Friday, May 29, 2009

How about the badinage...why not, it's friday!

At laast, (reminds me of the first slow song on jan the 20th., danced by the first couple, and at last, our President got to meet with the first african american president of the United States. A lot of expectations already? of course, but we need to quit that behaviour and learn to be dependent. It was an amusing week for a lot of people out here but for Mr cool himself, (prez kikwete) he was as calm as always and just retained a sense of equanimity. Am guessing he got exhausted just by people talking about that week. Not the first time but once again Prez Kikwete was in the heezy!

So, after that loong week and after six months of the year, I wont mind reminiscing, anecdoting and badinaging over a bottle of vintage bubbly. Thank God it's friday. I found this okay place to go for a drink, relax once in a while and some weekends, It's called, 'Recession special'. Their food is amazing, too greasy though and that's why it's amazing!, ah! bwana, who cares if add that avoirdupois, I'll blame on 'Recession' special and not my own laziness and cheapness. Talking cheap, save and all those valuable words especially now, I've been pretty creative during this Recession time. I've been able to slow down on my spending, Yea!, microwave a lot, saves time too, watch TV free online and most important choose Obama stocks. Anything to do with his name, is a good investiment. (don't ask me how this works in Tanzania) share your thoughts.

Also, I realized that learning a foreign language saves more than movies. (Am serious people, the vintage isn't in my head yet) why not get ahead of the Geopolitical curve and study Korean? north korean to be exact, if they have two different languages. North Korea is again doing some muscle flexing, albeit much more modest than in the past. What's up with that Kim dude with his pantsuits? and he looks like he's in the grave already. But, mastering the tongue of Mr Kim could well come to regain some cachet. And if not, you still can order some vintage in Pyongyang.....if you can make it there.


Iddy said...

Salama at least you can call his name right, Mr. Ping what? Honest i feel sorry for Barrack, Mr. Ping-Pong proves that he gatta nukes which means bring it on baby.

You gatta Muhamedhamadinajad who still believe holocaust is a conspiracy and he doesn't mind to wipe Jews off the map. Mr. Netanyahu said Jerusalem is for Jews and not Palestinian. Ooohhh I remember one more thing, Taliban now they press Pakistani all the way to the bones. Pakistan also gatta the nukes.....Ms. Pelosi didn’t know Waterboarding was torture, she was briefed and not briefed with CIA, they mislead her blah blah…..

Oooohh who cares about all that political junk, the world is a nice place. Salama am on the move to change my career, since that day when Wall Street tumbled my life is on life supporter. So, may be I can be a good Nurse or Narudi Nyumbani oooohhh maisha ya kwa Bush sio mchezo.... I don't think so, I love my chicken wings and Monday night football plasma (thanks credit cards).

salama said...

Mr. Ping pong? (lol)!, and I thought I was bad..
He kills me with his fashion faux pas, I think he's the only creature in this world with his own, unique outfits and policies. Seems like he totally ignores his countries economic woes. May be sanctions and not diplomacy will do the trick. Anyway.

Mr. Nuclear wannabe means business this time, hataki mchezo. He launches them all, short and long.
Him, two wars, Pakistan, Iran even more complex now, global recession..this is just foreign and you haven't touched domestic affairs za Pelosi et al, with their she said/he said.
You know, we all know that Presidents/leaders inherit headaches, but prez Obama has inherited the whole hospital.

The last administration left him with no choice except 'soft power' when it comes to foreign policy. The traditional 'super power' has thawed. Thanks to # 43. No wonder 5'2 ping pong anajitutumua.

Na sisi, congo, Darfur, the pirates and our security crises will force him to come clean about what he's planning to do for the motherland. kazi kwelikweli.
Iddy, talking bout changing careers, may be it's perfect time to get some new job skills, who knows you might need it someday. Turn those lemons into a sweet lemonade and you'll enjoy it on a hot, sunny day. And since you mentioned chicken wings, nasikia KFC wanaleta grilled. Nice!

misokasick said...

Salam great piece to start the weekend. Lets have a phone date soon. I am sorry I have been kinda of busy. I am preparing for my work trip to Tanzania. But give you a call so soon.

GT said...


salama said...

Thanks giirl!, I thought so, kwamba pengine ulikuwa busy. The phone date will be GREAT, I kinda missed you. All the best in Tanzania, don't work too hard, enjoy the nyama chomas and make sure you get a good 'tan'

...(lol)!, and what are you trying to imply?
Wanasema hatari lakini salama right?
Najua nina kazi ya kukufanyia lakini si unaelewa,
"I am still workin on it"

Kweli said...

Thanks Salama jokes aside I think you've got a very good point,umefikiria mbali!! Certainly if one master Korean Lingo, The future will be bright, utaramba Bingo tu ukijua vyema hii luga ya hawa wala Mbwa! Ngoja nilichangamkie hili dili. Ahsante Salama kwa kunifumbua macho.

Anonymous said...

The latest from Mr. Pingpon's land

UN Imposes Tough New Sanctions on N Korea

(UNITED NATIONS) — The U.N. Security Council on Friday punished North Korea for its second nuclear test, imposing tough new sanctions, expanding an arms embargo and authorizing ship searches on the high seas.

In a sign of growing global anger at Pyongyang's pursuit of nuclear weapons in defiance of the council, the North's closest allies Russia and China joined Western powers and nations from every region in unanimously approving the sanctions resolution.

U.S. Deputy Ambassador Rosemary DiCarlo said the resolution provides "a strong and united international response" to North Korea's test in defiance of a ban imposed after its first underground atomic blast in October 2006.

"The message of this resolution is clear: North Korea's behavior is unacceptable to the international community and the international community is determined to respond," DiCarlo said. "North Korea should return without conditions to a process of peaceful dialogue."

China's U.N. Ambassador Zhang Yesui said the nuclear test had affected regional peace and security and strongly urged Pyongyang to promote the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

He said the resolution demonstrates the international community's "firm opposition" to the atomic blast, "but also sends a positive signal" by calling for the resumption of six-party talks aimed at dismantling North Korea's nuclear program.

He also said it showed the council's determination to resolve the issue "peacefully through dialogue and negotiations."

The resolution seeks to deprive North Korea of financing and material for its weapons program and bans the country's lucrative arms exports, especially missiles.

It does not ban normal trade, but does call on international financial institutions not to provide the North with grants, aid or loans except for humanitarian, development and denuclearization programs.

North Korea reiterated Monday in its main newspaper that the country will consider any sanctions a declaration of war and will respond with "due corresponding self-defense measures." On Tuesday, the North said it would use nuclear weapons in a "merciless offensive" if provoked.

The provision most likely to anger the North Koreans calls on countries to inspect all suspect cargo heading to or from North Korea — and to stop ships carrying suspect material if the country whose flag the vessel is flying gives approval.

If the country refuses to give approval, it must direct the vessel "to an appropriate and convenient port for the required inspection by the local authorities."

The resolution does not authorize the use of force. But if a flag country refuses an inspection at sea — and refuses to direct the vessel to a port for inspection, a report must be made to the Security Council which could take action against the country, including sanctions.

China's Zhang cautioned that "countries have to act prudently, with sufficient grounds," and he stressed that "under no circumstances should there be use or threat of force."

The resolution condemns "in the strongest terms" the North's May 25 nuclear test "in violation and flagrant disregard" of the 2006 sanctions resolution.

It demands a halt to any further nuclear tests or missile launches and reiterates the council's demand that the North abandon all nuclear weapons, return to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, allow U.N. nuclear inspections, and rejoin six-party talks.