Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Irrelevance of African Union

In Standard three we were taught that Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya are all African countries and members of then OAU, now AU. The recent events in Egypt and even the bloodshed in Libya have brought up the idea that are these countries really Africa's? As of now, Arab League held a meeting condemning the events in Libya, UN security council had a meeting and released a statement about Gaddafi. Surprisingly African Union, has been busy sorting out Laurent Gbagbo's mess and haven't put a single statement about Libya. African Union is rendered irrelevant on these recent issues which enhance the perceived notion of inferior Africans.

Now, it is known that many African leaders fear Gaddafi. The guy funded Charles Taylor and Iddi Amin, maybe many leaders do not want to cross Gaddafi just in case he made out of this mess. But this is the moment for African Union to become what it ought to be. Make a forceful statement against the violence in Libya and condemn Gaddafi's response to his own people. If AU has an ambition to become a respectable body in the global governance, they need to seize this moment. Otherwise, it should cease to exist.

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Anonymous said...

Poverty is a really bad thing my brother! I guess African leader fear to... the hand that feeds them. There is just a handful of leaders in this world who dearly fight for the right of their people.