Thursday, April 9, 2009

Democracy, Honesty, and Capitalism


Inno said...

I agree with the professor 100%. The lesson to learn from his observation of the flaws of U.S financial markets regulation system is that its model would not work for developing economies such as Tanzania which are still developing the financial infrastructure internally. It would be a mistake to try to connect our economy on the international financial markets grid with the U.S. financial regulation model. We are better of with the common laws that governments in Germany and France use to regulate financial their corporations home and how they should operate on an international financial markets platform.


misokasick said...

I can not agree with you more. Clearly this was such an enlightment. In fact it kinda of reminded me of the Histroy of the Quakers. They had some capitalism in them. They claimed it was entreprenuership. I have circulated this piece around. I am getting lots of feedback and interesting responses. I pray and hope we are not going to have the American syndrome, right now even the US might have to look at restructuring their financial institutions. I think during the G-20 meeting, there was some talk on International financial regulations. Its not that well received in the US, but they might have to dance to the tune. Well, I will be calling you soon. I had to finish up my thesis. I have a week before the deadline. So please keep me in your Sala.
Talk to you soon. You and Salama should meet up sometime. Afterall you are neighbors. Lets talk soon.

Sue M said...

However, if I didn't understand the professor correctly, he seems to be suggesting that if PRINCIPALS from religions with "WRONG FOUNDATION" didn't invest in the US Markets and oblige the AGENTS (CEOs / Managers) to maximize the shareholder's wealth in such a short period then the world would not be in the situation we are in now.
In other words, the Russians, Indians, Arabs and Chinese ways of doing business have disrupted the Western puritan and honesty way of doing business.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the above video clip delineates how imposters and shysters emerge. The absence of appropriate value(s) like the one mentioned by the good professor causes one to resort to manipulation and call it competition – writing, saying, doing anything and everything to gain inroads, the underline reason being “win at all cost!”

This topic in many ways is a response to the LIST on the previous Topical-Question (i.e. ‘What is [the source of] our problem…and your solution?’).

Imposters are worse than the whole LIST combined (and that is including pilfering companies and ‘ufisadi’ as a whole) because imposters do well on what they do as their lives depend on it, and so the thrill is in continuing conniving and deceiving again and again all the way to higher levels of the game regardless of one’s position. There is nothing like corrupted minds…