Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Watch up to the end...great stuff!

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely a breathtaking presentation with a bit of entertainment at the end! Presenter entails positivism and of course, the ‘possibilities’ the world can achieve.

No doubt, Africa, specifically Tanzania can achieve a lot of things mentioned in the presentation, if and only if we change the way we do things and most importantly change our culture.

They say culture takes time to embed in the minds of people [some say, it takes at least 5 years]. And culture is the foundation of the ‘possibilities’ mentioned on the clip. The biggest question is “how are we going to change ‘our culture’ to the one that could accelerate the achievement of those possibilities?”

I have got my own opinions to share on the subject but I don’t think I have got enough time for today.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful clip and I hope, it’ll jumpstart many of those who think the idea of a ‘developed Africa’ ['Tanzania'] is a pie in the sky.
(Jua Kali)