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The Case Against Voting for Chadema

The case against voting for Chadema

Source: Vijana.FM
Written on October 18, 2010 but it is as relevant as ever

I will try to make it short and concise, in an attempt not to bore you with rather commonsense reasons against voting for Chadema in this coming presidential election. For starters, we vote for the best person and the best party (infrastructure) to govern our country. A vote is to be casted to the person and party that have the best chance to do what the government ought to do. We do not cast a vote to replace a party that has not delivered only to be replaced by the gang of other mediocre. The notion that the incumbents since 1961 have to be replaced because they have failed to deliver for Tanzanians, and also they are the perpetrators of corruption is very true. CCM governments have become complacent, lacked sense of urgency to reform the nation, and have been on business as usual mode for few decades. We the people have every right to use our democratic rights to show them that we ain’t gonna take it no more. We will go to the polls and demonstrate the people’s power. And essentially replace them with somebody else.
Here comes the money question. Who are we going to replace CCM with? Which other party we can trust with our economy, security, and well being? Whether you like it or not — CCM has been able to build a nation with identity and maintained that cohesiveness throughout the history of our young country. That is no small task by any means. They have been able to essentially eliminate illiteracy, maintain the rule of law, improving infrastructures, and now scaling up higher learning institutions. The consensus is they could have done more in social service deliverance and curbing the culture of corruption that undermines the very institutions they are presiding over. But if we are going to replace them, who can we trust for the job? And do they have all the necessary tools to match the work CCM has done?
Chadema, which by all accounts is the main opposition party in mainland Tanzania, has put forth an able man, Dr. Slaa. Only to be complimented by unknown politician Said Mzee Said. This is the very first weakness by Chadema. God forbid, something happen to Dr. Slaa, we are going to stuck with unknown and unable gentleman as our President. Chadema seemed to never take the VEEP slot seriously, and to them it was just the matter of fulfilling NEC requirements. This act speaks volume to us voters, into what style of governing they will employ and what will be the future of Muungano.
The incumbent party (that we are so dissatisfied with) put together a truly democratic primary season to elect her MP candidates. There were some reported corruption cases in their elections, and some of the primaries were not perfect. But it was truly a commendable act, which led to the downfall of many CCM heavyweights. And to those alleged of corruption, the party was matured enough to initiate corruption case against theirowns.  On the other side, the party that is expected to usher new dawn of competent governance; waited on sidelines quietly collecting CCM’s sore losers. The same party has failed to field opposition in 10 constituencies, essentially giving CCM free seats. This is the party that has embraced Mabere Marando, the most opportunistic politician in our country. Recently, Chadema held a meeting to choose candidates for MP slots for viti maalumu. They spent an entire day without reaching consensus on TWO candidates. How hard is it to nominate two names? That it takes the party two days to decide. CCM has surprisingly acted more organized, and matured through this whole process and up to now during the campaign.
Now my fellow country men and women; we have to decide. CCM has noticeably been complacent in governing and we need to use democracy as a tool to remind them that. But Chadema and other opposition parties are not doing us any favor. If anything Chadema is more incompetent than CCM. The lineup of Dr. Slaa, Said Mzee Said, and Freeman Mbowe is not to be trusted with the well being of our country. Edmund Burke, an Irish political theorist warned about abstract reasoning by individuals will end up sweeping arrangements that stood the test of time. Political amateurs who promise rapid reforms will create fresh difficulties in attempt to re-engineer the society for their political gains. Chadema is disappointingly falling in this category. They have merely demonstrated formidable internal organization and have repeatedly showcased their lack of any strategic thinking. As much as we are inclined to punish the incumbents, voting Chadema for president would be a futile mistake. The best way to punish CCM is to give opposition enough (deserved) MP seats, and hoping that Upinzani will be more serious in the future before we can trust them with our country.
In mean time, I will be voting for CCM presidential candidate in this coming election. And I urge everybody else to do so.

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Niko said...


This is poor as it assumes that the party in power must always be replaced by a "perfect opposition" to have validity to the electorate which is nonsense. You may as well have said that CHADEMA first need experience in governing before they can be trusted; something which is an impossibility given the history of Tanzania. Many a bad opposition parties/candidates have come into power triumphing over more "tested" governments and, having learned on the job, achieved impressive results.

Not only this but your comment that "Political amateurs who promise rapid reforms will create fresh difficulties in attempt to re-engineer the society for their political gains" applied very well to your fathers party (TANU/CCM) at independent as ALL those who ran for parliaments were "political amateurs". In fact your arrogant statement would have meant that Mwl. Nyerere, at 39 years old would have been the most amateurish of then all!

If you truly want to convince people not to vote for CHADEMA start by looking at the policies they stand for and compare these against CCM. Also look at how CCM have gone about fulfilling their policies over the last 51 years and use this as confidence for voting for them instead of the pathetic angle you have taken. And, mwisho kabisa, at least have the courtesy of putting a disclaimer in the post of your family connections to CCM so people take your opinion seriously. Surely the fact that your father was a long time CCM cadre and achieved powerful decision making positions should be noted here? Surely it maybe the case that his position afforded you benefits and privileges which most Tanzanians can only dream of? so people can judge whether you are being objective or not. This being the case surely you would have a vested interest to vote for CCM? (i.e. It is hard for a leopard to change his spots as they say.)These questions arise because you were silent but if you highlighted this to begin with the piece would carry more weight, as it should, for, as a Tanzanian, you have the right to have an opinion regardless of background.