle-Centred Leadership” “ Leadership focuses more on people than on things; on the long-term rather than the short term; on values and principles rather than activities; on mission, purpose and direction rather than on methods, techniques and speed.” New Leadership attributes like setting the strategic vision and direction, challenging old rules and processes, enlisting support, providing good role models and challenging the heart in bringing about change and more importantly achieving excellent results are crucial for the transformation of Tanzania...."for as a man thinketh in his heart, so he is."

January Makamba said...


I like the way you write and passion you put in your posts.

Well, I think we have amply established here the kind of leadership that the nation needs. For me, establishing the criteria for leadership, and resultant menu of our expectations, is far more important than repeating accusations made in the newspapers.

But I like it very much that our society has at least evolved to a point where these things are aired and people show concern and discuss and call for action. It has never used to be this way.

My worry is that "the war on corruption" - in which everyone now wants to be identified as the leading commander - may be used to settle old scores and mount political hit-jobs.

That is why I believe that the emphasis should be on strengthening the effectiveness of law enforcement institutions and the new conception of national ethics. Reliance on individuals as "corruption fighters" is good to an extent that every citizen must fight corruption but the war will not be won in press conferences or in newspaper front-pages. It will be won by trained, disciplined and diligent investigators and prosecutors, forensic experts, financial fraud experts, and competent magistrates, who will ensure that corrupt individuals are put in jail. And this cadre do not get TV time.

I think the idea of shaming corrupt people is useless in a society where corruption is widespread.

Solution: First, build strong and independent law enforcement institutions and codify tough laws. Second, build a national ethic which includes a sense of accountability, honesty, and transparency. Corruption is best fought not when people simply fear the law but when they fear to be ostracized by the society, including their family.

Anonymous said...


I like people be straight to us, and at least have the honour of acknowledging our passion, love and support of this country.

But what worries me, some quota of commentators in this blog, are going too far to stretch our nerves, and our intellects in this regard, they are being abusive on their intellects and they are being disingenuous to us, . I will tell you later what I mean.

Yes, we are talking about HONESTY and TRUTHFULNESS, on what we are righting and we are honestly what we are believing, fundamentally should be a TRUE PASSION, but not a false one.

But what I have noticed on this blog through my investigation, ni KWAMBA KUNA BAADHI YA WATU WANATAKA KUCHAFUA HEWA!,

First, I am not talking about Game Theory, and I think I have a great respect for HIS HONESTY, INSIGHTFULL of CHALLENGING ISSUES FACING OUR NATION, and I do have a high respect for that.

Yes, I personally agreed with him, we need to highlight, whats indeficiency of our leaders MORALS and standards, and I personally believe thats the only way to term out, a GOOD guidelines and MORALS of what we expect from our elected leaders. We only asking for CRIMINALS to be treated as such, if proven GUILTY!, and thats is how you gain my trust, a public trust!

January, you cannot be dismissive of that, yes the story has shown up on NEWSPAPERS, but you should acknowledge its contribution in shaping up our views/perceptions, and the government and politicians likewise need to convince them(MEDIA), for that, ie they(GOV) are doing the right things.

I know you can say some good have been done by the government but at the same time, a lot is DAMAGING our country, ie. EPINDEMIC CORRUPTION...mathalani, kama PIPA la maji safi, likiingia tone la MKOJO, basi maji hayo hayafai.

COMMING BACK to my main POINT, this is the question to MAIKI, looking at your last comment, to me it seems you have copied word by word the work of CANFRAD, The New PARTNERSHIP BY AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT, and UNITED NATIONS, presented by Dr. TAG ELSIR MAHGOUB ALI


The moment of truth for Africa and African leadership has dawned, triggering an
awakening in all African societies that see themselves gradually being eclipsed by the
giant leaps of developed countries. People throughout Africa are beginning to realize
that dramatic words and phrases might provide a platform for temporary crowd
pleasing, ego satisfaction and what have you, but they cannot solve their fundamental
problems nor satisfy their aspirations for a better life. What is needed is a philosophy
which should be both a rational exploitation of Africa’s past and an intellectual
stimulus to its renaissance translated in an undertaking which goes against the
environment in which the people live.. or say an upheaval which sets out to destroy
existing structures and overturns prevailing values. Perhaps the only solution to
Africa’s problems lies in courageously confronting Africa’s maladies and
predicaments that manifest themselves in the following which is by no means an
inclusive list: ...Unquote
Read Read more here

Are you Dr. Mahgoub Mr. Maiki ?

Quote for as a man thinketh in his heart, so he is.Unquote by James Allen, inspired by the Book of Proverbs chapter 23 verse 7

May be I understand, your passion and desire for good of this country, led you to such a length of DECEPTION.. You are not the only one!

Colossians 3:13
Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.

By Mchangiaji

Mchangiaji said...


I guess!
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me - you can't get fooled again' - George W. Bush.

Maiki! Maiki!, again on your first comment! it is all in here- Hypocrisy in Democracy! allafrican

By Mchangiaji

Ed said...

For reference i need to know what is the income tax that MPs are paying?

Someone yesterday told me it's less than 3%. If that statement is true, then do we real care for our nation?

Ed said...

Thanks for research, again guys we should live by example, if you like somebody point view then please cite the reference.

To copy someone work and publish it word by word is total wrong.


King of Gonzo once said:

"in a nation ruled by swine, all pigs are upwardly mobile—and the rest of us are fu*ked until we can put our acts together: not necessarily to win, but mainly to keep from losing completely. We owe that to ourselves and our crippled self-image as something better than a nation of panicked sheep."
(The Great Shark Hunt, 1979)

Nuff said!

omarilyas said...

Namuunga mkono anonymous hapo juu ambaye ameshauri tuepuke majadiliano ya kuhusu watu. Naamini aina ya majdiliano hayo yana mahala pake kama ambako wengi wetu ni wanabaraza mashuhuri huko.

GAME THEORY siamini kama una uhalali wa kujadili masuala ya SPIKA wetu ilhali una maslahi binafsi katika hilo. Kwa kuwa nimeshauri tusiendelee na mijadala inayohusu watu nakushauri upeleke hii hoja ambako tunaweza kuendelea kulumbana huko na hata mimi kuonyesha ni jinsi gani wewe una maslahi binafsi kuhusu utendaji wa Samwel Sitta

Omar Ilyas

Maiki said...

Ananymous! Ananymous! I stand by my post. You may want to ask Dr. TAG ELSIR MAHGOUB ALI the source of his comments. I never knew that website before you pointed it out to me. You may question my intellectual ability if you want, but for your post is based on a research paper I worked on : "Thinking critically about African Ethical Issues." The paper was based on the context of a book by Vincent Ryan Ruggireo. Now, I got an A on the paper... a man thinketh in heart so he proverbs 23:7 (King James Version) For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee. That is a biblical truth...I am a Christian, blame it on my pastor. My point is do you dispute the contents of the posts, my well learned friend? I will not use this forum to defend my intellectual know how...but if you feel that you wanna challenge the views that are herein conveyed, I will be more than willing to answer any of your concerns @"for as a man thinketh in his heart, so he is."

Anonymous said...

"Lack of credible, genuine and committed leadership has been the bane of our progress and economic development over the years. God has given Tanzania everything it takes to advance except one thing. Good and truly patriotic leaders, not these people who only pay lip service to the issues of leadership and feed fat on resources at their disposal. Our leaders especially the current crop of politicians manning various political offices, are hypocrites who mean no well for this country."
by Maiki!

" Lack of credible, genuine and committed leadership has been the bane of our progress and economic development over the years. God has given Nigeria everything it takes to advance except one thing. Good and truly patriotic leaders, not these people who only pay lip service to the issues of leadership and feed fat on resources at their disposal. Our leaders especially the current crop of politicians manning various political offices, are hypocrites who mean no well for this country."
by Almustapha Majidadi Chonoko


Ohhh dear!

January umezua balaaa

haya tena

kamusi said...

Watanzania tuna matatizo mengi sana. Naona mnataka kuigeuza hii blogu kuwa kama jamii forum. Almost all these opinions are all taken from various sources and they make sense to me. Hata mwenye blogu hii anaelewa kuwa kuna mambo mengi tuu hapa ambayo yeye amegather from several sources. What is wrong with that? Hili sio darasa au gazetti ndio tuandike professional papers! This is a place where we are challenging one another on ways of make Tanzania better.

Kama ni swala la kutaka all citations...then hata Game Theory angetakiwa aeleze hiyo picha ya Spika wa bunge kaitoa wapi... Sioni any problems kama hizo opinions huyo Maiki ameziandika hapo na kuweka in the context of TZ. Shida iko wapi? What we need to ask ourselves ni kwamba, mambo hayo ni kweli au sio kweli.

Ni mambo mangapi hata hawa wabunge na mawaziri wetu wanasema kwenye speech zao na wanakuwa waliyasoma wamewasikia watu wengine wakiyasema..lakini kama yanamake sense..who cares jamani.

Mimi nimependa sana all items huyo maiki ametoa hapa kama changamoto. Namuunga mkono 110%. Haandiki mambo kama ya jamii forum. Sasa kama kuna mtu haridhiki na hizo contents, naomba ajitokeze na kuandika bora zaidi....Maiki endelea kutuletea challenges. Umeipa blog hii uhai. Kusanya habari utuletee sisi tunaotaka mabadiliko. Hata mimi nimejibu mambo mengi tuu kwenye blogu tofauti kutumia sources mbali mbali za information and it is not a big deal. Huu ni mdahalo tuu tena free of charge. Pilipili usiyoila inakuwashia nini?

Makamba, hawa watu wanaotaka kuleta ubishi wa kitoto kwenye blogu yako, naomba uwatupilie mbali....kama jamaa ana ugomvi au
chuki na mtu amtafute kwingine.

Source - kamusi/dictionary

Anonymous said...

This is just blogging Watanzania! I have taken a little of my time to go through some items on this blog and it makes a whole lot of sense. I normally don't make comments but I want to say that what Kamusi wrote is of great importance.

When we sit in our small gatherings and talk politics & development who can boldly say that they carry their citation contents. We normally discuss either what we have heard n radio and tv., what we have read in books and magazines, what our friends and enemies are talking about..etc. This is how it has been and this is how it will always be.

This blog s just another gathering where we gather at our on time and do exactly what I have said on the last paragraph. Huu ni "UDAKU" wenye manufaa. So there is no point to start witch-hunting! Huyo Malik anaonekana anajitahidi kusoma mambo mbali mbali ya nchi za kiafrika affairs na anayafananisha matatizo hayo na mambo yanayotupa sisi taabu huku bongo kwetu. Kwa kweli mambo aliyojadili hapa yako deep vizuri na mtu ukisoma kwa utulivu unapata challenge - upende usipende!

Hata Januari mwenyewe anatumia data mbali mbali kutuletea midahalo..sasa wanopiga kelele, kama alivyosema Kamusi, mnakaribishwa jamii forum. Nchi yetu inahitaji mabadiliko, tena kwa haraka sana. Na kila Mtanzania hana budi kubadilika kama tunayataka maendeleo y kweli. Hongereni vijana mnaochukua muda wenu kutuletea majambos hapa.

Anonymous said...

Kamusi = Maiki,

Bwana Kamusi aka Maiki, hakuna mtu anayeleta ubishi wa aina yoyote, bali kinachohitajika ni ufahamu wa kwamba haki ya mtu lazima ilindwe, hivyo ingekua bora kwako wewe kwa uchechefu, kuweka uwazi wa mawazo ulipoipatia na kitu cha kusikitisha zaidi,

ni udanganyifu halisia, ambao auhitajiki na hauwezekani kuvumiliwa wakati wowote, tunahitajia katika tovotu hii kuweka upimio wa hali ya juu, katika kuongelea maswala ya nchi, na siyo Upimio wa udanganyifu, nayo ni ujinga usiofaa kuigwa.

Huwezi kusema Nyangumi ni Mamba! aibu kwa jamii, na upotofu wa fikra ya mtu na wafu.

Haiyumkiniki, kwa mtu kuwa mdanganyifu. Washika-dau katika mtandawazi huu, ndio matokeo halisi ya kuweza kufikia njia mbadala na anuwai katika mawasiliano baina ya wananchi. Na siyo kutumia tarakilishi katika njia potofu, kwa kupitia mdahalishi, ukajisahau na kuwa kwamba una majukumu banifu, kufikisha ujumbe wako.

Siyo taratibu nzuri!!!


FMES aniita hiii "kumkoma NYANI GILADI"

sijui itaishia vipi lakini at least tushaanza kuambiana ukweli au jinsi tunavyofikiria

Anonymous said...

This is becoming noisy! No direction, no moderation. Inakuwa ni kama ubishi wa hawa wapopo! Jamani, grow up and get a life.

Azaria Mbughuni said...

Corruptions pervades almost every aspect of our society. That is a fact. I used to think naively that paying people big salaries would encourage honesty and dedication. I have been proven wrong many times. It appears that some people get those big "incentives" precisely so that they turn the other way; or go with the agenda of the "establishment." These games will not go on forever.

Having said that, I do not like to convict anyone without seeing proof. While I understand the importance of protecting the sources, I want to have some indication that this particular information is credible. I hope that we can establish some guidelines in this forum whereby authors can substantiate what they are claiming; particularly considering the proclivity for hyperboles in most TZ forums. Nevertheless, $18,000 a month is outrageous by any standards. If true, it does explain the behaviour mzee six has been displaying in the last couple of years just as GT has pointed out. We need change and change is coming.

Hii debate nyingine iliyojitokeza humu imenisikitisha. Make no mistakes about it; plagiarism is a serious offense, especially in academia. You can get kicked out of school if caught. Those who are well read have a tendency to sum up information and present them in their own words. In most cases, that is ok. It is not ok, however, to copy whole sentences or paragraphs and present them as your own. That is simply wrong! I will leave this one alone.


By the way MEREMETA just made its way to cyberspace ...sasa hivi ndio talk of the twon

and its not even December yet

Anonymous said...

Muheshimiwa Spika aongea dhidi ya maadau zake, pata updated video toka kwa Michuzi hapa

anawalaumu na kuwashutumu wanajamii wa mtandao, maadui zake wanaotumia gazeti la Tazama, Tanzania Daima na mengineyo, aiomba serikali kupitia waziri mkuu, impatie ulinzi zaidi, juu ya swala hili na ameongezea kwa kusema kwamba hii vita ni kubwa sana...

Sasa kama Mheshimiwa, Spika anaona kwa upande wake ni swala la UZUSHI, na UONGO, kwa nini asitumie vyombo vya sheria ie, mahakama kupeleka hizi shutuma zake, he seems to know his enemies(HE SAID THAT ON HIS REMARKS), rather than using TABLOID tactics using BUnge time, to lash out about non stories, if he believes otherwise is true.

Jengine tu, kwa manufaa yake binafsi, kama anaona hili ni gumu kwa kukandia uzushi wa internet, na kadhalika, ngoja asubiri hiyo broadband high speed info network to take off, atashangaa. kutakua na well documented myths, conspiracy, ukweli na uongo wa kila aina juu ya viongozi wetu, we will be going live!, lakini hatutovumilia kuona hawa hawa viongozi wakaanza kujibu kila shutuma inayoongelewa kwenye net, BUSH face the same, OBAMA is facing the same and they are very well documented and wide spread, you will be impressed, lakini hutoona viongozi wakaanza kujiingiza kila kwenye shutuma. I think our leaders have to face up to that reality. acknowledging SKEPTISISM and CRITICISM, is a part of POLITICs and not otherwise, the only way to answer that, is to bring TRANSPARENCY! thats the only way to answer your critics, and bring that assurance to your constituents and general public alike, in other words, mheshimiwa Spika, put your record straight, by passing legislation as requirements or if the legislation is already there, then make it widely available on the net, on government portals, etc, mathalani, mapato na matumizi in general ya viongozi wetu wote, in short You see a PROBLEM, YOU LOOK AT BIGGER PICTURE! after all you are public SERVANT.

I think our political leaders are immature, in their statement and actions, the way they conduct themselves in public office, including BUNGE, what a shame!

By Mchangiaji


Na leo Spika kaamua kujibu tuhuma ya document mpya ambayo ina circulate apparently imetoka kwa staff wa bunge Dodoma na imejaa tuhuma luluki

of course kama kawaida ametaka usalama wa taifa umuongezee ulizi zaidi...mind you according to wananchi na walalahoi ni kuwa jamaa ana escort zaidi ya SHEIN na sasa anataka aongezewe ulizni baada ya kutuhumiwa anataka kuchoma moto ofisi yake

I wonder when this will end

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I am appaled by whole Sitta saga, he wants to look clean whilst he aint, huwezi ukajifanya unaclaim two million for mere prescription drugs and tukuone you are clean, I do agree with january we need to get rid of corruption by actually putting the infrastructure and systems to fight it, but January although the war would not be won by Press coverage only but It can be initiated by it, If mafisadi wakiandamwa na press na public opinion I am sure negative publicity would make them atleast lose some sleep over it, and last comment not everybody fighting graft in our country is a so called hero we have double standards amongst our politicians and I personally think JK should do more to curb this wave of scandals by making sure those in it are accounted for


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Whilst officiating at the 11th graduation ceremony of the Saint Augustine University of Tanzania the Speaker of the National Assembly, Samuel Sitta urged intellectuals to be courageous and openly join the anti-corruption crusade in the country. Sitta stated there were some leaders ‘who seem to have failed to fight the powers of the corrupt, a situation which he said is dangerous to the nation’.

Speaking about other countries Sitta stated, "There are some people who have been cowards, who have failed to defeat the powers of corruption……… the fight against corruption should be fought by the whole society…’

Feel free to find the courage to expose the Silverdale farm case Mr. Sitta especially when you are in Machame!!
13th December 2009