Monday, January 5, 2009


It is an absolute necessity. Sense of urgency says, "Ido not have time". Let me burn the candles at bothends. The sense of urgency is felt precisely likecutting off your air supply.

If someone comes up behind you right now and grabsyour nose and shuts your mouth. First minute you willsay someone is playing a game with me, who is thisperson…trying to figure it out etc. You hit your next30 seconds and start wanting to breathe, the persongrips harder.

Now you start pushing harder, becauseyou want to breathe, and if it continues for 30 moreseconds, you are into desperation. You scratch, youbite, you claw, you don't care who the hell it isholding you. At that moment in time, you will kill tobreathe.

And that is burning desire.

It is a lot morethan just survival. It is basically recognizing thatnothing can hold you back. Nothing should get in yourway. Survival would have been there in the first 10seconds. But at the last 10 seconds, it was not eventhe issue of survival. It came down to the simplefact: "I WANT to breathe".

Total focus becomes tinierand tinier until it reaches the point that "I want tobreathe".
Look at Thomas Alva Edison. He is there, workingaway, continuously for 96 hours in his lab, not havinggone home or out at all. He is so focused on his work.Literally, his housekeeper has to force-feed him.Nothing can irritate him, nothing can take him out ofthe lab if he is burning after an idea.

Tagore would look himself up in the middle of thenight, when he was writing his masterpiece Gitanjali.Nothing could touch him. Until it came out of him(Gitanjali), nothing could get in the way. What drivesthese people like that?

Picasso locked himself in the attic until he finishedhis painting. They all have that, where their focusboils down to that particular thing being achieved andnothing else. But you do have it too. Every single oneof us does. Almost invariably, usually, when we fall in love.

Be it puppy love at the childhood phase ormore serious mature things in adulthood, it comes at apoint where those that you love deeply, your parents,your best friends, who before this thing happened hadthe greatest influence over you, the people for whom you had great respect and admiration, all of them flushed down the toilet because of someone you don'tknow, have not really understood, not got to know verywell yet, and yet who took over your entire existence.So the capacity is there.

The sense of urgency is not something that one can seek, it cannot be contrived, it has to be derived. Itcomes from within us
-by Dato Vijay Eswaran

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Point well received!

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